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EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. - The No. 20 Penn wrestling team is in action on the second and final day of the 103rd EIWA Championships at East Stroudsburg University. will blog all the action bout-by-bout.

6:45 p.m. - And your most outstanding wrestler is... Matt Eveleth! The senior wins the honor, while classmate Matt Valenti takes home the Fletcher Award for most team points in a career at EIWAs.

Penn finishes third as a team with 99.5 points; Navy is second with 106 thanks to a strong final round; and Cornell runs away with the title with 125.5 points.

That's all from East Stroudsburg. Thanks for checking in and we'll see you in two weeks in Detroit.

6:25 p.m. - The talk now is, who wins Most Outstanding Wrestler? Will it be Matt Eveleth? Jordan Leen? Steve Anceravage?

6:10 p.m. - A great 197-pound final sees American's Josh Glenn deny Cornell's Jerry Rinaldi of an EIWA title, 6-1.

5:45 p.m. - After plenty of ups and downs, the EIWA Championships come into focus for Penn. Six NCAA qualifiers, three champions, and either a second- or a third-place finish. Eveleth scores a massive upset over Nickerson; Valenti wins his third title; and Dragon won his second title at a second weight.

We'll post the final brackets when they're available - the 174-pound final just finished as Stolpinski wins, 7-5, in sudden victory over Palmer.

5:20 p.m. - Dragon is on bottom to start the third period. Jarred tries to turn the Penn grappler but can't, and after injury time, Dragon escapes and goes in for another takedown. Dragon gets another tilt and a near-fall two. A late escape for Jarred, but Dragon wins his second EIWA title, 10-3.

5:17 p.m. - Dragon wins choice, defers, and Jarred goes down. Jarred scores a reversal 30 seconds in but Dragon escapes seven seconds later. Dragon gets a takedown with 35 seconds left to lead 3-2. Dragon starts to work his tilt and earns two back points as he rides out the period with 56 seconds of riding time.

5:14 p.m. - Some great shots from both Dragon and Jarred, but no score after a period.

5:07 p.m. - Penn has won five in a row - every match that has been for a place, Penn has won.

Jordan Leen just won at 149, which means it's time for Matt Dragon, who looks very focused, at 157.

4:40 p.m. - Valenti escapes halfway through the period, then scores a takedown and locks up riding time. Frey escapes with 27 seconds left, but a 4-1 win and Valenti is a three-time EIWA champion.

4:34 p.m. - Another scoreless period, but not for lack of action. A few rolls, and Frey's funk moves nearly get him turned a few times, but no points and Valenti rides out with choice in the third.

4:30 p.m. - By the way, after that, No. 1 Matt Valenti is wrestling No. 3 Adam Frey. Valenti nearly sticks Frey with the same move that he pinned him with in Ithaca last month, but Frey rolls out in time. A scoreless first period.

4:25 p.m. - A stunning turn of events! Eveleth chooses neutral for the third, then takes down Nickerson with three backs and nearly pins the defending national runner-up. Eveleth is the EIWA champion, 5-3.

4:23 p.m. Nickerson chooses bottom and reverses Eveleth to go up 3-0, then rides out to end the second.

4:20 p.m. - A couple of good shots from each grappler, but no scoring after the first - but at the buzzer, Nickerson is awarded a penalty point for an illegal hold.

4:17 p.m. - Here we go - Eveleth vs. Nickerson is first up.

4:03 p.m. - Before the finals begin, the EIWA is inducting five members into its hall of fame: Red Whitman, a former coach at East Stroudsburg; Robert Everle of Princeton; George Feuerbach of Lehigh; Wayne Hicks of Navy; and Charlie Ridenour of Penn State.

3:45 p.m. - Zack Shanaman and Lior Zamir are going to Detroit. That makessix NCAA qualifiers for the Quakers. After a very long meeting, here are the wild cards:

125 - Matt Fisk (Lehigh)
133 - Joseph Baker (Navy)
133 - David Marble (Bucknell)
165 - Zack Shanaman (Penn)
174 - Rudy Rueda (American)
184 - Lior Zamir (Penn)
285 - Paul Weibel (Lehigh)

The finals start around 4 p.m. Matt Eveleth will be first out of the gate, taking on Troy Nickerson.

