May Student-Athlete Compliance Tip

Fee-for-lesson instruction.

May 5, 2003

Alumni and Parents Tip of the Month May

Fee-For-Lesson Instruction

NCAA Bylaw


As the year winds down, many student-athletes are looking towards the summer and their employment opportunities. In the past, student-athletes were not allowed to teach fee-for-lesson sport instruction because it was a violation of NCAA and Ivy rules. However, legislation was changed in August of 2002 to allow current student-athletes to receive fee-for-lesson compensation. Student-athletes can now teach sport skills or techniques on a fee-for-lesson basis. There are a few restrictions when giving these fee-for-lesson instructions, and they follow:

Student-athletes may not use institutional facilities, Playing lessons are not be permitted (i.e., the person you are instructing may not pay you $50 just to play a round of golf), Student-athletes must document your lessons taught, fees, and applicable reciepts with your institution from lessons given at any time of the year; and The lesson recipient (or the recipient's family) must pay for the lessons, not another individual or entity (i.e., a booster or institutional coach).

The fee-for-lesson rules do not apply to prospects -- only to currently enrolled student-athletes.