Men's Soccer vs. DePaul: In-Game

MILWAUKEE, Wis.--Join Penn Athletic Communications for an in-game blog duringtoday's match against DePaul. Kickoff is set for 11 a.m. Central.

10:26 a.m. - Welcome back! Thank you for all the good feedback from the first game.

We are at the field and started warming up. We couldn't ask for a better day. It is theperfect combo of hot sunshine and cool air with a breeze.There had been predictions for thunderstorms in the afternoon, but there isn't a cloud in the sky now.

10:40 - Starters are in... Penn: Jake Levin, Alex Fairman, Brian Mascarenhas, John Elicker, Christian Barreiro, Kevin Unger, Ryan Porch, Loukas Tasigianis, Alex Grendi, Tobi Olopade and Drew Healy in goal ... For DePaul: Nathan Feltz (3), Steffen Vroom (4), John Kornfeld (6), Andre Gutierrez (10), Erich Reichmann (11), Joe Sondag (13), Willy Lara (15), Peter Sterbenz (23), Matt Leinauer (24), Patrick Hopkins (26) and Brian Visser (1) in goal.

(clock counting up)

00:30 - DePaul kicked off, but Penn quickly gained control and Tasigianis is chasing down the ball, but it is tough angle from the left, but it is out on DePaul and Grendi heads out for a cornerkick on the left side. Porch has a good jump on it and has a shot from the left, but keeper pushes it out for another corner. This time it is to the far side, Olopade tries to corral it but can't turn it.

5:10 - CORNER for Penn, Grendi again from the left, it is cleared back to him and he serves it to Levin to head, but it is high. Goalkick for PePaul.

5:47 - DePaul has its first real possession into Penn territory, but is called offsides.

9:10 - D10 and 6 create some havoc on the right side, but Porch, Fairman and Barreiroare able to hold them and clear

11:49 - Barreiro has a throw in from the left corner, but nothing comes of it and possession goes back to DePaul.

13:07 - Olopade is chasing a long ball into DePaul territory, he beats his man to the corner and saves it from heading out. Meanwhile his man slips and Olopade has a chance from the right. D26 is there to intercept the cross.

14:40 - Foul deep in Penn territory, the kick is headed away by Elicker and clear, but DePaul soon gets another chance from the left that Fairman clears.

15:53 - Grendi has a shot, buta defendersteps in for the save.

18:06 - CORNER for Penn after a nice service to Barreiro is redirected. Grendi goes out to the left, cleared to Elicker at midfield. Penn works the ball back to the goal, Tasigianis is there, but so are two defenders and the keeper - nothing.

20:34 - Subs on deck for Penn: Jason Gorskie, Aaron Ross, Mike Klein and Andrew Ferry in for Unger, Grendi, Tasigianis and Olopade.

24:07 - DePaul throw in works around to the goal. D4 is in point-blank range, but can't settle it before Levin heads it clear.

24:50 - Corner for DePaul from the left, cleared safely out.

25:18 - D11 has a dangerous run on the left side, but Levin artfully defends and turns him back.

28:43 - Long ball into DePaul territory, Ferry makes up a lot of ground to pressure his defender who plays it wide to the keeper. Ferry still pressuring draws Visser WAY out of position, but Visser wins clearing the ball out and racing back to position.

30:50 - WOW - it looked like DePaul would have a penalty kick after a man goes down in the box. Ref rules the contact was outside the box and it is a freekick from the right side. Served to D6 who nails it, high and harmless.

31:42 - YELLOW - to Porch, tough tackle

33:04 - DePaul is back in Penn territory, but just inching the ball closer as Penn smothering the ball.

34:49 - DePaul throw-in from their end is tipped out by Penn, throw-in gives them a chance in Penn territory. Served in, Porch is all over D4 and slides in to take away the opportunity. It is out for a corner, cleared.

37:14 - Fairman throws in from midfield to Barreiro who redirects to Klein. A great first shot for the senior, but it is just wide.

39:49 - YELLOW to Mascarenhas, hard tackle. It was coming away from another Penn scoring chance. Klein received the ball at midfield and worked it forward to Ferry, back to Klein, but cleared.

42:03 - Ferry to Klein down the left side, Klein crosses, but it is past Ferry too quickly for him to redirect past the keeper. Visser grabs it and clears.

