Men's Soccer at Yale: In-Game

NEW HAVEN, Conn.--Join Penn Athletic Communications for an in-game blog duringtonight's match at Yale. Kickoff has been set back to7:30 p.m. due to overtime in the women's game. Associate Director of Athletic Communications, Jen Werner can be reached by emailing

6:45 p.m. - Well, we have bonus soccer here in the women's Penn-Yale game and a 0-0 tie with two minutes left in the final overtime. The men's game will be pushed back about 30 minutes.

6:50 p.m. - And it will end in a tie. The Penn women had several good chances and Sara Rose made key saves to maintain the tie. Stay tuned for the men's game...

7 p.m. - It is going to be an interesting game. There is agood rain and major winds. is reporting gusts up to 33 mph, so that is sure to change the game a bit.

7:20 p.m. - We've got the starters in... for Penn: Jake Levin, Brian Mascarenhas, John Elicker, Christian Barreiro, Omid Shokoufandeh, Kevin Unger, Ryan Porch, Alex Grendi, Alex Fairman, Andrew Ferry and Drew Healy in goal. For Yale: Alex Guzinski (4), Frank Piasta (7), Justin Song (8), Jordan Raybould (9), Andy Hackbarth (12), Jon Carlos (13), Brad Rose (14), Eric Meyer (17), Markus Jackson (21), Charlie Neil (27) and Travis Chulick (1).

7:25 p.m. - We're off and the rain has picked up. And a corner kick early for Yale. Penn clears and is heading back the other way.

40:50 - Penn is putting on good pressure, but have only put one near the goal thus far.

39:41 - Unger with a tremendous shot from 20 yards out, but saved. Corner for Penn, Fairman plays it short, and looks to cross, but it catches in the wind and out.

36:55 - Just to give you an idea of the slick surface and the wind's influence... Fairman just sent a restart ball, but had to hit a moving target because the ball was rolling back on the pitch. Yikes.

35:00 - Shokoufandeh pushes the ball down and crosses to Barreiro, but the defense clears.

33:51 - Justin Song puts Yale's first shot on goal, but Healy easily makes the save.

31:30 - Unger has another shot on goal after a flurry of action around the Yale goal.

30:20 - Foul on Penn, just outside the box, but the shot is too hard and the wind does the rest to help it sail high and wide.

29:12 - Ferry making movement on a counter attack, but it is headed out.

26:33 - Shokoufandeh shoots, but ARGH! Offsides, but just no goal for Shokoufandeh.

24:12 - Fairman has a nice defensive play to keep the attacker wide and boot it out the side for a throw-in.

23:14 - Barreiro has a great run, crosses in, Grendi has a spectacular chance, but it skips off the post, they call a deflection on that so Fairman gets the corner. Sends it into the scrum and crossed in by Barreiro again. Chulick comes out to make a play, but Shokoufandeh wins and takes a shot on the open net, the Yale defense saves it off the line. A great challenge, but we're still scoreless.

19:17 - Things have settled into the midfield.

18:40 - Crazy bounce on a header. Levin heads it directly into a Bulldog and pushes the ball on for a breakaway. Levin quickly recovers and Porch meets him to team up on the Yale attacker. Slick surface ties him up and Healy safely gathers the ball.

16:53 - Subs in for Penn Klein and Ross for Barreiro and Ferry.For Yale also has three subs.

14:11 - Yale has a great shot on a free kick from 40 yards straight on. The wind again, playing tricks, but Healy punches it up over the crossbar.

13:01 - Back-to-back corners for Yale, the first is cleared, but the second is headed almost on, Healy reaches, and the shot is high. Goal kick for Healy.

9:45 - Penn sends in, but cleared by Porch. Penn builds back to the attack and Ross is directing a lot of the play.

9:10 - GOAL!!! Unger with a solid shot from the left side, slicing back to the right side, bouncing past Chulick. He had collected a deflected ball from Ross who is credited with the assist. Penn leads 1-0 with nine to go in the half.

6:40 - Yale works up an attack, but Penn's defense does a nice job of keeping them off balance and we're back the midfield.

