Men's Soccer vs. Dartmouth In-Game

PHILADELPHIA--Join Penn Athletic Communications for an in-game blog during tonight's matchvs. Dartmouth.

7:21 p.m. - We're about ready go to after the women's game wrapped up with a nice 2-1 win for Penn.

Starters announced - for Penn: Vereb, Mascarenhas, Elicker, Livingston, Hobson, Porch, Unger, Grendi, Klein, Ferry and Healy in goal. For Dartmouth: Carroll, Christman, Frischeisen, Gaide, Giudicelli, Lappas, Lobben, Olsen, Rothenberg, Salmon and Milligan in goal.

45:00 - Kick off!

36:23 - Dartmouth scored from Dani Rothenberg.

*There seems to be a bit a delay updating - hopefully that will clear up shortly.

24:32 - Both teams are playing fast and furious. Both Penn and Dartmouth have had some attaching chances with Penn firing about six shots and having them all blocked in a scuffle around the goal. Dartmouth had a couple good chances but Penn's defense and Healy came up with nice saving plays.

21:00 - Penn has some fresh legs on deck - Richard Frank, Omid Shokoufandeh and Loukas Tasigianis for Klein, Ferry and Grendi.

16:41 - Still going quickly - though there have been fewer scoring chances for either team with a lot the work in the midfield.

14:40 - Penn had a chance to pressure the Big Green when played it back to Milligan and Shokoufandeh was there tochallenge him while he had play at his feet. Though frantic, Dartmouth was able to clear.

13:48 - Dartmouth brought in a couple of subs - Stenquist and Keat for Christman and Lappas.

10:21 - Healy makes a good save when Salmon was streaking in with three defenders in tow.

7:00 - Cornerkick coming for Dartmouth. Healy clears and throws a great ball to midfield. Tasigianis picks it up and Penn surges forward. He crosses to Frank who then centers to Unger, who has a shot, but blocked. Corner for Penn. The ball is cleared and we're back to our quick midfield play.

1:40 - Dartmouth has a free kick from deep on the right side, Miller connects for a shot, but Healy scoops it up.

00:26 - Frank slides a great centering pass to Shokoufandeh who knocks it low, but Milligan makes the save.

00:00 - Half time, Dartmouth 1, Penn 0.

45:00 - Dartmouth kicks off and we're right back into that fast pace. Penn comes down with a good look, but it comes back to Healy's end just as fast.

40:14: Shokoufandeh takes a good run,but is called offsides.

39:22 - Dartmouth scores again - Miller zigged as Healy zagged and knocked it in with a nice shot before he could recover. Dartmouth 2, Penn 0

36:36 - Fairman and Rubenstein in for Livingston and Vereb.

34:52 - Dartmouth has Gaide for Carroll in the hopper.

33:06 - Both teams are still playing with a lot of intensity at a fast pace.

31:50 - Penn has Unger, Klein and Frankon deck for Mascarenhas, Tasigianis and Shokoufandeh. Earlier, Penn had Rubenstien and Faiman in for Vereb and Livingston.

27:12 - Klein serves what looks like a great ball from far outto Ferry, but Dartmouth steps in to head it back, almost directly to Klein.

22:41 - Frank makes a nice tackle to keep the ball for Penn. Grendi sends it to Ferry, but the defender is on top of him and he can't get a shot off.

17:40 - Dartmouth free kick, Gaide is set up with adangerous header but he sends it high.

16:37 - Tobi Olopade on deck for Ferry. Also on deck, Zach Barnett for Elicker and Shokoufandeh back in for Frank.

11:10 - Barnett out for a long throw in - it is a perfect toss that lands centered, but is skipped off shoulders and heads out of danger until it is scooped up by Milligan.

8:54 - Dartmouth foul. Penn sets up for the free kick, but with shoving the box, no one gets to the ball and it heads out the end.

7:10 - Shokoufandeh is tied up just moments from a breakaway, but kicks the ball out to Olopade who shoots from the left, saved.

6:15 - Another long throw in, this time Shokoufandeh connects, but it goes high - real high nearly to the roof of the annex.

5:30 - Shokoufandeh works the ball up and sends Klein, but his defender wheels around him and knocks the ball harmlessly out of bounds.

2:50 - Healy punts the ball looooong and Hobson settles it at the top left side of the box and hammers a shot, saved.

00:00 - Game over, Dartmouth wins, 2-0.

A full recap and results will appear shortly, in a new article.