Lightweights Open Fall Season at Navy Day Regatta

PHILADELPHIA –The University of Pennsylvania rowing teams are ready to get the fall portion of their 2014-15 seasons started, and that will happen on Saturday when they participate in the annual Navy Day Regatta on the Schuylkill River.

The three-mile head race will begin at 8:15 a.m. with the men’s 2- and continue throughout the day until the Mixed Masters 8+ at approximately 4:30 p.m. Races will begin at the usual Schuylkill starting spot, but continue through the finish stands and instead end closer to Boathouse Row.

All three Penn rowing programs will compete in the event, rowing throughout the day in the collegiate championships.

Last season, the lightweights won three races and finished second to Navy in the varsity 8 race.A complete recap ofthe Navy Day Regatta can be found on shortly after the conclusion of the regatta.

Tentative Boatings

Collegiate Lightweight 8+ - 11:48am

Coxswain: Alex Weinrich
Stroke: Matt Weaver
7: Julian Mazaira
6: Jake Ford
5: Sam Ward
4: Mark Dignam
3: Brian Kraus
2: Parker Lange
Bow: Jeff Wang

Coxswain: Genny Liebes
Stroke: Connor Brady
7: Landis Walsh
6: Zach Howell
5: Casey Howshall
4: Alex Cosio
3: Jasper Liu
2: Mike Donahue
Bow: John Earle

Coxswain: Allison Jacoby
Stroke: Hani Naga
7: Anthony Faustini
6: Dylan Mann
5: Andrew Zhu
4: Kurt Koehler
3: Jaleel Uqdah
2: Kellan Wartnow
Bow: Jason Richter

Collegiate Frosh / Novice 8+ - 10:12am

Coxswain: Natalie Burke
Stroke: Jack Smallwood
7: Dillon Chen
6: Mark Roberts
5: Joe Ebner
4: Leo Pratt
3: James Konopka
2: Jackson Connor
Bow: Ethan Genyk

Coxswain: Miguel Zaldivar
Stroke: Kellan Wartnow
7: Joey Harrison
6: Alexander Moses
5: Jason Richter
4: Nathan Korsen
3: Sam Collins
2: Christian O'Connor
Bow: Steven Jacobson

Collegiate Lightweight 4+ - 9:18am

Coxswain: Genny Liebes
Stroke: Sam Ward
3: Parker Lange
2: Jeff Wang
Bow: Jake Ford

Coxswain: Alex Weinrich
Stroke: Matt Weaver
3: Julian Mazaira
2: Mark Dignam
Bow: Brian Kraus

Coxswain: Allison Jacoby
Stroke: Connor Brady
3: Landis Walsh
2: Zach Howell
Bow: Casey Howshall

Coxswain: Miguel Zaldivar
Stroke: Jasper Liu
3: Alex Cosio
2: John Earle
Bow: Mike Donahue

Coxswain: Natalie Burke
Stroke: Anthony Faustini
3: Hani Naga
2: Andrew Zhu
Bow: Kurt Koehler

Collegiate Frosh / Novice 4+ - 1:12pm

Coxswain: Miguel Zaldivar
Stroke: Jack Smallwood
3: Joe Ebner
2: Mark Roberts
Bow: James Konopka

Coxswain: Natalie Burke
Stroke: Dillon Chen
3: Leo Pratt
2: Ethan Genyk
Bow: Jackson Connor