Lightweights Hit the Road for Dodge Cup

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PHILADELPHIA – Just a week after breaking a 21-year drought in the Matthews-Leonard Cup race with Cornell, the University of Pennsylvania’s men’s lightweight rowing team looks to pull off a similar feat at the Dodge Cup race this Saturday. The 10t- ranked Quakers will travel to New England to compete against No. 8 Columbia and No. 6 Yale in their first road regatta of 2011.

The first race is set to go off at 9 a.m. The first varsity boats will vie for the Dodge Cup at 11 a.m. A complete schedule and a list of Penn's tentative boatings can be found below.

The Dodge Cup was named after the late Marcellus Hartley Dodge, a member of the Columbia Class of 1903 and a former coxswain for the Lions. It was first put into contention in 1954 and is an annual competition between the varsity crews from Columbia, Penn, and Yale.

Overall, Penn has won 15 Dodge Cup titles, but has not claimed the Dodge Cup since 1992. Yale has captured the most Dodge Cup victories with 34, picking up its seventh straight last season. The Bulldogs finished in 5:54.3 but the Quakers came close just a few seats behind with 5:56.8. Penn was also the runner-up in each of the other races.

Last week, the Red and Blue gained possession of the Matthews-Leonard Cup for the first time since 1990 after Cornell was forced to forfeit the race. It was the first cup win of any kind for the Quakers since they claimed the Lev-Brett bowl for the third straight time over Rutgers in 2007. Harvard, a guest of the race, finished in first place with 5:54.9 to top Penn's 6:00.9.

A complete recap and results of the regatta will be available shortly after its conclusion on

Race Schedule
9:30 am - 2F LWT - Fours
9:45 am - 3V HWT, 1V HWT Blackwell Cup
10:00 am - 1F LWT
10:15 am - 2V HWT
10:30 am - 2V LWT
10:45 am - 1F HWT
11:00 am - 1V LWT Dodge Cup
11:15 am - 3V HWT
11:30 am - 3V LWT
11:45 am - 2F / 4V HWT - Fours

Tentative Boatings
Varsity 8
Cox - J. Bernstein
Stroke - M. Fisher
7 - O. Hurd
6 - H. Nuckols
5 - A. McGrath
4 - A. Neinstein
3 - P. Shay
2 - W. Cooper
Bow - M. Gannon

Second Varsity 8
Cox - D. Nucci
Stroke - B. Adams
7 - P. Rivenburgh
6 - A. McGinley
5 - N. Mihalich
4 - J. Napoli
3 - J. Shovlin
2 - A. Chan
Bow - R. Andruszko

Freshman 8
Cox - A. Beauchamp
Stroke - Z. Seigel
7 - T. Smith
6 - S. Shaw
5 - C. Shoener
4 - J. Howerton
3 - E. Sezgen
2 - S. Shepherd
Bow - S. Myslinski

Second Freshman 4+
4 - G. Callis
3 - O. Maxwell
2 - M. Scognamiglio
Bow - J. Rosenbaum