Kemmerer Wins 100th as No. 22 Penn Downs Bloomsburg, 26-12

BLOOMSBURG, Pa. - The University of Pennsylvania's wrestling program has been in existence since 1906, and Zack Kemmerer firmly planted himself among the all-time greats on Friday night with his 100th career win as part of a 26-12 win over Bloomsburg.

Kemmerer, ranked fourth in the country, downed Bloomsburg's Matt Rappo, 14-2, to hit the century mark, in the process becoming the eighth wrestler in Penn history to have his hand raised 100 times.

Kemmerer's 100th win came with four takedowns and a pair of two-point nearfalls over Rappo - the younger brother of Penn's Mark Rappo and former Quaker Rick Rappo. Kemmerer was busy in the first period, putting up six points before a full two-minute ride in the second period. With Rappo tired, Kemmerer quickly turned an escape in the third into four more points with a takedown and two backpoints, adding his fourth takedown late for the wide final margin.

His win capped three victories to start the dual - the first time Penn had done so in the early stages of the 2011-12 season. Geoffrey Bostany won his first dual bout of the season with a 6-3 decision over Dereck Enders before No. 14 Bryan Ortenzio improved to 13-0 this season with a 10-2 major decision over Craig Barker. Ortenzio scored four takedowns in the match, two in both the first and third periods.

After Kemmerer's win, Bloomsburg was able to get back in the dual before halftime via a decision at 149 for Bryce Busler over Steve Robertson, 9-3, and a fall for No. 13 Frank Hickman over Troy Hernandez at the 6:11 mark at 157 pounds.

Whatever head coach Rob Eiter said to Lorenzo Thomas during the halftime break paid off as Thomas even the six points with a fall of his own over Kevin Hartnett at the 6:17 mark. Thomas had controlled the whole match, leading 8-1 at the time of the fall.

Ian Korb engaged in a wild match with NCAA qualifier Mike Dessino, but came out on the wrong end of an 8-7 match. The bout was a 3-2 affair after two periods, but Korb came back with a takedown to a pair of backpoints in the waning 30 seconds. He had a cradle in, but couldn't cinch it. Instead, Dessino reversed to tie the match. With 20 seconds left, Korb escaped to take the lead, but his attempted headlock tie to kill the clock left him vulnerable for an inside trip and Dessino took advantage for the score with just seconds left.

Erich Smith gave Penn back its eight-point lead with a 10-4 decision at 184 over Mike Mirra. Smith scored twice in the first period to build a 4-1 lead and added a takedown in both of the final periods for the win.

No. 6 Micah Burak tested his cardio against Rich Perry, but came through in the tiebreaker for a 6-3 win. After both men only mustered escapes in regulation, Burak escaped and scored a takedown in the first 30-second period. In the second rideout, he negated a Perry escape with another takedown for the win.

Anthony DiLonardo earned some redemption for his tough finish at the Northeast Duals with a 3-2 decision over Zac Walsh to cap the dual. The win also earned redemption for the team as Walsh had won the deciding match in Bloomsburg's 25-23 win last year in Philly. DiLonardo scored the only takedown of the match with 1:06 remaining for the win.

125 - Geoffrey Bostany (Penn) def. Dereck Enders (BU), 6-3 Penn leads, 3-0
133 - #14 Bryan Ortenzio (Penn) def. Craig Barber (BU), 10-2 Penn leads, 7-0
141 - #4 Zack Kemmerer (Penn) def. Matt Rappo (BU), 14-2 Penn leads, 11-0
149 - Bryce Busler (BU) def. Steve Robertson (Penn), 9-3 Penn leads, 11-3
157 - #13 Frank Hickman (BU) def. Troy Hernandez (Penn), Fall 6:11 Penn leads, 11-9
165 - Lorenzo Thomas (Penn) def. Kevin Hartnett (BU), Fall 6:17 Penn leads, 17-9
174 - Mike Dessino (BU) def. Ian Korb (Penn), 8-7 Penn leads, 17-12
184 - Eric Smith (Penn) def. Mike Mirra (BU), 10-4 Penn leads, 20-12
197 - #6 Micah Burak (Penn) def. Rich Perry (BU), 6-3 (TB) Penn leads, 23-12
285 - Anthony DiLonardo (Penn) def. Zac Walsh (BU), 3-2 Penn leads, 26-12

125 - Geoffrey Bostany opened the scoring in the first 15 seconds, but Dereck Enders escaped and then countered for a takedown of his own before the first minute expired to take a 3-2 lead. Bostany countered with a reversal, riding out the first period and taking a 4-3 lead to the second. Enders chose bottom for the second, but Bostany controlled the first minute for big riding time before a stalemate. Off the restart, Enders kicked, but couldn't fully escape and they went back to a restart. Bostany escaped in the third with 1:07 to go and kept his riding time advantage. He staved off any shots from Enders and added 1:16 of riding time for a 6-3 win.