2:25 p.m. - Here's a bracket update.

2 p.m. - Session III just didn't want to end. In a fitting finish, Kevin Lester (Columbia) and Paul Weibel (Lehigh) go to sudden victory, where Weibel scored a quick takedown to win 8-6 and take fifth at heavyweight, much to the delight of the crowd.

The top five teams are:

Cornell - 121.5
Navy - 101
Penn - 93.5
Lehigh - 80
Columbia - 74.5

We'll see you at 4 p.m. for the finals - but we will update when the wild card selections come out.

1:45 p.m. - It took until the heavyweights, but we have our first pin of the placing bouts as Army's Nathan Thobaben wins by fall over Brown's Levon Mock.

1:40 p.m. - Lior Zamir places fifth with a 9-3 win over Justin Barent. Don't let the score fool you - this was a very tight, methodical bout.

Zamir led 2-0 after one, then chose down and escaped for the only point of the second period. Zamir cut Barent on an optional startin the third, then got taken down to make it a 3-3 match. Zamir was cut on a restart to take back a 4-3 lead. With Barent threatening late, Zamir caught him in a bearhug and slammed him down, earning a takedown and three back points just before the buzzer.

Like Shanaman, Zamir, with a No. 14 national ranking, has to be a strong candidate for a wild card.

Meanwhile, over on mat 1, Josh Arnone won a good 5-1 match with Lehigh's David Craig.

1:23 p.m. - Matt Herrington avenges his regular-season loss to Cornell's Joey Hooker with a 9-3 win to take third. Herrington led from the start, with two first-period takedowns. In the third, he reversed Hooker for the decisive points.

Lior Zamir is next in Penn's final place match of Session III.

1:18 p.m. - Zack Shanaman takes fifth place with a 7-2 decision over Ricky Turk. It was their fourth meeting this year. After a scoreless first, Shanaman escaped from bottom and then scored a quick takedown for a 3-0 lead. Turk escaped to start the third but Shanaman got two more takedowns plus riding time to win. With his No. 10 national ranking, Shanaman will have a good case for a wild card.

Matt Herrington is wrestling for third place at 174 right now.

1:02 p.m. - Another overtime bout as Columbia's Devin Mesanko beats Dave Nakasone from Lehigh with a great takedown in sudden victory. Mesanko gets a well-deserved third place.

12:45 p.m. - What a great moment here at the EIWA's. At 141 pounds, both the third-place and fifth-place bouts went to overtime. On mat 2, Brett McCurdy won a fantastic battle with Brown's Mark Savino, while on mat 1, Harvard's Max Meltzer took a tiebreak-two decision over American's Kyle Borshoff.

It looked as if Savino was going to win in regulation, but McCurdy turned a reversal with 12 seconds left to tie the bout at 3. With no riding time bonus, it went to a scoreless sudden victory. Both men rode out their first tiebreaks to set up a second suddent victory. McCurdy scored a takedown on the edge of the mat halfway into the period to win and take fifth in one of the most entertaining matches of the EIWA's so far. Overall, a successful tournament for McCurdy, who outdid his eighth seed to take fifth. Will he see one of the seven NCAA wild-card bids?

Meanwhile, Meltzer and Borshoff didn't disappoint on mat 1. After a scoreless first OT, both escaped in their tiebreaks. A scoreless second sudden victory followed, and then Meltzer rode out Borshoff in the second tiebreak. Meltzer, though, escaped and scored a takedown in the fifth period to capture third.

Noon - Your fifth-place match-ups:

141 - [8] Brett McCurdy vs. [6] Mark Savino (Brown)
165 - [2] Zack Shanaman vs. [7] Ricky Turk (Columbia)
184 - [4] Lior Zamir vs. [3] JustinBarent (Columbia)

There is some intrigue here as they are all rematches in some way. McCurdy beat Savino, 3-1, earlier this year; Shanaman and Turk met yesterday, when Shanaman won, 6-1, and they also split their season series; Zamir lost to Barent, 11-4, in their dual last month.

