Lightweight Rowing to Open Season at Murphy Cup


– After months of waiting between the fall and spring seasons, the University of Pennsylvania men’s lightweight rowing team will be taking its opening strokes of the 2009 campaign at the Murphy Cup Regatta on Saturday on the Schuylkill River.

Competition is set to begin at 9:30 a.m. with the final race of the day set to take off at approximately 4:25 p.m. All of the finals will take place in the afternoon. Below is the schedule of the events in which the team is expected to compete, while a complete schedule of all the day’s events can be found at the link above.

The Quakers will match up against several of the Philadelphia schools including Temple, Drexel and St. Joseph’s, as well as Delaware, Army, Lehigh, Fordham, Bucknell, Jacksonville and Iona.

The lightweights will have five boats racing this weekend. With only one lightweight 8+ event, the team has moved four boats into the heavyweight competition, providing for some increased competition. The Third Varsity will race the lone lightweight 8+ event. A complete list of Penn’s probable boatings can be found below.

Complete results of the Murphy Cup Regatta can be found at shortly after the conclusion of the competition.

Time Penn Boat Event
9:30am 2nd Freshmen Men’s Novice 8+ heat 1
9:36am 1st Freshmen Men’s Novice 8+ heat 2
1:20pm 2nd Varsity Men’s JV 8+ heat 2
1:50pm 1st Varsity Men’s V 8+ heat 1
2:43pm Novice 8+ grand final (must qualify)
3:43pm 3rd Varsity Men’s Light 8+ final only
3:55pm Men’s JV 8+ final (must qualify)
4:07pm Men’s V 8+ petite final (we will race in one the varsity finals)
4:25pm Men’s V 8+ grand final


1st Varsity
C Mitchell, Molly
8 Keane, Nate
7 Sears, Newton
6 Macalaster, Andy
5 Ciullo, Peter
4 Shay, Paul
3 Coppola, Kellen
2 Taras, Ryan
1 Mannion, Dave

2nd Varsity
C He, Lin
8 Voss, Andrew
7 Martin, Jordan
6 Neinstein, Adam
5 Adams, Brad
4 Rivenburgh, Paul
3 Lang, Steve
2 Valant, Vinny
1 Chang, Kevin

3rd Varsity
C Bernstein, Jason
8 MacNabb, Marshall
7 Ryu, Alex
6 Crump, Matt
5 Makarenko, Boyan
4 Brady, Shane
3 Montoya, Nick
2 Posluns, Stu
1 Franklin, Sam

1st Freshmen
C Nucci, Dominic
8 Nuckols, Hurst
7 McGrath, Andrew
6 Fisher, Mike
5 Funk, Adam
4 Napoli, Jamie
3 Hurd, Oliver
2 Cheng, Mylo
1 Franklin, Sam

2nd Freshmen
C Patel, Heenal
8 Wieshofer, Adrian
7 McGinley, Alec
6 McGuire, Ben
5 Cordina, Greg
4 Shin, Jon
3 Lee, Andy
2 Cabrera, Matt
1 Raimondi, Matt