Men's Soccer at Marquette: In-Game

MILWAUKEE, Wis.--Join Penn Athletic Communications for an in-game blog during tonight's season-openerat Marquette. Kickoff is set for 7 p.m. Central.

Welcome to soccer season! Jen Werner (Penn Athletic Communications) here, back for another season with the team and so excited to get into some games! And what a great way to start the season--in front of a hometown crowd for four of the guys. It is also a treat for me, personally. As a native of the Green Bay area and alum of the University of Wisconsin, it is something of a homecoming for me as well.

As always, I appreciate feedback and you can send questions or comments to I will lay out my disclaimer now, that I am by no means and expert, but will do my best to paint a picture of the game.

So here we go!

5:10 p.m. - After a day in which we had three meals in about six hours! ... that's right, no one should be hungry tonight. We're all back at the hotel (with the exception of assistant coach Rob Irvine who is scouting the Columbia-DePaul game) and resting up before heading over for warm-ups. We flew in yesterday afternoon to a rainy Milwaukee that was about 20 degrees cooler than Philadelphia had been. The teamtrained at Valley Field's practice surfaceand then we enjoyed a team dinner at the Water Town Brewery in Milwaukee's downtown area.

Today, after breakfast the team did a quick jog-and-stretch before Wisconsin natives and Marquette HS alums Mike Klein and Kevin Unger took some of the guys on a tour of campus. The team then gathered for its second meal in three hours at a tournament banquet at the Sports Union Annex on Marquette's campus. Marquette did a great job welcoming everyone and it was nice to see the other teams before hitting the field. It was also an opportunity to see what we are playing for: the inaugural Marquette Invitational trophy. Head Coach Rudy Fuller expressed his gratitude to Marquette for inviting Penn to participate in the event.

Though it is his first here, Golden Eagles head coach Louis Bennett has some experience hosting invites. Prior to MU, Bennett was at the helm of neighboring UW-Milwaukee and hosted the long-running Panther Classic. Incidentally, the last (and only) time Penn played in Wisconsin (or any team from Wisconsin) was at the Panther Classic in 2004. The Quakers defeated the Wisconsin Badgers before falling to UW-M in the second game.

6:20 p.m. - We arrived at the field in time to see the second half of the Columbia-DePaul match. We think DePaul is winning 1-0, but not sure who is "home" on the scoreboard. At any rate, Penn just left to warm up on the adjacent practice field. I overheard Coach Irvine mention that there had been some crucial slips in the game, indicating the grass may still be soft in spots and not drained as well as hoped after yesterday's inch of rain. Still, the turf looks good, the sun has been out all day and there is a slight breeze helping to dry it out.

As an aside, I want to give a shout out to the female referee in the first game. That's the first time I've seen a woman ref-ing a men's game. Nice!

7:00 - The first game must have run a little long because we've got about 10 minutes left on the warm-up clock. I do have the starters in so here it is:

Penn: Jake Levin, Alex Fairman, Brian Mascarenhas, Johnny Elicker, Christian Barreiro, Kevin Unger, Ryan Porch, Loukas Tasigianis, Alex Grendi, Tobi Olopade and Drew Healy in goal.

Marquette: Amilcar Herrera, Tim Jallow, Anthony Colaizzi, Nicholas Kay, Michael Greene, Tom Lynn, Paul Monsen, Michael Alfano, Billy Von Rueden, Matt Stummer and Matt Pyzdrowski in goal.

7:10 - Alright, I after a boisterous pre-game talk in the tent, Penn emerged and we're about to walk out to announce the starters. MAN! I'm excited! (and a geek it turns out)The Marquette student section or "The Birdcage" is here in full force at the east end, the end Penn will be defending first.

(Game clock is counting up)

00:50 - We're underway, MU is downfield, 22 has a throw in, but it is headed away. Penn takes control and tries to work upfield. Foul on Penn, MU free kick.

2:59 - Penn regained control and took it down, but got tangled up with too many MU defenders. We're quickly back towards Healy and a shot is fired, but it is wide left and Healy takes a goal kick. Foul on Penn, MU kicks from their half.

5:05 - Cornerkick for MU. Cleared out and upfieldl. MU still controling. Porch makes a good stop in front of the goal. It is out for an Elicker throw in. Foul on Penn. 22 sending it in. Tasigianis cuts it off before it hits the box and boots it downfield.

7:08 - This is a fast seven minutes! Penn sends a ball in that Grendi challenges for, but MU keeper picks it up. Elicker making a nice defensive play as the ball heads back to Penn territory. MU 14 sends it high and wide out. Healy goal kick.

