Men's Soccer at Geroge Mason, NCAA First Round: In-Game

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FAIRFAX, Va.--Join Penn Athletic Communications Associate Director Jen Wernerfor an in-game blog duringtonight's NCAA first round match at George Mason. Kickoff issetfor7 p.m. Jen Werner can be reached by emailing

6:55 p.m. - Sorry for the delay folks it is frigid here, and my fingers appreciated the extra time in my mittens!

Starters are announced... for Mason it is 3,4,6,10,11,12,13,14,15,17 and 1 in goal. For Penn is it Levin, Elicker, Rubenstein, Fairman, Barreiro, Ferry, Shokoufandeh, Grendi, Unger, Mascarenhas and Healy in goal.

I'll say it now that the posts will probably be shorter than normal with the cold!

45:00 - Mason kicks off. A foul on Penn early gives Mason a chance to serve in early, but Elicker clears.

41:55 - Awesome build up for Penn, Unger to Shokoufandeh in the center to Grendi who hits the outside post.

40:30 - Cornerkick for Mason...cleared, but Mason controls at midfield.

38:37 - SAVE! Healy comes up with a nice save near the post.

38:14 - Corner for Penn - Grendi out for the kick. Keeper pulls it down, play moves to midfield.

36:29 - Foul on Penn deep gives Mason basically a cornerkick. Cleared, but still attacking.

33:17 - Penn just finished a nice two minutes on attack. Forwards and midfield making nice chances and holding possession.

31:46 - Mason has some dangerous chances. 15 is in close, but Levin comes sliding in to clear. He heads another out and Unger blocks yet another.

31:08 - Grendi has a shot blocked. Keeper gathers the ball.

29:17 - long throw for Mason. It bounces around the box for a while. Healy punches it out. Mason looks to strike again, but it is block by Ferry.

28:09 - Grendi has a shot, but it is blocked out. Fairman out for the corner. nothing.

27:29 - Short service from Mason's keeper, Shokoufandeh heads it up to Ferry who one-times it wide.

20:47 - Tasigianis checks in for Barreiro. Corner coming for Penn. Grendi out. Cleared. Lots of actionin the midfield, but only a few breaking into the attack so far.

18:47 - Mason belts one from 40 it sails wide.

17:07 - HAND BALL!! On Mason in the box! Shokoufandeh on the kick. Saved.

14:25 - Klein is in for Ferry. and Mason 26 for 15.

12:49 - HAND BALL AGAIN! This time on Penn. PK taken by Martinez. SAVED!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh nice read by Healy.

11:03 - Rich Frank in the game for Shokoufandeh. First appearance for Frank this season.

9:50 - Klein to Unger, he rips a shot. saved.

8:28 - Fairman comes in to make a nice play to take away a scoring chance.

7:44 - Mason serves in, but Healy collects the ball.

6:14 - Grendi with some nice footwork to get an open look from 30, sails just high.

5:12 - Yellow to Klein for a tough tackle. Restart is served in to Healy who makes the grab.

3:38 - Mason has 21 and 7 in for 10 and 17.

1:!2 - Grendi has a shot wide. Penn has good pressure with a lot of attackers in the box.

00:00 - Half time - Tied 0-0.

45:00 - And we're back! Penn kicks off.

43:15 - MASON GOAL. #17 boots it from 25 out to top left corner. Mason leads 1-0

41:26 - Gorskie in for Mascarenhas.

40:39 - Corner for Mason. Cleared by Gorskie.

37:16 - Lots of work in the midfield, but no good possession for either team.

36:13 - Corner for Mason. Punched out by Healy and cleared by Elicker.

35:30 - Mason 14 with a crazy bend on the ball, but it is just high.

34:28 - Grendi sends a good ball to Ferry who plays it in. Unger works in and around the defense, but JUST wide.

32:51 - Yellow to Irvin Martinez for a rough tackle.

30:44 - Mason 7 for 10.

28:38 - Mason 6 make a big play blocking a point-blank shot by Shokoufandeh.

27:12 - Mason has 2 for 26 on deck.

26:42 - Fairman sends a nice ball but Penn is too eager and is offsides.

20:25 - Still working in the midfield. Penn making a few good moves to goal, but unable to get any shots off.

18:56 - two corners for Penn. Fairman serving, both were uneventful.

16:35 - Unger is back in replacing Gorskie.

13:57 - Shokoufandeh with a hard shot, blocked. Just before Tasigianis had pressured the keeper forcing a tough punt.

12:19 - Penn looking for more attack subs Klein in for Rubenstein.

10:06 - Klein with a sick shot, sailing through the legs of the defender, but into the goalie's arms on a diving save.

3:24 - Klein with a good run deep, but nothing, out the end. Play is frantic now.

1:52 - Ungerchallenges theGKwho falls on it, but it pops loose, Unger tries for another chance, but GK lunges and covers it.

00:38 -Shokoufandeh gets a chance beating his defender, but it is just wide.

00:00 - Game over. Mason wins 1-0 and advances to play Maryland.

A full recap and results will appear shortly in a new article.

Download: 2008_mscr_ncaa1.pdf