11:45 a.m. - Matt Herrington's going to Detroit. The senior, now a four-time NCAA qualifier, beat Mike Whalen of Rutgers, 6-2. He will take on Joey Hooker of Cornell in the consolation final. Herrington scored an early takedown and rode out the first, then rode out Whalen in the second to secure riding time. An escape in the third made it 5-0, and a late Whalen takedown was too little, too late.

11:40 a.m. - Things go from bad to worse for the Quakers. Zack Shanaman loses to Brown's Shawn Kitchner, 6-3, before Lior Zamir loses to Cornell's Josh Arnone, 7-5, in a heartbreaker. Shanaman and Kitchner traded takedowns in the first two periods, then Kitchner escaped and took Shanaman down in the third to win. Zamir came from behind to tie the bout 5-5, but gave up a takedown with less than ten seconds left.

Meanwhile, the large Lehigh contingent goes wild as Dave Nakasone gets into the consolation final at 157.

11:22 a.m. - Brett McCurdy falls to top-seeded Max Meltzer, 4-3. It was close all bout. After a scoreless first, McCurdy escaped from the bottom position to take a 1-0 lead, but Meltzer followed up with a quick takedown and a ride out to control riding time. Meltzer started down in the third and escaped to lead 3-1, and while a late McCurdy takedown made it 3-3, Meltzer got the riding time bonus to advance.

11:15 a.m. - And it's Martinez beating Fisk 9-7 with a great takedown in sudden victory. The Army fans (and pretty much anybody who's not a Lehigh fan) go wild. McCurdy and Meltzer are scoreless in the second.

11:13 a.m. - Brett McCurdy is wrestling his consolation semifinal right now on mat 1, but the showcase is on mat 2, where Lehigh's Matt Fisk and Army's Fernando Martinez are in sudden victory at 125 lbs. The decidedly pro-Lehigh crowd is very into the bout.

11 a.m. - And we're underway on the final day of the EIWA Championships. One thing to note is that we've had great crowds at all the sessions so far - Kohler Fieldhouse was pretty close to full yesterday, and even early today it's well on its way to getting there.

10:55 a.m. - Just a reminder on NCAA qualifying as we get set for wrestling here. The EIWA has 47 qualifiers this year, second only to the Big Ten, which has 72. The top four finishers in each weight class qualify, plus seven wild cards that will be determined at a coaches' meeting before the finals today. So, anyone who makes achampionship final qualifies, and anyone who makes a consolation final qualifies. For Penn's four guys in consolation semifinals this morning, that means it's a win-and-you're-in situation.

Hey, and speaking of NCAA qualifiers, how about that Penn men's hoops team?

10:40 a.m. - Good morning from East Stroudsburg! Compared to yesterday's dreary weather, it is a crisp and sunny March morning here in The Poconos. Day 2 wrestling will begin in about a half hour with the consolation semifinals and place matches. Championship finals will take place tonight starting at 4 p.m.

There are still seven competitors alive for Penn. Three of them - Matt Eveleth, Matt Valenti and Matt Dragon - have already locked up NCAA bids by making their respective finals. Can the other four get there this morning? Let's look at the match-ups:

125 Final - [2] Matt Eveleth vs. [1] Troy Nickerson (Cornell)
133 Final - [1] Matt Valenti vs. [2] Adam Frey (Cornell)
141 CSF - [8] Brett McCurdy vs. [1] Max Meltzer (Harvard)
157 Final - [1] Matt Dragon vs. [2] John Jarred (Navy)
165 CSF - [2] Zack Shanaman vs. [8] Shawn Kitchner (Brown)
174 CSF - [4] Matt Herrington vs. [8] Mike Whalen (Rutgers)
184 CSF - [4] Lior Zamir vs. [6] Josh Arnone (Cornell)

A lot of rematches from the regular season here. Nickerson teched Eveleth last month while Valenti pinned Frey. Meltzer edged McCurdy, 5-4, in their dual. Zamir got pinned by Arnone.

Dragon, Shanaman and Herrington haven't met their opponents yet this year.

