Men's Soccer vs. American: In-Game

PRINCETON, N.J.--Join Penn Athletic Communications for an in-game blog duringtoday's match against American. Kickoff is set for noon. Associate Director of Athletic Communications, Jen Werner can be reached by emailing

11:20 a.m. - We arrived in Princeton about an hour ago and have been warming up and getting reacclimated with Princeton's field. In case you missed the first day of tournament action... Penn defeated Seton Hall, 2-0 in a great match, click here for that game's coverage. Host school Princeton fell to American 2-1 after attempting a comeback in the final 15 minutes.

11:35 a.m. - It is going to be a scorcher today. The forecasters are predicting a high in the 90s and it is super humid with very little breeze. Just like the rain did Friday, the heat is sure to play a role as the game progresses.

11:45 a.m. - Starters are in... Penn: Jake Levin, Alex Fairman, Brian Mascarenhas, Aaron Ross, Chrisitan Barreiro, Omid Shokoufandeh (first start this season), Ryan Porch, Alex Grendi, Andrew Ferry (also first start of the season) and Drew Healy in goal. For AU: Nick Kapus (2), Cameron Petty (3), Cooper Bryant (4), Karsten Smith (5), Dor Yasur (8), Daniel Shannon (10), Mike Worden (11), Philip Purdy (12), Colin Zizzi (18), David Menzie (23) and Matt Makowski (1)in goal.

Penn will be the "home" team on the scoreboard and wearing white.

(clock counting down)

45:00 - Penn kicks off.

42:22 - Neither team have been able to move out of the midfield in any meaningful way yet. Ferry and Grendi were working to create something on the left corner of the box, but couldn't get around the defense.

39:45 - Penn shoots! Holding the ball well in the midfield, Shokoufandeh flicks it to Grendi who rocks it high and out.

36:13 - Lots of long passes around the midfield, but not real chnaces.

35:40 - Grendi moves in close, beating his man, one-on-one with the keeper. The angle is just off, but Barreiro goes for the rebound, his defender is quicker to the ball and clears.

32:53 - Timely call for Penn, foul on AU in their attacking half to send the ball the other way. That gives Penn a chance on attack, but is offsides.

31:20 - AU possession creates a little excitement around the Penn box, but never inside.

28:49 - Penn has a similar possession where passes are coming together. Grendi made a big move chasing down an AU man to get the ball back. Ferry has a chance at a header... but he comes a few inches too short. AU has another chance, but they are offsides.

26:58 - Both teams hard pressed to get good chances into the box.

26:20 - Grendi move well splitting defenders to get closer, takes his shot, but it is blocked out.

25:06 - AU 23 is about two strides off finishing a ball for AU and it rolls out the end.

23:30 - Shokoufandeh feeds Ferry who serves a great ball to Grendi, but his defender cuts him off.

22:44 - Fairman out right for a corner. Headed in, but nothing. Play keeps moving

21:53 - PENALTY KICK!!! AU 4 takes down Barreiro in the box among the chaos from the corner. How exciting! Shokoufandeh is lined up for the kick. GOOD! He shoots a crisp shot. No problem!

11:38 - This field is giving me problems with my internet connection. Sorry everyone... so there have been a few exciting plays here... some runs that looked promising and a couple near misses. Barreiro had two shots, one that was point blank, but blocked by AU 8. Shokoufandeh had held the ball in the corner long enough for the attack to get in position. He pushed it to Ferry who got it to Barreiro. Elicker had a nice defensive play inside six yards pushing the ball out of harms way.

9:45 - Olopade and Tasigianis have checked in as well we Gorskie, Takakuwa and Guo. Olopade had a couple good looks, but nothing. Tasigianis also had a few speedy runs on the right side.

5:40 - The speed of play has definitely picked up in the last 20 minutes. Unfortunately so has the foul count, which has made the flow of the game a little halted.

4:30 - Corner for AU. Olopade heads it out, but AU 16 fires it back in. Two feet to the right and it would have been in. Another corner for AU, they opt to play it out toAU 30 to send in, it goes long out the end. Back to battling in the midfield.

2:11 - Barreiro unexpectedly chases the ball into the box making the AU keeper frantic, but they clear.

1:01 - AU 9 is in the box looking to turn, he gets a shot off, but it is deflected by Porch and it bounces to Healy.

