Juniors Win Class Day Race in Record Fashion

PHILADELPHIA - The Penn women's rowing program held its annual Class Day race on Saturday, and in an upset the junior class held off the seniors and kept them from defending their crown.

On flat water that had some movement due to Friday's rain, the juniors collected the 2009 Class Day Trophy and set a Class Day record by finishing the course in 4:48.2. That was more than six seconds ahead of the seniors (4:54.8). The freshmen were third, in 4:56.4, while the sophomore class was clocked in 5:10.2.

"The character that we have built over the last six months was tested during our class day races as each class had to figure out a way to beat the other," said Head Coach Mike Lane. "It turns out the class of 2012 has built the most character this winter.

"It was pretty cool watching our athletes compete against each other," he continued. "Going into the race the seniors and freshmen thought they were in the driver's seat, and the juniors decided that wasn't the case - they got out with a strong start and never looked back."


1. Juniors (2012), 4:48.2
2. Seniors (2011), 4:54.8
3. Freshmen (2014), 4:56.4
4. Sophomores (2013), 5:10.2

Class of 2012 lineup
Cox - Dommert
Stroke - Barone
7 - Burke
6 - Bosch
5 - Kendall
4 - Carney
3 - Werkmeister
2 - Shaeffer
1 - Wise