Lightweights to take on No. 1 Princeton for Wood-Hammond Trophy

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PHILADELPHIA - Top-ranked Princeton will host the University of Pennsylvania men's lightweight rowing team Saturday on Lake Carnegie with the Wood-Hammond Trophy at stake. The Tigers have not lost a race in more than two years, while Penn enters the regatta ranked No. 8 in the nation.

The first race for the Quakers will be the third varsity at 11:30 a.m. That will be followed by the first freshman at 11:45 a.m., and the second varsity at noon. The Wood-Hammond Trophy will be up for grabs when the first varsity boats go head-to-head at 12:15 p.m.

This annual competition between the varsity lightweight crews of Princeton and Penn began in 1941, however, the Wood-Hammond Trophy was not presented until 1946. Georgetown has been a recent guest in the competition but does not contend for the cup. Penn has captured 11 trophies with its last victory coming in 2005 on the Schuylkill River. Princeton won last year's meeting en route to the Eastern Sprints title.

Last week against two of the top ranked teams in the nation, the Quakers topped No. 6 Columbia, but fell to No. 4 Yale by less than two seconds for the Dodge Cup. The Bulldogs finished in 5:54.3. For the second straight week, Penn was the hard luck runner-up, just a few seats behind at 5:56.8. Columbia was a more distant third at 6:02.2.

A complete recap and results of the regatta will be available shortly after its conclusion on

Tentative Schedule
11:15 AM - Second Freshmen
11:30 AM - Third Varsity
11:45 PM - First Freshmen
12:00 PM - Second Varsity
12:15 PM - First Varsity - The Wood-Hammond Trophy

Tentative Boatings

Bow - Hurd, Oliver
2 - Voss, Andrew
3 - Shay, Paul
4 - Cuillo, Peter
5 - Keane, Nate
6 - Nuckols, Hurst
7 - Funk, Adam
Str - Fisher, Mike
Cox - Bernstein, Jason

2nd Varsity
Bow - Cooper, Will
2 - Mannion, Dave
3 - McGrath, Andrew
4 - Crump, Matt
5 - Adams, Brad
6 - Rivenburgh, Paul
7 - MacNabb, Marshall
Str - Neinstein, Adam
Cox - Nucci, Dominic

1st Freshmen
Bow - Travers, Sean
2 - Kozlow, Mike
3 - Grant, Kevin
4 - Shovlin, James
5 - Bauder, Andrew
6 - Andruszko, Ray
7 - Mark, Gannon
Str - Mihalich, Nico
Cox - Ramos, Josh

3rd Varsity
Bow - Cabrera, Matt
2 - Chang, Kevin
3 - McGuire, Ben
4 - Martin, Jordan
5 - Valant, Vinny
6 - Taras, Ryan
7 - Napoli, Jamie
Str - Makarenko, Boyan
Cox - He, Lin