Kosminskaya Wins Doubles, Again

PHILADELPHIA - The 12th annual Cissie Leary invitational has come to a close, and last year's singles and doubles winners found themselves at the top of the podium again.

Yale's Janet Kim won the singles final 6-3, 6-0, against teammate Jessica Rhee. Kim was the top seed of the tournament.

Penn's Ekaterina Kosminskaya won doubles last year with then-senior Julia Koulbitskaya. This year, Kosminskaya teamed up with sophomore Alexa Ely. The Cissie Leary was the first time the two played doubles together. Their first match-up was against Columbia's Celine Stanziola and Shoko Okuda in the quarterfinals. (Kosminskaya and Ely hada first round bye) They over powered the Columbia, easily moving into the semifinals, 8-1.

In the semifinal match, Penn played a more experienced team of Stevi Patrelli and Vicky Brook of Yale. Kosminskaya and Ely played solid and won, 8-5.

The finals was set to be played Sunday morning; however Yale's team of Janet Kim and Lindsay Clark pulled out due to injury, making Kosminskaya and Elythe doubles champions.

Download: 2008 Draw Sheets.pdf