5:42 - Foul on Penn, inches outside the box about eight yards up from the line and on the right side. It is nicely crossed to the goalmouth and Yale 12 heads it just high, dangerous chance for the Bulldogs.

4:12 - Grendi out for a corner on the left side. Several near misses, but no shots on for Penn.

3:03 - Klein is taken down about 30 yards out. Grendi takes the shot, low to the left corner, but skips wide.

00:00 - Halftime. Penn leads 1-0.

45:00 - Alright, and we're back, Penn is the same as they came off... I missed mentioning Olopade had come in for Shokoufandeh after Unger's goal.

44:39 - Oh man, Yale came on fast there! Yale 2 and Healy playing chicken until Healy dives in to cut off the shot. He deflects it, still in dangerous territory and Ross clears it out. Healy recovers and is tested again, save. And finally another shot in and Healy smothers it at the goal line. Whew.

41:47 - Cornerkick for Penn after Olopade moved it on the attack. The kick is out over the goal, the wind definitely helped hook that out.

40:39 - Fairman just barely beats the attack to the ball to deflect a scoring chance for Yale.

37:55 - Quick restart after a Penn foul sends a Yale man on is nice position, but Levin races in and slides to send it out the left. A throw in for Yale, they send it short, but crosses to the right side, a one-timer goes wide.

34:46 - Yale header off a restart, sails just wide and Healy has a goal kick.

34:13 - Yellow card to Unger for a rough tackle.

32:19 - Subs for Penn: Barreiro, Gorskie, Shokoufandeh and Ferry are in for Grendi, Unger, Olopade and Klein.

30:34 - Great ball played by Yale along the right side, crossed into the box, through a defender, and a swing and a miss by a Yale striker.

27:51 - Two Yale fouls move the play back to Penn's attack. A couple throw-ins result in a Barreiro shot that doesn't get close before Chulick snatches it.

26:50 - YALE GOAL. Free kick for Yale, wind helps it reach the left corner where Yale 12 heads it past Healy who nearly makes the save. We're tied up with 26 to play.

23:44 - Ferry gives the ball to Shokoufandeh for a nice shot, blocked. Mascarenhas gathers the rebound and that shot is blocked as well.

22:34 - Good possession and movement for Penn. Shokoufandeh gets a good shot from the right side, gobbled up by Chulick.

21:06 - The rain has stopped, but the ground and the ball are still wet as evidence by a shot saved by Healy that slips out of his hands and but is cleared by Elicker and Gorskie.

19:37 - Grendi and Unger back in for Gorskie and Ross.

19:22 - Corner kick for Penn. Fairman sends it and Levin has a head on it, beats Chulick, but headed off by a defender. Fairman has a chance at the rebound, also wide.

16:45 - Nice defensive plays by Porch and Barreiro blocking shots.

15:18 - Barnett in for Barreiro.

14:40 - Yale corner is headed out by Ferry and cleared by Porch. Still in Yale possession.

13:47 - Shokoufandeh and Ferry speeding back on attack, but the defense wraps them up, no shots.

11:44 - Shokoufandeh puts a great move on his defender to shake him off, sends to Ferry in the center, his defender catches a piece of the shot. Chulick comes to make the save and has to battle with the sliding Unger to come up with the ball.

9:50 - Header wide for Yale, Levin putting good pressure on to take away a better shot.

7:07 - Yale on the attack, had a deep throw-in, but it is out the end and goal kick for Penn.

5:56 - Ferry tries to save a nice ball from going out, but ref whistles it out.

4:32 - Grendi ends up defending deep and does well to keep it in play and clear it up to midfield.

3:57 - Ferry with a chance, but he is just ahead of it and can't get a shot.

2:10 - Ferry sends to Shokoufandeh on the run, it is out on the defender. Barnett is out for the throw and sends it well into the box.

1:55 - GOAL!!!!!!!!! Shokoufandeh heads it to the near post!!!!

00:00 - WOW! What a dramatic match! Great win for Penn in a hard fought game. Quakers win 2-1.

A full recap and results will appear shortly in a new article.