Men's and Women's Squash Fall to Princeton

Princeton, N.J. - The University of Pennsylvania men's squash team fell to Princeton, 6-3 on Wednesday evening while the women's team lost to the Tigers, 9-0.

The men's team(5-3, 2-2 Ivy) notched victories with good performances at the number five, six and nine positions. Lee Rosen swept Tom McKay at number five, 3-0 and Spencer Kurn defeated Parker Sutton, 3-2, at the number six position.Drew Crockett also swept his opponent at the number nine position, Tim Callahan, 3-0.

The Tigers (3-1, 2-1) won the first four matches, including at the first two positions. Gilly Lane was swept, 3-0, by Yasser El Halaby, the number one player in the nation and the two-time defending national champion, at the number one position and Rich Repetto fell to Robert Hong, 3-2, at the number two position.

In the women's match, the Quakers (3-2, 2-2) lost all 27 games of the match to the Tigers (6-0, 3-0).

The men's team is next in action on Saturday, Jan. 29 when they are at Franklin and Marshall for a 1 p.m. start. The women's team returns to the court on Friday, Feb. 4 when they host Williams at the Ringe Squash Courts at 6 p.m.

Princeton 6, Penn 3

1. Yasser El Halaby def. Gilly Lane (P), 3-0
2. Robert Hong def. Rich Repetto (P), 3-2
3. Michael Gilman def. Ben Ende (P), 3-0
4. Preston Comey def. Jacob Himmelrich (P), 3-0

5. Lee Rosen (P) def. Tom McKay, 3-0
6. Spencer Kurn (P) def. Parker Sutton, 3-2
7. Vincent Yu def. Eric Bardawil (P), 3-0
8. Rob Siverd def. Colby Emerson (P), 3-0
9. Drew Crockett (P) def. Tim Callahan, 3-0

Princeton 9, Penn 0

1 Claire Rein-Weston def. Paula Pearson (P), 3-0
2Marilla Hiltzdef. Radhika Ahluwalia (P), 3-0
3 Genevive Lessard def. Lauralynn Drury, 3-0
4Christina Fastdef. Caitlin Russell (P), 3-0
5 Margaret Kent def. Rohini Gupta (P), 3-0
6 Carly Grabowski def. Annie Barrett (P), 3-0
7 Anina Nolan def. Chloe Wynne (P), 3-0
8 Franny McKay def. Elizabeth Kern (P), 3-0
9 Patricia Gadsden def. Caitlin O'Neil (P), 3-0

Written by Jennifer Hildebrand, athletic communications assistant