Men's Soccer at Stanford In-Game Blog

Box Score


PALO ALTO, Calif.--Join Penn Athletic Communications in a live blogas theQuaker men's soccer team (0-2)faces Stanford at 4 p.m. Eastern, today.

Both teams lost their first matches in the Cal Legacy Classic. Penn dropped a 1-0 decision to No. 7 Cal while Stanford suffered its first loss of the season, 1-0, to Wisconsin in the earlier match. Though part of the Classic, Sunday's Penn-Stanfordmatch will be played at Stanford in Palo Alto, Calif.

12:40 p.m. PST - We're about 20 minutes from kick-off and the weather is fantastic! It had been a little colder than we expected the last couple of days, but the sun is bright today and there is a nice breeze. The team is warming up,having a little funand feeling out the field--which by the way looks great. Maloney Field was completed in 1998 and is home to men's and women's soccer and women's lacrosse at Stanford.

12:45 p.m. PST - Penn starters in at the scorer's table... Vereb, Elicker, Livingston, Hobson, Porch, Unger, Grendi, Frank, Klein, Ferry and Healy in goal.

12:50 p.m. PST - Seems like things went well with our first run at thelive blogging so we're going to keep it going.But just like last time, please let me knowif there's anythingwe can do to make this better, or if you have questions,send them intome atwernerjl@upenn.eduand I'll do my best to find the answers.

12:57 p.m. PST - The line-ups are announced and Stanford's starters are Mark Bartlett, Michael Strickland, Thiago Sa Freire, Tom Montgomery, Brant Bishop, Dan Shapiro, Bobby Warshaw,Tim Jones, Ryan Imamura, Scott Bolkan and in goal, Andrew Kartunen.

45:00 - Penn kicks off... Here we go!

44:35 - Foul Penn, near midfield

43:01 - Stanford sends some long balls down to Penn's end, but the defense keeps them out of danger. Penn throw in near midfield.

41:06 - Little give and go fom Warshaw to Bishop who sends a cross infront of the goal toShapiro who fires point blank.Helay makes the save, but lets up a rebound. Warshaw came in tocapitalize, but the Quaker defense swarmed and kept the ball out.

39:31 -Stanford corner kick was cleared by Penn, but to Warshaw who sunk it, unassisted, from the right side to the upper left corner. Stanford leads 1-0.

36:55 - Penn is controlling the ball in Cardinal territory. Klein takes a corner kick

35:50 - Bishop coming hard down the field but run off by Elicker. Shot by Strickland saved by Healy and cleared by the defense.

34:34 - Shot Stanford, high.

32:22 - Frank, Elicker and Grendi pass around looking for serving oppotunities on the right side, but Stanford defense is tight to them and take the ball away.

31:10 - Bishop gets another nice ball, but Healy makes the save... Stanford gets a corner

31:02 - Strickland serves the corner to Bolkan who scored, Stanford 2-0.

27:46 - Stanford offsides

26:22 - Stanford is passing around Quaker territory, but can't find a hole in Penn's defense. Penn sends it down field, Ferry is in with three Cardinal.

24:30 - Subs in for Penn - Mascarenhas for Grendi, Fairman for Unger

22:01 - Shot Warshaw, wide left... play developed with a nice long pass from midfield to Bishop on the left, send a cross to Warshaw that skims the post, wide.

19:37 - Stanford offsides

18:!6 - Lots of action in the midfield, back and forth play.

17:21 - Elicker is glued to Bishop as he winds around the left side before taking a shot - Healy makes the save.

16:52 - Stanford offsides.

16:20 - Mascarenhas passes off to Frank who slots a pass for Hobson, but Stanford keeper gets there first.

15:19 - Header opportunity for the Quakers, but Stanford's defender has the height advantage on Frank and heads it away.

14:00 - Nice service from Porch to Frank, but it bounces wrong out of play.

13:35 - Klein gets a chance near the net, but keeper makes the save.

13:20 - Stanford makes a line change:Kozachenko for Warshaw,Alexander for Sa Freire,Thomas for Bishop,Leon for Montgomery,Hency for Shapiro.

12: 20 - Stanford offsides.

10:06 - Foul Penn.

7:45 - Penn has Shokoufandeh on deck for Klein.

7:30 - Hand ball Stanford, near the box.

4:54 - Foul Stanford. Fairman takes the free kick, Stanford clears to Elicker who sends it back in, cleared again to Elicker, sends it in again, cleared, out of play. Shokoufandeh in for Klein.

4:30 - Frank gets a nice shot off, Stanford makes the save.

3:00 - Foul Penn. Stanford player loses a shoe, stops the clock at 2:55... and we're back...

1:00 - Last minute in the half... still back and forth in the midfield.

0:45 - Comes down to Penn's end, Thomas threatens, but Fairman kicks it away.

0:26 - Shot Jones, Healy makes the save.

