In Memory of Jerome S. Shenker, W'38

The Hall of Fame is on display in the Donaldson Room of Weightman Hall and was established in memory of Jerome S. Shenker (W'38). Mr. Shenker was a student-athlete who lettered in both baseball and lightweight football and is fondly remembered for his outstanding service and devotion to Penn's athletic programs.

The following is a reprint from the Pennsylvania Gazette upon Mr. Shenker receiving the 1988 Alumni Award of Merit.

"Your energy impacts University life from the playing fields and gymnasia of campus to the sprawling grounds and manor house of the Wharton Sinkler Estate.

After undergraduate days, you entered the U.S. Army, graduating from the Royal Australian Commando School and seeing combat as an officer with the First Cavalry Division. Then followed a successful and satisfying career as director of children's camps. Upon retirement, you returned to the University, volunteering as assistant to the director of athletics and serving as the architect of a national network to recruit scholar-athletes. Your responsible approach to the recruiting efforts set a standard of alumni integrity that could be a model for colleges and universities across the country. To many, however, you and your wife, Audrey, are better known for your role as University host and hostess of the Wharton Sinkler Estate. Because of your attention, care, and good taste - and your thoughtful courtesy - Wharton Sinkler has become the place in the Philadelphia area for parties, receptions, weddings, conferences, and other social and business gatherings.

Pennsylvania could have no two finer people representing it at this important facility."

Penn Athletics would like to express our gratitude to those listed below who made generous donations on behalf of the Jerry Shenker Memorial Project Fund to restore the Donaldson Room and make it a permanent home for the University of Pennsylvania Athletic Hall of Fame and we welcome everyone to come and see this beautiful display.

Lloyd Albin
David C. Auten, Esq.
Dr. Timothy Baker
Wayne B. Barr
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Berndt
Jan L. Bernstein, Esq.
Gordon S. Bodek
Richard J. Censits
Sylvan M. Cohen, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Hy Derfler
Anthony J. Dimarino III
Mrs. Robert N. Downs III
Maurice M. Feldbaum
Gary A. Fields, M.D.
Ruth Dolfman Fields
Seymour Finklestein
Henry R. Rossell
Robert S. Fisher, M.D.
Harry Gamble
Joseph B. Glossberg
Geore W. Hain III
Thomas N. Harlowe
Marc A. Hembrough
Orville C. Hollopeter, Jr.
Eugene A. Huth
Mr. and Mrs. James Izenberg
Andrew L. Kahn
Dr. Arthur Kahn
George E. Keefe
Kenneth S. Kramer
Andrew J. Krieger
Milton M. Kutsher
Bernard Lemonick
Robert Levy
Stanley H. Lorber, M.D.
F. Graham Luckenbill II
Ruth B. Mac Pherson
Russell J. MacMullan, Jr.
Sol A. Maksik
James J. Manley
Gerald H. McGinley
Irving Mendelson
Louis H. Meyer
Anthony S. Minisi, Esq.
Bruce E. Molloy
David E. Nierenberg, Esq.
Norman J. O'Connor
Harold L. Peimer
Lipman Redman
B. Franklin Reinauer II
James S. Riepe
Gerald L. Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Rosenthal
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Rubincam, Jr.
Irving H. Sachs
Herbert H. Schiff
Jeffrey R. Shulte
Mr. and Mrs. Martin C. Schwartzberg
Fred A. Shabel
Audrey Shenker
Mr. and Mrs. Martin F. Shenker
Steven J. Solow, D.M.D.
Denis Spizuoco
Lowry C. Stephenson
Myles H. Tanenbaum, Esq.
Robert A. Vort, Esq.
Martin Weiner
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Weiss
George A. Weiss
Thomas T. Winant
Charles S. Wolf
William J. Young III