Incentives For Giving to Penn Lacrosse!

PHILADELPHIA - With just under two months until the end of the fiscal year on June 30, Penn Lacrosse has raised 78 percent ofits $460,000 annual goal. To encourage new and increased giving, we will be offering the following incentives to new donors and those who increase their gift from last year.

Amount of new gift or increase - Incentive
$100 - Penn Lacrosse T-Shirt
$250 - Penn Lacrosse Shooting Shirt
$500 - Penn Lacrosse T-Shirt and Shorts
$1,000 - Penn Lacrosse T-Shirt, Shorts, and Pullover
$1,500 - Penn Lacrosse T-Shirt, Shorts, and Jacket
$2,500 - Penn Lacrosse T-Shirt, Shorts, Jacket and Helmet or Jersey

Checks can be made payable to “The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania” and mailed to the following:

Penn Athletics Development
Attn: Matthew Tucker
235 S 33rd St
Philadelphia, PA 19104

All incentives will be mailed out after the end of the fiscal year!

Download: Lacrosse Giving Program Flyer 5-2-14.pdf