Men's Heavyweight Rowing Finishes Second in Childs Cup

ORCHARD BEACH, N.Y. – In their second cup race of the spring, the University of Pennsylvania men’s heavyweight rowing team came in second in the varsity 8 and placed first in the second varsity 8 in the Childs Cup, hosted by the Class of 1982, against Columbia and Princeton Saturday morning.

Princeton won the varsity 8, coming in at 6:07.38. Penn fended off Columbia by three seconds, finishing at 6:18.17. The Quakers were victorious in the second varsity, clocking five seconds ahead of Princeton at 6:25.29. The Tigers (6:30.08) finished 13 seconds ahead of third-place Columbia.

In the final race of the day, the Penn freshmen 8 came in third at 7:00.73. Princeton won the race at 6:20.78. Columbia finished second, clocking at 6:27.21.

Penn is at home again next Saturday to host Columbia and Yale in the Blackwell Cup sponsored by the Class of 1967.


Varsity 8

Princeton 6:07.38

Penn 6:18.17

Columbia 6:21.93

Second Varsity 8

Penn 6:25.29

Princeton 6:30.08

Columbia 6:43.00

Freshmen 8

Princeton 6:20.78

Columbia 6:27.21

Penn 7:00.73