Meet Women's Basketball Freshman Renee Busch

PHILADELPHIA - Freshman Renee Busch, a native of the United Kingdom, answered a few questions for She is set to arrive in Philadelphia in early September.
Have you visited campus and what do you think of it? What were your favorite parts?

Renee Busch: I've visited campus twice and it’s really beautiful. I love how Penn is situated right in Philadelphia but still maintains a strong campus feel on its own. My favorite parts of campus would have to be The Palestra and also the Quad where I'm excited to be living this year.

PA: Tell us a little bit about traveling and playing with your national teams.

I've played for the English/Great Britain national youth teams since 2008. Every summer we play in the European Championships where we compete against all of the other European nations and the best young players in Europe. I've been lucky enough to travel all over Europe for basketball, to countries like Israel, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and a lot more. It was one of my biggest goals to play for the national teams when I was younger and I’ve had some of the best basketball experiences representing England and Great Britain.

PA: What have you been told about The Palestra? What do you think about having the opportunity to play there?

RB: When I visited campus I went on a tour of The Palestra and learned a lot about its history from the museum there. I'm really excited to play there and The Palestra was a big draw for me coming to Penn. It has so much history and is just a beautiful arena.

PA: What do you think of the coaches and the current players?

RB: The coaches are very knowledgeable and passionate about what they do and are really invested in building a great team. I’m looking forward to learning from and playing for them. Their enthusiasm was a big part of my wanting to come to Penn. I haven’t really met any of the other players yet, but it sounds like we have a team of hard-working, committed players and I’m excited to see what we can do this year and also to meet everyone.

PA: Who are the biggest influences in your life? In your basketball career?

RB: The biggest influences in my life are definitely my parents. My Dad was my basketball coach growing up so most of what I’ve learned in terms of basketball has come from him. I always turn to my parents for help with my more serious academic, athletic and life decisions.

PA: What do you do to relax on an off day?

RB: I don't usually take many days off, but I do like going to see movies, cooking, eating, watching TV, reading and also just hanging out with friends and family.

PA: Do you have any pregame superstitions?

RB: I'm a lot less superstitious than I used to be, but I still like to chew gum before a game and listen to my music.

PA: What was your most memorable basketball moment so far?

RB: Being on the Great Britain team that won the U20 Division B European Championships to be promoted to Division A was definitely a memorable moment for me. I didn’t play a lot of minutes in that tournament but I played in the final and I was just so proud to be a part of the team for what we accomplished.
And also this summer when I was playing for GB U20’s against Latvia, I had probably my best game of my career, so that was pretty memorable. I just had this great feeling when I was shooting that I would never miss and I felt really confident in the highest level of basketball that I had ever played. It was also the best I’d passed the ball in a game.

PA: What are you most looking forward to in your first year at Penn?

RB: I'm looking forward to being in a new basketball environment, getting to know my teammates, the coaches and experiencing a new level of competition. I can’t wait to play. I'm also just excited about living on my own, meeting new people and enjoying all that Penn has to offer.

PA: What are some of your goals for the next year? For your career here?

RB: My goals for this year are, personally, to improve throughout the year, to be in great physical condition, to earn playing time and to be a part of the team. I hope to have a happy and healthy career at Penn. For the team, I definitely want us to keep up the winning and improvement of last season and I’m excited to see what we can accomplish.