Men's Soccer at Princeton: In-Game

PRINCETON, N.J.--Join Penn Associate Directorof Athletic Communications Jen Werner,for an in-game blog duringtoday's match at Princeton. Kickoff issetfor1 p.m. Jen Werner can be reached by emailing

12:10 p.m. - The teams just came out to start warming up. It had been raining pretty steadily when we first got here, but it has lightened up a little bit. We'll see how that goes.

12:50 - With 10 to go on the clock, Princeton is recognizing its six seniors in a pre-game seniors.

12:58 - Starters are announced. For Penn: Jake Levin, Brian Mascarenhas, John Elicker, Christian Barrierio, Omid Shokoufandeh, Alex Grendi, Lee Rubenstein, Andrew Ferry, Alex Fairman and Drew Healy in goal. For Princeton: Brad Fecher (3), Ben Harms (4), Devin Muntz (7), Jason Adams (10), Antoine Hoppenot (13), Danny Steiner (14), Josh Walburn (15), Teddy Schneider (21), Ben Burton (23), Matt Care (30) and Joe Walter (1) in goal.

(clock is counting down)

45:00 - An early couple corners for Penn. Fairman booted the first ball and Ferry put the pressure on to force the corners.

40:45 - Princeton had a run at the goal, Healy and the defense do well to turn the play away. Corner is cleared.

40:26 - Shokoufandeh moves deep and crosses to Ferry who tries to flick it around his defender.

38:30 - Foul deep in Penn territory, but cleared.

34:15 - Just an update, if anyone is looking for the video streaming from Princeton's website, I've heard they are having equipment issues and won't be streaming today.

33:00 - Hoppenot has a shot saved -- first shot on goal by either team.

32:04 - Offsides for Penn... but what a great little set up. Fairman won the ball, passed to Grendi who beat his man to get the ball to Shokoufandeh. He slipped it in to Ferry who flicked it to Barreiro who was just a little early.

29:45 - The rain is picking up again. Seems like we're going to be dealing with it all day.

27:13 - Fairman keeps his man wide, but the cross goes and Levin heads it out.

26:23 - Foul on Penn, but the service is easily cleared.

25:41 - Harms has an open shot, but it sails wide left.

23:30 - Fairman sends a nice ball to Ferry, but GK chases it down first.

22:50 - Sub in for Princeton Brandon Busch (11) replaces #10.

20:37 - Penn creating a lot of movement on attack. Unger takes a shot, saved.

19:30 - Yellow card to Unger for a hard tackle.

19:00 - Foul on Penn about 10 yards from the upper right corner of the box. Short service trying to sneak behind, but easily cleared.

17:38 - Now the foul is on Princeton in pretty much the equivalent position. Faiman will take the kick. It makes it through to GK, saved.

15:25 - WHOA. Healy came to the right to make the play, but Hoppenot gets the ball around him. A couple defenders in the area, but the ball goes to Schneider who shoots wideleft ofthe open net.

13:06 - Grendi takes a shot, but it needs a little more bend on it and it is wide. Subs in for Penn: Mike Klein, Loukas Tasigianis and Zach Barnett are in for Shokoufandeh, Ferry and Barreiro.

11:43 - Princeton sends in Brian Brady (9) and Pat Farrell (6).

9:07 - Not a lot of action in the last tw minutes, a few fouls here and there, but neither team has been able to keep possession.

7:40 - Tasigianis earns a corner kick with Fairman out for the kick. Klein is up for the header, but so is GK.

6:03 - Aaron Ross enters the game for Barnett.

5:19 - Grendi shoots, but wide.

4:02 - Princeton on attack gets a throw-in deep, but it is quickly out the end and a goal kick for Healy.

00:15 - Princeton gets a shot through, Healy makes the savebut doesn't hang onto it. Luckily no one is there to capitalizeand he quickly recovers.

00:00 - Halftime - we're still tied at 0-0.

45:00 - And we're back to start the second half. Penn starts the same lineup as they came off and kicks off in the second. Tasigianis moves quickly onto attack a foul gives Grendi a free kick that is saved high and out so a corner. Grendi out for that one headed out the end for a kick from the other side. Fairman sends it in, but again cleared. Elicker picks it up in the midfield to keep Penn on the attack. Cleared again and Princeton moves onto the attack with a couple throw-ins and fouls to the 40.

41:53 - Service on that foul at the 40 is in to Healy to makes the grab. Back on attack, Klein is one-on-one with the GK, but Walters closes the distance making his shot difficult.

39:12 - Foul on Penn, the service into the box is brought down by Healy, but a Princeton player contests it, roughing up Healy for a foul.

36:42 - Nice defending by John Elicker. Like glue on #3 forcing him out of the attack.

34:45 - Shot by Unger, makes the goalie sweat, but high and out.

32:50 - Penn foul five yards outside the box, just a little right of center.

