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BEREKELY, Calif.--Penn Athletic Communications reports in a live blogas theQuaker men’s soccer team (0-1)faces No. 7 Cal at the adidas Cal Legacy Classic in Berkeley, Calif.

3:49 p.m. PST: This is our first try at live blogging for men's soccer, so please let us know how it goes! Also, if you have questions you can email me ( I'll do my best to find the answers.

We're about five minutes away from clearing the field and 10 minutes from kick-off here at Edwards Stadium in Berkeley, Calif. The stadium was built in 1932 and was the first stadium built solely for track and field use. The soccer program adopted it as its home venue in 2000.

3:57 p.m.: Starters are announced... for Penn Vereb, Mascarenhas, Elicker, Livingston, Shokoufandeh, Hobson, Porch, Unger, Grendi, Ferry and in goal,Healy.

45:00 - And we're off!

38:32 - Foul on Cal, close to the end of the pitch and Penn gets a free kick near the corner.Alex Grendi boots it in the box, but clears and play goes the other way.

38:15 -Healy scoops up a nice save at the top right side of the box.

36:22 - Foul on Penn, Cal kicks it down field.

34:41 - Another Penn foul, this time about 20 feet out of the box. Andrew Jacobson kicked the ball across the box for Tyler Barry to head it past Healy into the bottom right corner for a score. Cal leads 1-0.

29:42 - Cornerkick for Cal. No harm, Porch wins a battle in a corner and earns a throw in.

27:02 - Offsides on Cal

25:50 - Alex Grendi kicks from high in the box, but it sails high and to the left.

22:52 - A scuffle at the top of the Penn's goal is fruitless for the Quakers.

22:14 - Imaan Kerchgani fires a shot from the left but Healy made a diving save to keep it out.

21:21 - Jacobson hits a hard shot from the right side, but misses to the just to the right.

20:28 - Vereb is fouled in the air near midfield and earns a free kick.

19:55 - More action at the top of the box, but Cal clears.

18:15 - Shokoufandeh has a near miss.

18:10 - Livingston backs up for a long throw in. The ball is headed out to Grendi on the left side, but his shot is deflected by Cal defender.

16:54 - Substitutions on deck- Penn: Richard Frank for Shokoufandeh and Mike Klein for Brian Mascarenhas. For Cal - Josh Leon forKerchganiandDavis Paulfor Jacob Wilson.

13:45 - Hobson slides a cross to Ferry in front of the goal, but offsides is called.

12:20 - Penn brings it back down and Klein, Ferry and Frank pass around the defenders. Ferry serves to Klein in the box, but the ball rolls out the end.

10:18 - Shot Cal, high.

6:07 - Lots of action in the midfield, but not much at the ends. Penn is working to keep it moving fast.

4:03 - Cal lines up substitutions for the next stop: Patrick Dolan for Servando Carrasco and Anthony Avalos for Jacobson.

2:14 - Grendi hits a through pass to Frank who quickly evades a defender and sends the ball to Unger who fires it straight on, but Cal keeper Frei dives for the save.

00:00 - End of the first half ... Cal 1, Penn 0 ... no cards ... Shots: Cal 4, Penn 3 ... Corners: Cal 1, Penn 0 ... Saves: Cal (Frei) 1, Penn (Healy) 1 ... Fouls: Cal 4, Penn 2

4:55 p.m. - So that's the first half. Penn had some good opportunities, but couldn't put them away. On the other end, Cal had some dangerous runs, but only managed the one goal. The weather is great soccer weather. It is sunny, but the air is cool, probably about 70 degrees with a good breeze.

The attendance is reported at 450 and includes a nice Penn contingent.

Our half-time entertainment is pee-wee soccer (Albany Thunderboltsvs. Berkely Tornadoes)- always adorable. Also, thanks for the feedback on the blog. I'm glad people are finding it and hopefully finding it interesting, I didn't realize how hard it would be to keep up, but I'll keep doing my best!

We're about ready to start the second half -Penn has Healy, Fairman, Frank, Ferry, Hobson, Unger, Livingston, Porch, Grendi, Vereb and Klein. Cal starts the same as the first half.

45:00 - Cal kicks off.

43:14 - Cal has a throw in deep in Quaker territory, but it is headed out and cleared downfield.

41:17 - Clock is stopped for an injured Cal player. Luke Sassanois helped off the field and Leon takes his place.

41:25 - Grendi brings the ball down field but is thwarted by a Cal defender who clears the ball across midfield.

40:30 - Ferry takes another nice run with Frank on a good line. Wrapped up with defenders, he delivers the ball too late.

39:42 - Cal fouls Frank, Fairman takes the kick, but Cal keeper snatches it up and clears.

37:57 - Penn foul at midfield.

34:10 - Grendi serves a nice ball into Frank, on the left sidebut Cal's keeper gets to the ball first. Moments later, Unger sees Frank on the right and slots a pass that is again nabbed by the keeper.

33:36 - Cal has Carrasco on deck to go in for Wilson.

31:48 - Grendi navigates his way through the defenders to nail a shot from the left side, Frei makes a great diving save to keep Penn off the board. Ferry fights for the rebound, but a Cal defender knocks it out of play.

30:29 - Hobson dives for the ball and comes up for a cross into the box, Frank and the keeper race for the ball, but Frei smothers it. Penn subs on deck: Shokoufandeh for Ferry and Mascarenhas for Grendi. Cal adds Dolan for Kerchgani.

28:10 - Klein takes a tough tackle and Porch gathers the ball for a hard and high over the goal.

25:21 - Foul on Penn. Cal takes a wide shot and subs Avalos in for Marion.

23:53 - Cal puts Scott VanBuskirk in.

23:25 - Healy comes out of the box to make a save, but gets wrapped up with the ball loose. Cal knocks it towards the goal but it drifts wide to the left with Healy in hot pursuit.

23:10 - Cal starts a barrage of shots - the first wide right, next a hard shot from just right of center hits Healy in the numbers and he throws it out. Cal works the ball back toward the goal and shoots from the left, but Healy punches it out of danger.

20:33 - Foul on Penn 10 yardsfrom midfield into Quaker territory. Cal serves the ball that is then headed into the Healy who makes the save.

19:55 - Penn: Grendi in for Unger.

18:40 - Penn hits a good long kick down field, but it is too far for Klein to get to befor the keeper.

16:42 - Foul on Penn.

15:36 - Foul on Cal. Fairman takes the kick and Porch heads it - maybe hitting the left post! but still out. Penn gets a corner out of it - Klein hits it long, Shokoufandeh heads it, but Cal knocks it out of play. Livingston goes out for a long throw in, but Cal clears.

15:12- Next stop: Unger in for Mascarenhas and Ferry for Shokoufandeh. Cal has Wilson in forVan Buskirk, Ayala-Hill for Carrasco and Kerchgani for Dolan.

10:36 - Subs in

9:35 - Cal subs Marion for Avalos.

6:30 - Foul on Penn deep in territory. Cal does a soft kick to restart to scatter the Penn wall. Shot into the box, but cleared by the defense.

3:45 - Grendi fires a nice shot from the left, but it is grabbed by Frei.

3:02 - Penn called for hand ball.

2:30 - Penn foul, Cal taking time to restart, boots it long and out.

1:10 - Cal's Ayala-Hill strikes from right, but Healy makes the tough save.

00:00 - End of regulation. Cal 1, Penn 0 - Despite a furious final 10 minutes of action, Penn drops to No. 7 Cal.

Thanks for joining us, stay tuned for an official box score and recap which will appear shortly in a new article.