LIVE IN-GAME BLOG: Women's Soccer vs. Princeton

With livestats down on this particular computer, we are bringing you action from tonight's game LIVE! The teams kicked off at exactly 7:30 p.m.

GOAL PENN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fintzi gets a long ball on the right wing, plays it across and Kristin Kaiser heads it in just ahead of Dale inside the near post. Penn wins! Ivy Champs!!

Start of OT...and we're off!

End of regulation! Still tied 0-0.

Stats after 90 minutes: Penn with the 8-3 lead in shots; Dale with three saves, Rose with none. Penn 2 corner kicks, Princeton 1.

Another entertaining half. Penn definitely brought it to the Tigers, but really the only ball that forced Dale to do anything was a long-range shot by Friedman that was right at her. Neither team has had a glorious opportunity to this point, so it's probably just that we have extra time.

3:40 - Corner Kick Penn, but Rothenheber's ball is punched back out to her and then the second cross was cleared by a Princeton defender.

6:50 - Aren't you dying! We're reaching fever pitch here, although very little has happened in the way of shots and stuff. Schoen just came back on for Weir.

We have gone final in New York...Columbia 2, Harvard 1. The Crimson drops to 3-3-0, and is knocked out of the Ivy League title chase.

14:50 - Sub for Penn, as Friedman comes back in for Schoen. For Princeton, Jen Om replaces van Beuren.

20:00 - Sub for Penn, as Weir comes in for Friedman.

22:00 - Foul for PRINCETON in a dangerous spot, out in front. Rothenheber's shot goes directly into the wall, then she plays it in where it is headed by Fuccello from an offside position.

25:00 - Another foul for Penn in a dangerous spot -- about 25 out, directly in front of the goal. Luckily Matheson's shot was headed out by Campbell, and then a good opportunity for Anagnostopoulos was blacked by Capuano.

26:30 - Couple of subs for Princeton as they withstand this Penn rally. Aarti Jain back in for Peteraf, and Elizabeth van Beuren for Om.

29:15 - Another header by Fuccello, this one a little more dangerous. However, Dale again was not really tested in being credited with a save.

UPDATE FROM NEW YORK: Columbia has scored in the 70th minute to take a 2-1 lead.

33:30 - Another free kick for Penn, this one falls back to Rothenheber about 30 yards out. Her shot was well over the goal. But Penn is buzzing this half!

35:00 - Off a free kick, Fuccello with a header from long distance that was on goal but easily handled by Princeton keeper Maren Dale.

38:30 - Penn is pressing the action a little bit. A nice ball was just played down the left wing to Rothenheber, but she was called offsides.

It's getting chilly out here, what will be interesting to see is how Penn's numerous warm-weather (California, Hawaii) kids handle the weather. We say that as we watch Drugan stretch in front of us, clearly trying to shake off a cramp.

Another thing...the crowd is pretty large, and it is getting increasingly boisterous. Will they play a role for one of these teams?

We just kicked off the second half. Penn with the same lineup as it started the match, with one exception...Schoen on the wing in place of Weir.

Update from New York...Harvard and Columbia, still tied a 1-1 in the 68th minute.

HALFTIME: Penn 0, Princeton 0. Not too much happened in the final few minutes, but it has been an entertaining match thus far.

"Expert" halftimeanalysis: Penn head coach Darren Ambrose felt like his team might come out a little tight, and that seemed to be the case as the Quakers were not as crisp as they might normally be -- especially in the final third. Lots of missed passes and silly balls to nowhere. Princeton clearly takes its lead from Matheson, a big-game player who has been the most composed player on the field. However, the Quaker defense has held strong and given the Tigers few if any good opportunities. In all, both goalkeepers had little work in the first half, even with the up-and-down action.

5:00 - Fintzi was called on a foul from behind, giving Princeton a free kick about 35 yards out on the right. however, the Tigers were called for a foul on the scrum in front when the ball was played. Princeton sub, Marci Pasenello for Anagnostopoulos.

8:30 - Sub for Penn, as Marisa Schoen steps on up top for Jessica Fuccello. A few minutes ago, Princeton subbed in Bernie Da Costa for Sarah Peteraf.

11:30 - A couple of nice chances for Penn. First one came on a nice ball by Sarah Friedman to Jess Rothenheber, who had to shoot a left-footed shot across her body from about 12 yards out that was blocked by a Princeton defender out of bounds. On the ensuing corner kick, the ball fell to Kaitlin Campbell in front, but her volley from 10 yards out went well high over the crossbar.

13:30 - Princeton makes its first sub of the night, as Alexandra Valerio steps on for Aarti Jain.

14:30 - First substitution of the night, as Penn's Kristin Kaiser steps on for Molly Weir.

19:00 - Princeton gets a corner kick after several minutes of uneventful play on both sides. Nothing came of it, though.

NEWS FLASH! Yale and Brown, both of whom are 3-2-0 in the League, have pushed their match back to Sunday due to inclement weather. It was scheduled for tonight at 7 p.m. So don't bother trying to get score updates.

Harvard, which is also 3-2-0 in the League, is at Columbia tonight. They are tied, 1-1, at the half in New York.

27:30 - Princeton is pressing. Matheson gets the ball on the right side, presses into the box and fires a low-angle shot into the side netting.

29:15 - A foul by Penn gives Princeton a free kick out front about 30 yards, but Matheson's free kick floats wide and out of bounds on the end line.

30:48 - Nice job by Fintzi getting the ball down the left side and across. Footrace with Weir and Princeton defender Melissa Whitley, which Weir wins but cannot get on goal.

31:30 - Princeton builds an attack, but Vicki Anagnostopoulos is offsides.

33:15 - Princeton with a free kick attempt about 40 yards out, played it short, and it was easily cleared by Penn. No harm done.

37:00 - Princeton just had a great chance; ball crossed from the right side skimmed off the head of Larkin and came over to the left. Rose hesitated before coming out, and Aarti Jain was able to push it past her in the box. However, the Penn defense had collapsed, Ellen Gregory blocked the shot attempt, and Capuano got over to clear it out of trouble.

Starting lineup for Penn...Sara Rose in the goal; Larkin, Campbell, Drugan and Gregory in the back; Capuano and Rothenheber in the middle of the park, with Weir and Friedman on the flanks; and Fuccello and Fintzi up top.

(by the way, juicy matchup in the middle with Capuano and Princeton's star player, Diana Matheson...Matheson played with Canada at the Women's World Cup in China in September. I would argue they might be the two best players in the League right now)