Heavyweights Vie for Childs Cup Saturday

PHILADELPHIA - Two weeks removed from their last competition, the University of Pennsylvania men's heavyweights have quite the challenge ahead of them on Saturday as they take on No. 7 Princeton and No. 13 Columbia for the rights to the Childs Cup. Penn, ranked No. 17 by US Rowing, will be on the road for the first time this spring on Columbia's Orchard Beach Lagoon course.

The Childs Cup has the most history of any of Penn's cup races. It dates back to 1879 and was one of the first intercollegiate races in school history. Penn won that race and took home the cup on 43 other occassions. However, the Quakers will be looking to bring the Childs Cup back to Philadelphia for the first time since 1993.

Princeton had won the cup 15 straight times before the Lions took ownership last year. In that race, on Princeton's home course, the Quakers' Varsity 8 clocked a time of 6:33.7 for third place. Columbia won with a time of 6:20.8, while Princeton was second at 6:29.6.

It has been two weeks since the Quakers' season began. Penn opened its season on April 3 on the Schuylkill River with substantial victories from the second varsity and freshman 8. The varsity 8 were not as fortunate as George Washington claimed the McCausland Cup from the Quakers. The Quakers made a push as they neared the grandstand, but it was not enough as the Colonials hung on with a winning time of 5:39.1. Much like last year, when Penn head coach Greg Myhr was at the helm of the Colonials, the Quakers were agonizingly close, just more than a second of the pace.

A complete recap and results of the regatta will be available shortly after its conclusion on PennAthletics.com.

Tentative Boatings:

Varsity Eight:
Coxswain: Lawrence Tanzman
Stroke: Derek Gollnitz
7: Piero Russo
6: Grant Wilson
5: Matt VanVoorhis
4: Brian Young
3: Pat Kneeland
2: Matt Dunn
Bow: Bayard Wilson

2nd Varsity Eight:
Coxswain: Matt Mildenberg
Stroke: Ricky Sanz
7: Nick Barnes
6: Kevin Kennedy
5: Dan Morrison
4: Luke Brzozowski
3: Tim Simon
2: Gordon Thompson
Bow: Loren Mead

3rd Varsity Eight
Coxswain: Halley Sloane
Stroke: Chris Martin
7: Russ Windsor
6: Andrew Wolfram
5: Dan Morrison
4: Mike Rizzo
3: Grady Williams
2: Kalhan Koul
Bow: Albert Kao

Freshman Eight
Coxswain: Karis Tzeng
Stroke: Kenny Nickens
7: Mitch Stein
6: Ivan Lys-Dobradin
5: Matt Jackson
4: Jack McCluskey
3: Matt McPeak
2: Jim Senese
Bow: Nick Bristow

Freshman Four
Coxswain: Meredith Shea
Stroke: Daren Frankel
3: Jake Werlin
2: Elliot Rambach
Bow: Bryan Barker