Lightweight Rowing Opens Spring With Sweep of MIT

CAMBRIDGE – A busy day on the Charles River started in Penn’s favor as the lightweight rowing team swept through MIT in four races to begin the spring season for the Quakers.

The Varsity Eight was jumped off the line by the Engineers, but rallied quickly to take the lead at the 1000m mark and cruise to a one-length win.

Penn’s Frosh Eight was victorious over a pair of 2V boats, besting MIT with open water, while Penn;s 2V was third by a length to the Engineers.

The Third Varsity race was all Penn, the Quakers launching out to a quick lead, establishing control early and obtaining an open water advantage for the win.

In the Fours, a nice battle to start the race went the way of the Red and Blue about 500m in and the Quakers pulled away for an open water win.

The lightweights will return to the Schuylkill River April 6 for a pair of regattas, hosting the Matthews-Leonard Cup with Cornell and Harvard in addition to a race with Mercyhurst.

Varsity Eight

1. Penn 6:16.5
2. MIT 6:18/7

Second Varsity/Frosh Eight

1. Penn Frosh 6:22.6
2. MIT 2V 6:32.1
3. Penn 2V 6:38.3

Third Varsity

1. Penn 6:51.0
2. MIT 7:07.2


1. Penn 8:10.6
2. MIT 8:20.4