32:05 - OH!! BIG SAVE!!! #15 knocked it around the wall, but Healy laid out for the big save. Corner successfully cleared as well.

29:40 - Barriero back in the game for Grendi.

28:32 - Princeton subs in #10 and #22.

27:02 - Princeton fast on attack, earns a corner that bounces around and is picked up by Healy.

25:45 - Tasigianis redirects well to Barreiro who takes a great run down the right side. Sends his cross to Ross, but Princeton heads it away.

23:06 - Shokoufandeh is back in replacing Mike Klein. Just before, #21 had sent a dangerous cross, but Ross did a nice job defending to keep his man off the ball.

21:41 - Barriero crosses to Shokoufandeh, clear shot, but the header is high.

19:48 - Princeton has held possession well for the last few minutes, but hasn't formulated much attack.

18:40 - Foul on Princeton gives Penn the ball back. Grendi is on deck waiting to sub.

17:32 - #3 comes in hard andlooks to be taking it in himself, even tricked his own teammate who was not ready when the pass was dished.

16:06 - Penn subs Grendi and Thomas Brandt on for Ross and Rubenstein.

14:49 - #14 going in to connect with a dangerous cross, but is early, called offsides.

13:22 - Princeton uses a little misdirection to pull defenders and get a shot, Healy is there for the save.

12:10 - Ferry is back in for Tasigianis.

10:09 - ARGH! SO CLOSE! Shokoufandeh beat the GK to get a shot on the goal with just two defenders in his way. His shot was deflected. But wait, Ferry is there and his shot also pushed wide. The goal kick was misplayed and only made it to Ferry and the Princeton backline. The defender fouls Ferry and they are awarded a free kick, saved.

4:35 - A few good chances, but nothing yet. Grendi worked for a shot but it went wide.

3:07 - Brandt coming up big to not only take away a pass, but regain possession for the Quakers.

1:38 - Ferry crosses, no one to connect. He has another chance, but saved.

00:47 - #11 shoots point blank, but Healy gets a piece to keep the game alive.

00:06 - Yellow card to #11 for dissent. Either way it looks like we're headed to bonus soccer. Fairman gives great service from midfield. First touch is punched by Princeton GK, then Levin gets a shot, saved. Ferry takes a shot with one second left, but it is blocked. OT it is!

00:00 - A refresher on overtime policies. We will play two 10 minute periods until one team scores.

10:00 - Penn starts the OT with Klein and Tasigianis up top, Grendi, Unger, Barriero and Mascarenhas in the middle and Elicker, Levin, Brandt and Fairman in the back. Healy back in goal.

9:00 - Corner for Penn, a couple chances. Tasigianis tries for one on bicycle kick -- that did net him one goal earlier in the season-- but not this time.

7:50 - Princeton on attack, has a free kick from the right, headed clear.

7:04 - Tasigianis changes fields to Grendi but he can't settle and it goes out.

6:26 - #13 has a big chance to score, but heads up playing by the defense and Healy...and a little luck keep the game going.

5:10 - Grendi nails a hard shot just wide right.

2:54 - Levin intercepts an attempt to send #13 on all alone.

1:54 - Grendi breaks around his man, buthis shot high.

00:40 Corner for Penn, cleared and another corner served, clear again as time runs out in the first OT.

00:00 - We'll be back in two minutes.

10:00 - Penn reset its players for the second OT with Shokoufandeh in for Klein.

8:44 - Cornerkick for Princeton. Unger is on deck waiting to reenter the game. Elicker clears the service out and Shokoufandeh steaks through the midfield, passing to Tasigianis. Defense kicks the ball out and Unger is back in the game for Ross.

7:40 - Fairman out for a corner kick for Penn. Cleared. Some fun action in the midfield hyping up the crowd.

6:01 - #15 boots a long shot but Healywatches it coming the whole way and sees it into his arms.

5:44 - Foul on Penn, free kick will be placed just past midfield. A deep throw for Princeton, deflected by Brandt and now a battle in the midfield.

4:20 - HEADER! But just wide as Unger gets a good piece of the cross.

3:29 - Still lots of action in the midfield. A foul on Princeton gives Penn a restart.

2:49 - Corner for Penn... wait, looks like Grendi is cramping up, Ferry will replace him and Unger will serve from the corner.

1:44 - Goal kick for Healy as a Princeton headeris wide.

1:04 - Healy picks up the ball again and makes a huge throw to midfield. Shokoufandeh tries for it, but Princeton changes the field to the open defender.

00:50 - Barreiro makes a nice cross to Tasigianis, but his shot is saved.

00:00 - And that's all we have... we'll end in a 0-0 tie. But good news is Healy collects his 10th shutout of the season, tying the program record. It also keeps Penn in contention for the Ivy League title. Harvard comes to Rhodes Field next Saturday at 7:30 p.m. to duke it out.

A full recap and results will appear shortly in a new article.