133 - Takedown 20 seconds in for Ortenzio, and Barber escapes rather quickly. With 1:10 to go, Ortenzio counters a Barber shot with a headlock, circling around for a second takedown. In the second, Ortenzio chose bottom and escaped in about 20 seconds to extend his lead. Barber chose neutral for the third, but Ortenzio scored the takedown 45 seconds into the period. Ortenzio promptly cut Barber, looking for the major. Off a scramble, Ortenzio countered a headlock into a double leg and rode out for the 10-2 win with riding time.

141- Kemmerer was dominant throughout, with two takedowns in the first period before riding Matt Rappo out for the second period. In the third, Kemmerer escaped quickly and turned in for a takedown to two backpoints to widen his lead. A fourth takedown and riding time gave him a 14-2 major decision.

149 - Bryce Busler broke the ice for Bloomsburg with a takedown midway through the first period. Robertson got his escape with 30 seconds to go in the period, but with just 0:59 of riding time for Busler. Riding time counted up for Busler as Robertson chose bottom for the second period. On a return, Robertson was caught in a cross-wrist by Busler and gave up two backpoints. In the third, Busler chose neutral and made it work with a takedown with 1:30 left in the match. He proceeded to add two backpoints before cutting Robertson. The major was within reach, but didn't come as Busler took a 9-3 decision.

157 - #13 Frank Hickman had trouble getting inside on Troy Hernandez for the first half of the match, but scored the opening takedown on a single just past the two-minute mark. In the second period, Hickman reversed from a bottom start to widen his lead to 4-0. In the third, after cutting Hernandez, Hickman pounced for a takedown to shoulders for a fall at 6:11.

165 - Lorenzo Thomas broke a long stalemate in terms of scoring by finishing a scramble with 0:31 left in the first period on the edge of the mat. He countered a Kevin Hartnett high single into a low double for the score to lead, 2-0, after the first. In the second, after Hartnett was hit with a stall warning, Thomas immediately reversed for two more points before 15 seconds were gone. Hartnett chose neutral for the third. Thomas dominated the third, with two takedowns before cradling Hartnett for the fall at 6:17.

174- Ian Korb scored seven seconds in, shooting right off the whistle on Mike Dessino. The former NCAA qualifier from Bloomsburg escaped 36 seconds later. Korb had a high single in towards the buzzer, but could not score. Midway through the second period, Dessino finished a scramble with his first takedown of the match, coming out the backdoor for the score. Korb almost reversed out at the end, but Dessino regained control of his armbar to ride out the clock. In the third, Dessino escaped 20 seconds into the period to take a two-point lead, with riding time not a factor. A low single from Dessino with 50 seconds left led to a pair of backpoints on a cradle, but no fall. Dessino reversed off the nearfall, but Korb escaped to take a brief lead. Dessino however, tripped Korb down while Korb was holding a headlock for the 8-7 win.

184 - Erich Smith scored two takedowns in the first two minutes against Mike Mirra, taking a 4-1 lead and 1:33 of riding time after the first. In the second, Smith added three more points, escaping first and then taking Mirra down. In the third, Smith went for the bonus points, with a takedown in the final 30 seconds, but after cutting Mirra out couldn't get another and settled for a 10-4 win.

197 - The first period went scoreless, but Rich Perry came closes with a shot on the edge in the final ten seconds. Burak staved off and Burak chose bottom for the second. He escaped in 19 seconds after two cautions on Perry. There was no more scoring and Perry chose bottom for the third. Perry got his escape with 43 seconds left, and Burak's riding time at 0:56, to tie the score. Perry had a single in the sudden victory, but Burak defended. In the first tiebreaker, Burak chose down and escaped before quickly shooting a single for a takedown. Perry escaped before the end of the 30 seconds, though. In the second period of the tiebreaker, Perry escaped, but Burak countered with a go-behind for a 6-3 win.

285 - Neither man scored in the first period. Anthony DiLonardo chose bottom for the second against Zac Walsh. He made that choice work with an escape at the 3:39 mark to take the lead. In the third, Walsh escaped with 1:24 to go to tie the bout. DiLonardo then took the first true shot of the match and connected on the edge with 1:06 remaining. Off the restart, Walsh escaped, but DiLonardo pushed the issue and made sure the 3-2 score held up.