9:49 - Tasigianis taking a great shot after beating his defender, but it is gathered by the goalie.

11:46 - MU 23 heads it on goal, but Healy grabs it. The ball clears, but not long before it is coming back. MU 22 breaks out of a two-on-one with Porch still on the him, one-on-one, Porch makes a nice sliding save and it's a corner for MU. Cleared out and goal kick for Penn.

14:24 - Foul on MU for taking Alex Fairman down. He's up, but the trainer is on the field.

14:46 - Fairman, back in action, sends the ball into MU territory. Olopade settles it and Tasigianis juggles it trying to turn around some defenders. He takes a great shot that bounces off the goalie and rolls in the crease, but the defense is tight and no Quaker can get to it to tap it in. Goalie recovers and play moves the other way.

17:03 - Throw in for MU is cleared out by Elicker.

17:47 - Tasigianis is too quick for his defenders and is called offsides.

20:08 - Grendi had a good run towards the goal, tried to force a corner, but settled for a throw in. After a little jostling he ends up offsides and it is MU's ball.

21:41 - The pace has slowed up a bit, more balls out of bounds and fouls slowing it down.

22:55 - Some drama here now. MU 23 goes down hard and his teammates are looking at Tasigianis. Not sure what was said or done from there, but a little shoving and a scuffle erupts between Elicker and Colaizzi and the ref boots Colaizzi. After some more discussion, Elicker is issued a yellow. MU gets the kick and we're back on.

24:52 - Grendi gets a free kick outside the box, but pretty straight on. OH! and off the post. Hector Navarro is in for Tom Lynn.

26:32 - MU is coming on fast, but the Penn defense is ahead of it. Levin looks like he wants to play it back to Healy, but good communication Healy sends him away and Levin turns it around, sending it upfield.

28:21 - Corner for Grendi. Goalie punches it out. Mascarenhas sends it back in, but it's high.

29:30 - Corner for MU 2. Olopade uses his 6-3 frame to Penn's advantage, shoulders above the rest to head it out or harms way. Samuel Etim is in for MU.

31:52 - Sweet flip-kick from MU, butheaded out the end by Porch. Cornerkick. Healy grabs it, but is hassled by Alfano who is issued a yellow.

33:40 - Mike Klein and Aaron Ross are on deck for Tasigianis and Barreiro.

35:15 - Barreiro takes a good run around the end, but nothing. MU clears and seems to have a solid bead on the run. Porch shows his senior experience, calmly turning the ball around and clearing it out of danger.

38:50 - Omid Shokoufandeh on deck to replace Olopade. The PA is having fun practicing that name, but Omid assures him he's got it down. It is SHOW-koo-FAHN-day for anyone interested.

41:50 - Unger's sends a nice cross... to no one

43:30 - Oh, so close! It LOOKED like Aaron Ross scored, but it is waived off. Official call is a foul on the play, so no goal.

45:00 - Halftime... I can't believe that was only 45 minutes! I'll have halftime quick stats in a moment.

So halftime recap: tied 0-0 ... Penn: Shots: 3, Corners: 1, Fouls: 8, Saves: 2 ... MU: Shots: 4, Corners: 4, Fouls: 5, Saves: 2 ... Cards: RC-MU #8(23:03), YC-PENN #7 (23:03), YC-MU #21 (32:10). FYI, the red to MU means they play man-down from then on.

Penn is back on the field warming up. The line-up is the same as they came off. A little refresher... Elicker, Fairman, Levin, Unger, Mascarenhas, Porch, Klein, Shokoufandeh, Grendi, Ross and Healy. For MU also same as they came off. Herrera, Navarro, Stummer, Von Rueden, Monsen, Etim, Greene and Pyzdrowski.

46:40 - Shot in Penn's end goes wide, but Healy has a hand on it. Corner for MU 22. Penn heads it out of the box.

50:19 - MU plays it back to the keeper and Shokoufandeh is there to pressure him.

51:22 - Penn foul two-thirds into Penn territory. Penn clears it out, Unger serves to Klein, but MU 21 keeps him off the ball. Play heads back toward Healy.

53:34 - MU serves the ball from the right it is head to the center of the goal where Healy pulls it down.

54:05 - MU 12shoots it from midfield, sails wide, goal kick Penn.

55:25 - Klein looks eager for a good run, but is tangled up with MU 7 and overruns the ball.

56:12 - Barreiro on deck for Unger.

57:18 - Penn serves the ball from the right, Klein and Grendi are in the box, but both are tied up with defenders and keeper takes it.

59:14 - Shokoufandeh has a good look at the ball, but again the MU defense thwarts him.

62:05 - Penn controlling a lot of the midfield action sending a few good balls that are turned back.