43:20 - Healy makes a big save, falling on the ball high in the right of the box.

44:00 - One minute to go. Lots of playing in the midfield until Gorskie serves to Ross. The can't make anything happen, but the clear is back to Gorskie who puts in back into play for Barreiro on the left. He crosses to Ferry but his shot is just high.

45:00 - Half time. Penn had some nice opportunities, but still 0-0. Stats: Penn: Shots 3, Corners 4, Saves 0, Fouls 9 ... DePaul: Shots 3, Corners 2, Saves 1, Fouls 0.

Some observations... Penn is looking good, more good defending like Friday. The attack is getting some more good looks, but still frustratingly scoreless. Barriero seems to be everywhere. He is surely annoying DePaul.

45:02 - Penn kicks off with a new line-up. Backline is the same: Elicker,Levin, Porch and Fairman. In the midfield, Gorskie, Unger, Grendi with Tasigianis, Shokoufandeh and Olopade up top.

47:33 - D4 has a hard shot from the right, but Porch puts his body in the way before it makes it to Healy.

48:53 - GOAL!!!!! Shokoufandeh scores the first goal of the season for Penn. He picked up a pass from Unger in front of the goal and sent it in. Incidentally, Shokoufandeh scored the last goal of the 2007 season.

50:37 - YELLOW - to Tasigianis, hand ball. Shot by D4 high off the free kick.

52:36 - Lots of movement in the midfield. Each team is taking turns trying to put a run together, but not much happening.

55:30 - D4 and Levin are racing together to the ball they get wrapped up with each other, but no call, just a goal kick for Healy.

56:17 - After two fruitless corners for DePaul, Tasigianis streaks down the right side. passes to a wide open Olopade in the midfield. The defense quickly descends on him and causes some chaoes. Shokoufandeh gets the ball deep on the far right. His ball to Unger gets taken away and play moves back to the midfield.

59:29 - DePaul sub 14 and 20 into the game.

60:55 - D4 going in strong to the ball, but Healy comes out to meet him and wins.

62:30 - This is happening fast now! A couple of big team saves. Porch and Healy get to one on the right, but DePaul sends it back left,Gorskie is there. Still lots of chaos in the box and Penn is charged a foul...

PENALTY KICK for DePaul. D6 takes it, tries to sneak it in near the left post, but Healy makes a great save to push it out the end. Corner for DePaul, but again no trouble clearing that.

66:12 - I'm so far behind on the happenings... it's been a busy four minutes. Tasigianis had a great run one-on-one, with pressure behind, but has the ball taken away. Olopade took a great solo run down the right, but isn't able to finish. A couple corners for DePaul after solid defending from Elicker. Klein and Ferry are back into the game.

69:56 - Tasigianis comes off with a knotted muscle in the knee. Ross is on for him. The trainer stretches Tasigianis on the sideline and he looks OK.

72:32 - D10 makes his way into the box past the defense, but his shot is high.

73.45 - Barreiro is in for Grendi.

74:54 - YELLOW to Unger. Barreiro had sent a cross after Ferry beat his man to get it to him. Unger goes in hard to the ball, but keeper is doing the same and Unger gets the card for goalie interference.

77:15 - Free kick for DePaul deep in Penn territory. the chip it it for D23 to finish, it hits off the crossbar and Penn knocks it out for a corner on the right.

79:16 - Penn moves it well up the right side and then stretches the play wide, moving the ball all the way to the left.

80:47 - Into the final 10 minutes, DePaul is certainly looking more scoring chances, but Penn is doing well to keep the opportunities to a minimum and run the clock.

83:11 - DePaul crosses, header from D10, wide. DePaul subs 15 in the game.

85:11 - GOAL!!!!!! Barreiro scores from Ferry. It started downfield with Fairman stripping the ball from his man. Ferry had it then on the right and works it center. Instead of shooting he sees Barreiro open. Visser makes a move for it, but Barreiro gets it past to tap it in. Five minutes left to play.

87:49 - Penn still working to perserve their lead.

89:02 - One minute left to play, this is looking good!

90:00 - And put it on the books. PENN WINS! 2-0.

A full recap and box score will appear shortly in a new article.