00:20 - Last minute corner for Penn... they hurry to get set in time, but it is headed clear. Teams will break with Penn leading 1-0.

45:00 - Penn is on as they started the game... AU has just about the same at they started with the exception of 99 and 19 in.

43:34 - Ball is in to Healy, but he pulls it down, AU gets a body on him, but he hangs on and sends the play up.

42:32 - Grendi out left for a corner. Cleared.

41:20 - Barreiro is fouled on the right sideline near the corner. Fairman goes out for the restart. It is headed out and and play quickly moves into the AU attack. Levin cuts off a cross with a good header. Right back on Penn attack, AU keeper grabs the ball before Shokoufandeh can get to it.

39:11 - Penn foul six yards outside the box. Nice service, but Levin gets between the ball and his man to send it high.

37:33 Penn is possessing well slowing moving forward. Shokoufandeh gets fouled just before he can turn. Served in Levin tries for the header, but can't get the right direction.

36:23 - Back on the AU attack, Fairman and Porch great defending.

35:31 - Corner for AU, little dicey, but cleared to midfield

34:12 - Tasigianis is in for Barreiro.

32:30 - AU has a big shot, headed out by Elicker. The corner is also cleared.

30:52 - Penn's backline holding strong with AU surging. Nick Unger and Olopade on deck at the next stoppage.

28:12 - Subs are in.

27:29 -Throw in deepfor AU... they sub 10 and 2 in the game for 23 and 11 during the break. After the first service in the ball moves out and AU is offsides.

25:44 - BIG move for Porch. He cuts off AU 2 in point blank range and keeps the ball in play. AU takes another try...AU 19 shoots from the left. Healy takes a good line and makes the save.

24:27 - Barreiro if for Grendi.

23:28 - Penn making a nice push forward. Ferry gets past the backline, but tripped up in the call.

22:36 - Levin takes away AU 19's run, but they get s corner. Served to the top of the box. Now in, Levin is up for the header with his man and is able to direct it safely to Healy.

21:20 - Olopade has plenty of space on the left side... he passes to Ferry, but a little late and Ferry is offsides.

19:09 - Gorskie came in acouple minutes back, replacing Mascarenhas.

17:41 - Thomas Brandt makes his collegiate debut replacing Ryan Porch.

15:24 - Penn foul, AU gets a freekick in the middle of Penn's territory - headed out by Levin, but play is still in that half.

14:!5 - Penn possessing now in midfield. Stoppage - lots of subs, Penn has Shokoufandeh, Mascarenhas, Ross and Grendi are in... Olopade, Gorskie, Unger and Tasigianis off. AU has 9 for 2 and 16 for 19.

11:50 - Shokoufandeh has a great run into the box. He turns to shoot from the left, but hisAU 24is right there, they slide down, both scrambling to recover and go again. It moves back out and Barreiro is tackled hard. Free kick for Grendi. In the scuffle, AU 8 goes down holding his face. He's up and off, with 4 replacing him on the field.

10:30 - AU 16 has a great looking shot from the left, it hits the outer left side of the net. Josh Baugh is in, his first appearance this season, replaces Ferry. AU has 2 for 12.

8:07 - Elicker stays right with his guy and chases him out. AU replaces 9 with 17.

6:49 - AU free kick - 99 serves it in and Healy punches it out as the AU attack bears down on him.

4:48 - Shokoufandeh to Baugh to Grendi looks good, but Grendi's defender wraps him up.

4:07 - Fairman serves a free kick in, Grendi is right there, but keeper grabs it first.

3:43 - Tasigianis in for Shokoufandeh and Ferry replaces Grendi. AU also has several subs.

2:18 - Healy and the defense are tested on the right, then as the play moves left Brandt comes up for the clear, taking away a shooting chance.

1:08 - Tasigianis streaks downfield, Baugh races to meet him. Two-on-one with the keeper. Not quite there.

00:45 - AU 10 has a shot from the right Healy gets a hand and it bounces on the top of the net across the goal. AU is frenzied in the final seconds and sends it in a couple more times and even brings their keeper up to play, but Penn stays vigilant and time runs out.

00:00 -PENN WINS! 1-0 over American. No all-tournament team for the Princeton Invitational, but as the only team with two wins Penn locks up its second tournament title of the season.

A full recap and results will appear in a new article.