63:20 - MU 7 sends a nice ball into the box, but Levin heads it away. Penn controlling again.

64:03 - Tasigianis in for Grendi and MU has Kay in for Etim.

64:35 - Barreiro has a sliding shot after Klein worked it around and falls into the box. Keeper is there.

66:28 - Olopade in for Shokoufandeh.

67:33 - Penn foul. MU 18 sends it well into the box, Porch heads it out... MU works it to the right and sends a cross. MU 22 tries to skim it off his head and in, but not enough.

68:23 - Tasigianis had a good look at a run on the left, but it is taken away. Moves to the right. Foul MU. Fairmain taking the free kick. A great shot, but right to the keepers arms.

70:44 - MU's crowd is excited, but their man ran out of bounds, Penn throw in. MU 23 intercepts and runs it in, shot sails well left.

73:04 - Unger and Grendi back on deck for Mascarenhas and Tasigianis. Foul on MU 7, taking down Tasigianis. Klein serves it and there is plenty of action in front of the goal, but MU clears.

76:46 - Grendi with an amazing possession. He hurdles a MU slide, keeps the ball and dodges at least three other guys looking for his shot, but it sails wide right.

78:25 - MU has 14 for 18.

79:23 - Penn foul at midfield. MU serves to the right of the goal, headed out.

80:13 - We're into crunch time now and the teams feel it. Both still playing well, but the clock is winding down. Both teams are being careful not to foul.

82:23 - Klein trying to serve it, gets a corner out of it. He'll take it from the right side. Headed out to Aaron Ross who sends it back. Barreiro pressures the keeper, but MU takes over.

83:51 - Penn running at the goal, it goes out the end and their keeper is calling for a goal kick. Ref awards a corner. Fairman is out to take it. Cleared and another corner. Fairman again. This time to the far left Barreiro gets a foot on it, but not enough. It is out upfield for Ross to throw in.

85:16 - MU 22 has a dangerous run on the left, his shot is just left. MU has 5 in for 2.

86:37 - Olopade pushes the ball through the defense and Klein and his defender slide into the box, but the keeper comes out with it. Both teams looking for a foul, but play continues.

87:55 - MU pressuring hard close to the goal ... too hard it turns out and a foul is called.

89:00 - One minute to go. Penn forward calling for service from their defense. Lots of long balls now, but nothing. And now, for those of you who thought the offseason was too long, well we've got bonus soccer!

90:00 - So here's the regulation stats while we wait the five minutes before overtime begins... Penn: Shots: 6, Corners: 5, Fouls: 13, Saves: 2 ... MU: Shots: 9, Corners: 5, Fouls: 12, Saves: 3.

90:05 - We're off. A reminder... we will play a maximum of two 10-minute periods until one team scores on golden goal.

92:58 - Grendi gets a throw in (right in front of me!). He goes to Tasigianis and starts a nice route down the left side. Unger serves to him. Grendi catches it for a nice cross, but it passes in front of the goal with no one able to connect.

96:29 - MU's Lynn has a wicked shot, but Healy comes up with the clutch save. Corner for MU.

97:15 - Olopade heads the service out. MU's dangerous 22 nails on, but Levin puts his body in front of it and clears it out. Play moves the other way. Grendi gets a great chance, I can almost see the ball into the goal, but keeper is there to fall on it and Grendi hurdles him frustratingly just seconds too late.

98:58 - Yellow to Olopade for a tough tackle.

99:50 - MU 11 takes a loooong shot and gives Healy plenty of time to line up for the catch. That's it for the first 10. Five more minutes and we'll be back on.

100:00 - We're back on. Mike Klein is back in replacing Olopade

100:41 - MU 18 sends a harmless shot wide right.

101:21 - Mascarenhas starts a run, but MU intercepts the ball and Elicker returns the favor on their service. He dishes to Barreiro who sends Klein up the right side, but the ball is too far right and out.

103:01 - Penn player (argh! I couldn't see who!) fouled ALMOST in the box. Teams line up for basically a PK around a wall. Fairman executes perfectly, curving the ball around the wall, but keeper had the same idea and makes the save.

105:27 - Barreiro is fouled at midfield. Moments later Unger is in for Mascarenhas and Elicker has a throw in.

106:57 - Play is moving towards Healy, but Levin boots it from midfield, catching Klein and Tasigianis behindtheir defenders offsides.

108:50 - MU is looking to score ... but offsides.

110:00 - It's done. I've got to say, one of the more exciting, action-filled scoreless ties I've seen in recent memory.A silver lining though, Healy collects his first collegiate shutout.

A full recap and box score will appear shortly in a new article.