Lightweights Host Princeton, Georgetown Saturday

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PHILADELPHIA - Ivy rivals No. 10 Penn and No. 1 Princeton will row for the rights to the Wood-Hammond Cup Saturday on the Schuylkill River. Georgetown will join the lightweights as a guest.

The lightweights begin competition at 10 a.m., with the Freshman 8, followed by the second varsity at 10:20 a.m. The cup race is set to start at 10:40 a.m., and the lightweights will cap their day with the third varsity at 11 a.m. Penn's heavyweights are also home on Saturday and the complete schedule is listed below. Penn's tentative lightweight boatings are listed below.

This annual competition between the varsity lightweight crews of Princeton and Penn began in 1941, however, the trophy was not presented until 1946. Georgetown has been a recent guest in the competition but does not contend for the cup. Penn's last win in this race came on the Schuylkill in 2005. Overall, Princeton holds the advantage as it has claimed the cup 54 times.

Last year in the Wood-Hammond Cup race, Princeton was again No. 1 in the nation and was too much to keep up with on its home course. The third varsity won for the Quakers, but the Tigers claimed the Wood-Hammond Trophy for the fifth straight year. Lake Carnegie was calm throughout the day and Princeton kept the hardware by gaining an early lead. Penn was in second until the final 500 meters when a big push by the Hoyas pulled them close to the Tigers, but Princeton won with a time of 5:44.5. Georgetown was two seconds behind and Penn finished in 5:53.8.

In sub-par weather conditions last week, Penn placed third behind Yale and Columbia in the Dodge Cup on the Housatonic River in Derby, Conn. All but two of the races were cancelled due to swamping. The cup races were moved to the start of the morning with the poor weather conditions expected. The varsity crews rowed into a headwind with Yale taking the early lead on both Penn and Columbia. The Bulldogs earned an open water lead, but the Lions and Quakers were in a tight battle for second. Eventually the Lions pulled away to earn the runner-up position. Yale won with a time of 6:21.6, while Columbia finished at 6:30.6 and the Quakers finished the course in 6:38.5.

A complete recap and results of the regatta will be available shortly after its conclusion on

Race Schedule
8:20 Georgetown v. Northeastern 1F
8:30 Adams Cup 2F
8:40 Georgetown v. Northeastern 1V
8:50 Adams Cup 1F
9:10 Adams Cup 1V
9:30 Adams Cup 2V
9:50 Adams Cup 3V
10:00 Wood Hammond Cup 1F
10:10 Adams Cup 4V
10:20 Wood Hammond Cup 2V
10:40 Wood Hammond Cup 1V
11:00 Wood Hammond Cup 3V

Tentative Penn Boatings
Varsity 8
Cox - J. Bernstein
Stroke - M. Fisher
7 - O. Hurd
6 - H. Nuckols
5 - A. McGrath
4 - A. Neinstein
3 - P. Shay
2 - W. Cooper
Bow - M. Gannon

Second Varsity 8
Cox - D. Nucci
Stroke - B. Adams
7 - P. Rivenburgh
6 - A. McGinley
5 - N. Mihalich
4 - S. Travers
3 - J. Shovlin
2 - A. Chan
Bow - R. Andruszko

Third Varsity 8
Cox - M. Mitchell
Stroke - V. Valant
7 - J. Napoli
6 - B. McGuire
5 - G. Callis
4 - M. Scognamiglio
3 - M. Cabrera
2 - M. Kozlow
Bow - S. Franklin

Freshman 8
Cox - A. Beauchamp
Stroke - Z. Seigel
7 - T. Smith
6 - S. Shaw
5 - C. Shoener
4 - J. Howerton
3 - E. Sezgen
2 - S. Shephard
Bow - S. Myslinski