Men's Heavyweight Rowing Competes at Eastern Sprints

WORCESTER, Mass.--The Penn men's heavyweight team rowed five boats at Eastern Sprints in Wocester, Mass., Sunday.

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The Quakers' Varsity 4 took to the water first thing in the morning, finishing fourth with a time of 7:10.312.

The Varsity 8 was fifth in its heatand clocked a time just above six minutes (6:00.285) and were placed in the third final. The Quakers finished second in that race with a time of 6:03.065 and 14th place overall.

The2nd Varsity 8earned Penn's best finish of the day with a fourth-place finish in itsheat anda sub-six minute time of 5:59.071. The crew rowed in the petite final and finished third at 6:03.541 and ninth overall.

In the freshman heats, Penn's eight finished fifth in its race with a time of 6:11.447. Advancing to the third final, Penn wonthat outing with a time of 6:12.846 and 13th place overall.

Penn will host its final home race of the season May 22 on the Schuylkill River. Ivy rival Cornell will come to Philadelphia to contest the Madeira Cup.