00:00 - End of first half ... Stanford 2, Penn 0 ... Shots: Penn 1, Stanford 10 ... Saves: Penn (Healy) 5, Stanford (Kartunen) 1 ... Corners: Penn 1, Stanford 2 ... Fouls: Penn 4, Stanford 6 ... no cards ... Scoring recap: Stanford 5:29, Warshaw unassisted; Stanford 13:58 Bolkan from Strickland.

2:05 p.m. PST: Ready for the second half. Penn is back on with the same player they came off with ... Stanford has its original starters back in.

45:00 - Stanford gets the half started.

44:20 - Stanford runs through the midfield, but Penn defense makes a stop.

43:56 - Yellow card to Fairman. Free kick over the three-man Penn wall, Healy catches it safelyon the left side.

43:01 - Frank pressures Stanford defender to send the ball early. Penn midfield capitalizes and sends it back towards the box.Couple of goodlooks for Penn, but nothing put away. Ball ends up on top of the net, Penn gets a corner.

42:30 - Frank takes the corner, Stanford clears.

40:29 - Shokoufandeh sends to Ferry who is tripped - Yellow card to Stanford Bolkan. Freekick by Frank - keeper catches it in traffic.

40:15 - Ball back down into Penn territory. Shot Strickland hits the left post!

37:57 - Lots of back and forth - Shokoufandeh pulls some quick movesaround a defender and sends a low shot to the keeper.

37:20 - Stanford offsides.

34:20 - Penn controlling in the midfield, Mascarenhas sends it out to Shokoufandeh on the left. Defender chases him down and it heads out of play.

34:01 - Penn subs in: Mike Klein for Andrew Ferry and Alex Grendi in for Richard Frank.

33:30 - Shokoufandeh heads it to the keeper.

33:02 - Fairman sends to Grendi who sends it back to Fairman - hits it high over the goal. Subs in for Stanford Alexander in for Imamura.

30:32 - Porch gets a shot on goal.

30:12 - Warshaw fires point blank. Healy makes the big save low, no rebound.

29:36 - Grendi sends a good shot wide left.

28:46 - Fairman strikes again, sends it high.

27:28 - Stanford subs in Kozachenko, Yahyavi and Thomas for Sa Friere, Bishop and Warshaw.

26:00 - Grendi takes a corner kick... cleared by Stanford to Mascarenhas who sends it wide right.

24:50 - Long ball down field, Shokoufandeh up with keeper for the ball, keeper wins.

23:10 - Thomas dangerous on the left side, hesitates on the shot, Elicker takes advantage sending it out. Corner kick Stanford. Cleared but back out, another corner for Cardinal. Cleared to right, Stanford sends it back for Healy to gather away from the goal. Back to the midfield.

22:25 - Healy boots it long, Stanford heads it out of play. Subs on deck for Stanford: Imamura for Jones,Leon for Montgomery,Hency for Shapiro.

21:50 - Livingston throw in (the side lines are short with bleachers and fence close). Some action in the box, but unproductive for Penn.

18:40 - Good development in the midfield, but the ball sails long out the end.

18:15 - Shokoufandeh gets another close look, but the keeper kicks it away. Throw in Penn - shot Fairman, saved.

16:56 - Man to man battles in the midfield, ball comes down to Penn territory, Stanford cross grabbed by Healy ... sends the play up.

15:39 - Healy guarding the right side, is out of net when the ball comes across - Livingston kicks it out of danger, but back to Stanford. Healy grabs it back. Stanford puts six-man line change on deck.Shapiro,Sa Friere, Bishop, Montgomery, Warshaw and Jonesin the game ...Yahyavi, Thomas, Leon, Kozachenko, Alexander andHency.

14:13 - Injurystoppage for Stanford (Strickland - Wang in).

11:53 - Foul Stanford. Grendi has a pretty direct free kick.

11:13 - Strickland back in forWang

9:38 - Healy comes out to play the ball, Shapiro tries to exploit it - blocked, no trouble.

8:40 - Grendi takes a good shot, blocked.

8:21 - Foul Stanford.

7:45 - Hobson and Grendi close in on a long ball served into the box. Keeper gets it first.

6:47 - Elicker sends a ball for Shokoufandeh who charges hard, but keeper smothers the ball with no shot.

5:30 - Shot Stanford, high.

4:58 - Loukas Tasigianis on deck for Shokoufandeh. Reminder, clock only stops for winning team substitutions in the last five minutes of the second half.

4:01 - Shot (kind of a deflection) Montgomery high over the net. Moments later has another shot, again saved.

3:10 - Stanford header, saved.

2:30 - Foul Stanford - Freekick Klein. Grendi gets a few chances, battles in the box, but nothing on net. Hobson fights and gets a corner for Penn. Klein boots it it. Tasigianis is in the game. Klein hits the corner, Stanford clears.

00:07 - Clock winding down, Klein gets tangled up in the box, but no call, game over.

00:00 Game over, Stanford wins 2-0. Quick stats in a moment.

A full box score and recap will appear in a new article shortly.