Men's Soccer at Saint Joseph's In-Game

PHILADELPHIA--Join Penn Athletic Communications for an in-game blog during tonight's matchat Saint Joseph's. Match time is set for 7 p.m.

6:25 p.m. - We got to the field a little earlybecause the Hawks play on Astroturf and Coach Fuller wanted to give the guys a chance to test the bounces and decide on what shoes to wear.

Fun fact of the day - newcomer Jason Gorskie is celebrating his birthday today!

6:40 p.m. - Both teams have their starters in. Penn - Vereb, Mascarenhas, Elicker, Livingston, Hobson, Porch, Unger, Grendi, Klein, Ferry and Sweetland in goal. For SJU - McInaw, Tursi, Olsen, Jones, Kane, Gast, Pozzessere, Johnson, Garst, Duddy, Dusing and Benedict in goal.

SJU comes into the game on a four-match skid while Penn is 0-1-2 since getting a win vs. Hartwick.

45:00 - Penn kicks off.

43:35 - Penn foul.

42:14 - Hand ball SJU.

39:03 - GOAL PENN! Grendi working toward the box, slips it in to Ferry on the right side, goalie is out of position and Penn is up 1-0 early.

34:12 - A harried give and go with Hobson and Ferry, Hobson has a shot, but it goes wide.

27:43 - SJU has a free kick, ball is served and there is a man in the box to challenge, but Sweetland makes the save.

22:48 - Into the game, SJU: DiLisi for Jones. The ball spent a good bit of time in SJU's attacking zone, but with no real chances, save one ball that leaked through to Duddy onsides, but Sweetland beat him to it.

18:36 - Tom Johnson has a dangerous free kick opportunity from just outside the box on the left side. The ball goes long across the box, Porch heads it away and Grendi kicks it out clear.

16:03 - PENN GOAL! Ferry scores again! Chaos in the box, Grendi has a shot across, but is deflected, looks like Klein on the right side knocks it back to Ferry who is moving in the wrong direction, but manages to stand up on the ball and knock it in for his second goal of the night.

10:05 - Checking in for Penn - Shokoufandeh for Ferry and Tasigianis in for Grendi.

2:50 - Penn has a free kick from the left side. Klein sends a great ball in, but the keeper makes the save. Penn gets a cornerkick, but it is cleared.

00:50 - Cornerkick for SJU, cleared.

00:00 - Halftime - Penn 2, SJU 0. Stats ... Shots: Penn 9, SJU 5... Saves: Penn (Sweetland) 1, SJU (Benedict) 3 ... Fouls: Penn 5, SJU 7 ... Corners: Penn 1, SJU 4 ... Offsides: Penn 0, SJU 1.

45:00 - And we're off in the second half. SJU kicks off. Penn takes the ball away and takes a run at the goal, but it clears and heads back to SJU's goal where Sweetland makes a nice save at the lower left corner of the goal.

41:39 -Shokoufandeh has a great opportunity, but the ball sails high.

Scoring update from earlier. Ferry's second goal, assists go to Hobson and Grendi.

40:39 - PENN GOAL! Loukas Tasigianis on a great breakaway run. Mike Klein and Kevin Unger were credited with assists.

37:11 - In for SJU - Rocco Pozzessere for Dusing.

33:16 - Yellow card to SJU Nick Pozzessere for grabbing Shokoufandeh who had pulled around him and would have been heading in uncontested.

29:14 - Subs for Penn Grendi, Fairman and Ferry for Unger, Porch and Klein.

25:41 - Shokoufandeh sends a great cross to Tasigianis, but the shot goes high.

21:40 - SJU has Baker and Salmon for Johnson and Olsen on deck. Penn has had two good runs, Tasigianis came close while Ferry had a great run, but was caught just offsides.

17:50 - Penn has Baugh and Rubenstien checking in for Mascarenhas and Elicker.

16:40 - SJU has Jones in for DiLisi and Olsen for Tursi.

13:55 - Shokoufandeh nearly nets another for Penn, but is called offsides.

10:56 - Yellow card to D.J. Salmon.

9:55 - Into the game for Penn Gorskie, Ross and Barnett for Vereb, Hobson and Grendi

8:46 - PENN GOAL! Ferry crosses to Tasigianis who sends to Shokoufandeh right in front, drives it home... Penn's up 4-0.

7:40 - SJU has a good shot on goal, Sweetland picks up the save.

5:11 - Subs for Penn Schlaefer, Duran and Olopade for Livingston, Ferry and Shokoufandeh.

00:32 - SJU's Salmon, wide open takes a shot, but it is wide.

00:00 - PENN WINS!

A full recap and results will appear shortly in a new story.