125 lbs.
Prelim - [2] Matt Eveleth def. Ryan Fitzgerald (Harvard); F, 1:08
QF - [2] Matt Eveleth def. Jasen Borshoff (American); D, 7-2
SF - [2] Matt Eveleth def. [3] Matt Fisk (Lehigh); D, 4-1
Final - [2] Matt Eveleth def. [1] Troy Nickerson (Cornell); D, 5-3

133 lbs.
Prelim - [1] Matt Valenti, bye
QF - [1] Matt Valenti def. John Stout (ESU); D, 11-4
SF - [1] Matt Valenti def. David Marble (Bucknell); TF, 7:00
Final - [1] Matt Valenti def. [2] Adam Frey (Cornell); D, 4-1

141 lbs.
Prelim - [8] Brett McCurdy def. Albert Gianforti (Franklin & Marshall); MD, 13-2
QF - [8] Brett McCurdy def. Kyle Borshoff (American); F, 6:04
SF - [4] Matthew Kyler (Army) def. [8] Brett McCurdy; D, 3-2
CSF - [1] Matt Meltzer (Harvard) def. [8] Brett McCurdy; D, 4-3
Fifth - [8] Brett McCurdy def. [6] Mark Savino (Brown); D SV-2, 5-3

149 lbs.
Prelim - [6] Rick Rappo def. Bryan Tracy (Brown); MD, 12-4
QF - [4] Matt Dunn (Columbia) def. Rick Rappo; D, 7-3
C2 - Rick Rappo def. Stephen Gregory; F, 1:51
CQF - Scott Heckman (ESU) def. Rick Rappo; MD, 16-6

157 lbs.
Prelim - [1] Matt Dragon def. Christopher Norrell (Rutgers); MD, 11-3
QF - [1] Matt Dragon def. [8] Drake Hovis (Cornell); D, 12-6
SF - [1] Matt Dragon def. [4] Robert Latessa (Harvard); D, 1-0
Final - [1] Matt Dragon def. [2] John Jarred (Navy); D, 10-3

165 lbs.
Prelim - [2] Zack Shanaman def. Manuel Schubert (Lehigh); D, 12-5
QF - [2] Zack Shanaman def. [7] Ricky Turk (Columbia); D, 6-1
SF - [3] Steve Anceravage (Cornell) def. [2] Zack Shanaman; F, 2:48
CSF - [8] Shawn Kitchner (Brown) def. [2] Zack Shanaman; D, 6-3
Fifth - [2] Zack Shanaman def. [7] Ricky Turk (Columbia); D, 7-2

174 lbs.
Prelim - [4] Matt Herrington def. Shane Mallory (ESU); TF, 6:23
QF - [4] Matt Herrington def. [5] Rudy Rueda (American); D, 5-2
SF - [1] Matt Stolpinski (Navy) def. [4] Matt Herrington; D, 11-6
CSF - [4] Matt Herrington def. [8] Mike Whalen (Rutgers); D, 6-2
Third - [4] Matt Herrington def. [3] Joey Hooker (Cornell); D, 9-3

184 lbs.
Prelim - [4] Lior Zamir, bye
QF - [5] Antonio Miranda (Navy) def. [4] Lior Zamir; D, 6-2
C2 - [4] Lior Zamir def. Oliver Noteware (Princeton); F, 3:51
CQF - [4] Lior Zamir def. George Mann (Bucknell); F, 1:44
CSF - [6] Josh Arnone (Cornell) def. [4] Lior Zamir; D, 7-5
Fifth - [4] Lior Zamir def. [3] Justin Barent (Columbia); D, 9-3

197 lbs.
Prelim - [2] Josh Glenn (American) def. Neil Cisper; TF, 5:49
C1 - Neil Cisper def. Larry Otsuka (Brown); MD, 11-0
C2 - Neil Cisper def. Connor Sanders (Army); D, 4-1
CQF - Nick Sommerfeld (Columbia) def. Neil Cisper; D, 7-2

285 lbs.
Prelim - [2] Paul Weibel (Lehigh) def. Ben Reiter; D, 5-3
C1 - Ben Reiter def. Kristopher Berr (Princeton); D, 4-0
C2 - George Hingson (Bucknell) def. Ben Reiter; D, 4-2

Download: TeamScores.pdf