Kerry Carr Returns to Volleyball Coaching Job

Hear Coach Carr on KYW Radio Post-Op

PHILADELPHIA - The good news is that Kerry Carr is back at Penn, once again working full-time in her position as the head volleyball coach. The better news is that she is doing so cancer-free.

After being diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer in September, Carr left the program in mid-October to undergo a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. The doctors also did a sentinel node biopsy at the time of the surgery and found that the cancer had not spread outside the breast.

With the surgery, Carr is now cancer-free, and the doctors are so confident they got everything that at this time she does not need additional treatments such as chemo or radiation.

"I feel extremely thankful and lucky to be able to return so quickly to the people I love here at Penn,” said Carr. “The team, coaching staffs, and entire administration here at the University of Pennsylvania have been so supportive and personally inspirational during my recovery.

"I also want to thank every team and every personwho raised money for breast cancer research, which I directly benefitted from, including the Penn volleyball and swim teams. These efforts, held across the country at many different universities over the last few months, collectively made such a difference in the quality of treatment I received as well as the factthat I am now able tosay I amcancer-free.

"I amexcited to be back in the office again, and look forward to working with the team in the spring season as well as getting out to see the top recruits in the country who want to join our Penn volleyball family.”