Men's Heavyweight Rowing Readies for Blackwell Cup

PHILADELPHIA--The men’s heavyweight crews will head to Columbia’s Orchard Beach to contest the Lions and Yale for the Blackwell Cup.

The History ...

The Blackwell Cup is presented for annual competition among the varsity crews of Penn, Yale and Columbia in memory of George Engs Blackwell, an 1880 Columbia graduate. The Blackwell family placed the cup into competition in 1927. Penn has won the Blackwell Cup 32 times which puts it five behind Yale for the most, including wins in four the last nine years.

Last Season...

The team finished third in three races and second in the Freshman 4 in on the Housatonic River in New Haven, Conn. Columbia claimed the Blackwell Cup for the first time since 1941. In the Varsity 8 race, Penn finished with a time of 6:09.1 while the Lions edged the Bulldogs by 1.2 seconds with a winning time of 5:51.3. Yale swept the other three races with wins in the 2nd Varsity 8, Freshman 8 and 2nd Freshman 4. Penn clocked a 6:14.4 in the 2nd Varsity while the Freshman 8 had the day’s best Penn time at 6:08.2. The Quakers raced two Yale crews in the 2nd Freshman 4, finishing second at 6:51.6.

Probable boatings for Saturday:

Varsity 8

C: Lawrence Tanzman

Dan Morrison

Tyler Montgomery

Matthew Dunn

Matthew Van Voorhis

Neil McPeak

Timothy Simon

James Daughdrill

Bayard Wilson

2nd Varsity 8

C: Halley Sloane

Nicholas Barnes

Patrick Kneeland

Nicholas Whitehead

Jacob Boomgaardt

Nadan Sehic

Derek Gollnitz

Peiro Russo

Russell Windsor

Freshman 8

C: Geneva Long

Gordon Thompson

Luke Brzozowski

Kevin Kennedy

Loren Mead

Brian Young

Andrew Wolfram

Ricki Sanz

Chris Martin

3rd Varsity

C: Evan Olenoff

Chris Shook

Brendan Baker

Ted Keller

Dan Morson

Michael Aubrey

Holden Frederick

Ian MacClean

Kalhan Koul