Lightweight Crew Finishes Third In Matthews-Leonard Cup

PHILADELPHIA - The Penn men's lightweight crew finished third Saturday in the Matthews-Leonard Cup, finishing behind Cornell and Harvard on the Schuylkill River.

The varsity 8 crossed the line in 5:59.4, behind winner Cornell (5:46.3) and Harvard (5:48.4). The second varsity didn't fare much better, finishing third in 6:22.4, well behind Cornell's pace of 5:49.7.

"We did not do enough today to compete in the varsity events," said Head Coach Mike Irwin."We knew that Cornell was going to be quick and that they have tremendous depth. We allowed ourselves to be overpowered right from the start and Cornelland Harvard are too good for us to make that mistake."

The freshman 8 finished second in 6:06.9, behind Cornell's 5:59.6. Harvard had finished in 6:00.4, but was disqualified for passing on the wrong side of the buoys at the course's turn.

The second freshman 8 came in third in 6:28.7.

Penn again hits the Schuylkill River on April 14 when it hosts Columbia and Yale at 9 a.m.

Varsity 8:
Cornell 5:46.3
Harvard 5:48.4
Penn 5:59.4

2nd Varsity 8:
Cornell 5:49.7
Harvard 5:52.0
Penn 6:22.4

3rd Varsity 8:
Cornell 6:03.4
Harvard 6:30.7

Frosh/Novice 8:
Cornell 5:59.6
Penn 6:06.9
* Harvard 6:00.4
Harvard disqualified for passing on wrong side of buoys at the turn

2nd Frosh/Novice 8:

Harvard 6:11.4
Cornell 6:15.0
Penn 6:28.7