Men's Soccer at Rutgers - In-Game

PISCATAWAY, N.J.--Join Penn Athletic Communications for an in-game blog during tonight's matchat Rutgers. Kickoff is set for 7 p.m.

6:50 p.m. - Rutgers has a nice facility at Yurcak Field that they share with lacrosse. The field looks good and the team arrived early and had a chance to get their footing on the field.

Starters are in... for Penn: Alex Fairman, Brian Mascarenhas, John Elicker, Ryan Porch, Kevin Unger, Lee Rubenstein, Richard Frank, Josh Baugh, Mike Klein, Andrew Ferry and Drew Healy in goal. For Rutgers: Adam Lloyd, Mike Volk, Tomoslav Barisic, Kevin O'Connor, Adam Sternberger, Chris Moore, Chris Edwards, Dilly Duka, Aly Mashar, Tino Waked and Ravi Gill in goal.

45:00 - Penn kicking off - defending the left goal.

39:22 - Penn has a couple chances and good balls out of the midfield, but Rutgers defense takes away the line. Rutgers had two shots, both blocked, one closer into the goalmouth, but still safely cleared.

36:34 - Healy jumps to nab a ball sailing across the box, but it is a little high and it's a corner for Rutgers. Elicker is issued a yellow card before the kick. A nice kick is sent and headed out, but drilled back to Healy by Barisic.

34:32 - Ferrydribbles impressivelythrough three or four men in the box, but Gill dives on the ball to take away a chance. But a minute later Ferry is back down in the box, smoothly out-doing the defense, but his shot is saved again.

28:43 - Rutgers' keeper Ravi Gill is playing his first game of the season with the Scarlet Knights' regular starter suspended for violating the team code of conduct. Gill's inexperience showed when he played the ball out of the box, kicking it long back to the box to pick up... but Ferry challenged the move and forced Gill to dive on the ball to recover.

25:30 - Penn has back-to-back cornerkicks after Fairman and Rubenstien went up with Gill, but the keeper was able to punch it high. On the second, Unger had a low hard shot on goal, saved.

24:10 - Back to the other end - Rutgers sends a head dangerously across the goal, but Healy has his eye on it and lets it sail wide.

22:55 - Penn attacking again, Penn has Gill committed to the left side and sneaks the ball to Frank who loses his footing on a bike kick and can't register the goal.

21:21 - Dilly Duka has some crafty moves and though his shooting line it taken away he finds a teammate dead center for a shot, blocked and cleared.

20:05 - Another corner for Penn, headed wide at the left post.

19:17 - Penn has subs on deck: Shokoufandeh, Hobson and Tasigianis in for Frank, Mascarenhas and Klein.

14:49 - Rutgers crosses from deep on the right, hoping to connect with a man inside the six on the left, but Healy cuts him off.

13:17 - Ferry is taken down hard in just in front of the box. Fairman takes the kick and is through a gap in the wall, but not past Gill who makes the save low at the left post.

11:16 - Cornerkick for Rutgers, cleanly cleared with a header and long kick, out of bounds at the midfield.

10:18 - Another player brought down just outside the box - this time a Scarlet Knight, so a free kick, Barisic sends it through to Healy who makes the save. Jason Gorskie is on deck for

8:45 - Rutgers goal: Barisic diving header off a cross from Moore. Elicker was up with him trying for the block, but neither he nor Healy could make the save. Rutgers leads 1-0.

7:27 - Yellow card for Dilly Duka on a rough tackle.

5:20 - Duka sends another shot in, but Healy makes the save.

3:10 - The pitch must be a little slick - Ferry slides trying to make it to the ball and can't get his footing back and loses possession.

1:30 - Rutgers gets a free kick in their attacking third, but a Knight's hand ball in the box gets a warning and sends the play back to midfield.

00:00 - Half-time ... Rutgers 1, Penn 0. Stats: Shots: Penn 6, Rutgers 9 ... Saves: Penn (Healy) 4, Rutgers (Gill) 4 ... Fouls: Penn 11, Rutgers 4 ... Corners: Penn 4, Rutgers 3 ... Scoring summary: Rutgers: Barisic (Moore) at 36:15.

45:00 - Rutgers kicks off ... Penn now defending the right side.

39:24 - Penn is attacking - Tasigianis with some quick footwork around the defense.

38:21 - Rutgers on the attack, but moving around outside the box, not shots.

37:01 - The pitch is definitely damp with both teams struggling to make quick turns and stops.

35:16 - Tasigianis is tripped near midfield. Vereb takes the kick and clears all the field players but saved by Gill on the left side.

34:05 - Moore hammers a solid shot that looks to be headed for the top left corner, out of Healy's reach, but sails high, over the crossbarout of play.

32:44 - Rutgers scores again - Another header from Barisic off a cross from Sternberger. Barisic had to hurdle a defender that time. Rutgers 2, Penn 0.

30:17 - Penn sends Baugh in for Gorskie.

26:02 - Goalkick for Penn after Rutgers tried to form an attack, but was unable to get anything started.

24:10 - Porch makes a great saving play with a tackle to take the ball away from Moore.

22:30 - Klein dupes his defender, but the slick field takes away the chance as he slides on a turn.

20:50 - Unger on the cornerkick from the right, Tasigianis hopes to sneak in the left corner, but gets to the ball just a moment too late and misses inches to the left of the post.

19:19 - Rutgers trades McFadden for Duka.

18:49 - Penn has Hobson, Frank and Ferry in for Mascarenhas, Tasigianis and Shokoufandeh.

16:12 - Waked with a shot - Healy there for the save.

14:50 - Healy's there again to scoop up the ball, away from the attacking McFadden.

13:10 - Ferry tries for a header, but connects with a Rutgers foot instead, a little rattled, but OK.

11:07 - Yellow card to Livingston for a trip/tackle. Free kick saved by Healy in traffic, hurled out to Frank - a great throw that Frank picks up, but leaves too long of a lead on the run and the ball is stolen by the defense.

8:34 - Healy makes another big save - back-to-back corners for Rutgers - they also sub Duka for Barisic.

7:04 - Vereb challenges on the attack, blocks with the body and recovers the ball, heading up field.

5:50 - Frank shoots, but Gill makes the save allowing a big rebound, but no Penn players are around to capitalize.

4:41 - Rutgers has Moore in for McFadden and a corner kick coming up.

3:47 - Rutgers caught offsides.

1:53 - Duka off the right post, almost in the corner, and out, but Sternberger almost puts in the other side - out to the left.

0:15 - Ferry has a shot in the closing seconds - Gill wouldn't have made the save, but the ball cruises just wide.

00:00 - Rutgers wins, 2-0.

A full recap and results will appear shortly in a new article.