Men's Soccer vs. Hartwick - In-Game

Penn 2, Hartwick 1 - Box Score

Lafayette 1, La Salle 0- Box Score

PHILADELPHIA--Join Penn Athletic Communications in a live blogas theQuaker men's soccer team (0-3)hosts Hartwick at 7:30 p.m., today.

6 p.m. EST - We're about four minutes away from starting the second half of the Lafayette-La Salle game at Rhodes Field. The teams are tied 0-0 heading into the final 45 minutes. It's overcast, cool and a little windy, but no rain yet!!

7:15 p.m.- After a intense final 10 minutes of the Lafayette-La Salle game, the Leopards are winners, 1-0. We've got 14:20 on the warm-up clock here for the Penn-Hartwick match.

I'm also going to apologize now in case this one is a little rough. When we'reon the road I can spend all my time on the blog... when hostingit's a lot of multi-tasking, so bare with me!

7:30 p.m. - We've got two minutes left on the warm-up clock.... starters are in... Penn: Vereb, Mascarenhas, Elicker, Livingston, Hobson, Porch, Unger, Grendi, Klein, Ferry and Healy in goal. For Hartwick: Amaya, Pearson, Garcia-Torres, Jackson, Boyle, Doan, Parrington, Henry, McCann, Cunningham and Vuolo in goal.

7:34 p.m. - The line-ups are announced, no anthem for this game since it was played for the Lafayette-La Salle game.

45:00 - Hartwick kicks off and we're under way.

43:03 - It's back and forth in the midfield with occasional long balls, but nothing for either team.

42:30 - Foul Penn.

41:50 - Foul Hartwick.

41:30 - Thrown in for Penn... a little action, foul Penn.

40:26 - McCann gets a good look at the net, butHealy makes the save.

39:40 - Healy is forced to play the ball at his feet with Hawk in pursuit, but punts it safely away.

38:49 - Ball comes down to Hartwick goalie who punts it long out of play, Penn throw in

38:05 - Klein to Frank to Grendi - but the Hawk defend is tight to Grendi and knocks it out of play. Livingston out for a long throw in. Headed through the box, out the end for a corner for Penn. Klein takes the kick, low and cleared.

34:49 - Penn is controlling the ball in Hawk territory. Beautiful look for Penn, the shot hits the post, but the Quakers are offsides.

33:56 - Foul Penn on a contest for a header.

32:09 - Midfield action, both sides doing well defensively.

30:51 - GOAL PENN! Kevin Unger takes a pass from Alex Grendi and knocks it in, low to the right side. Penn leads 1-0. Unger's second goal of the season... also the second time Grendi and Unger combined to score this season.

27:45 - Penn foul, just outside the box... four man wall, Healy grabs the ball with little hassle.

25:21 - Hartwick foul, clock stopped for injury and the ref to chat with McCann.

23:18 - Livingston sends a nice ball long, but it heads out of play. Hartwick throw in, ball back in near the Penn goal.

22:21 - Yellow card to Hartwick Austin McCann.

20:53 - Boyle heading in with two Penn defenders escorting him. Healy punts the ball away.

20:40 - Hartwick foul.

19:29 - Hartwick offsides

17:15 - Porch sends a nice ball, but Penn is called offsides.

15:50 - Subs on deck for Hartwick: Bonilla for Amaya and Satterwhite for Pearson.

13:43 -Busy in the Penn box, Hartwick attacks from the right, deflected andBoyle sends the rebound high over the cross bar.

12:47 - Two quick fouls for Hartwick.

10:40 - Subs on deck for Penn: Frank for Mascarenhas, Olopade for Ferry.

10:00 - Livingston out for a long throw in, knocked out the end by Penn.

8:40 - Penn foul, free kick cleared with Penn header and Hartwick is called for a foul.

6:47 - Cornerkick for Penn, Grendi out to take it, left side. Hartwick punts it long to Healy, plays it back to Elicker. Penn caught offsides.

5:10 - Grendi out for another corner kick, left side. Long and out the other side.

4:10 - Klein bursts out of the midfield but Hartwick gives chase and kicks the ball away.

2:27 - Cornerkick Penn - Grendi out on the right side. Ball comes out to Unger, dead center, one-time shot JUST high over the cross bar.

00:00 - End of the first half. Penn 1, Hartwick 0 ... YC: Hartwick #23 (McCann) 22:39 ... Shots: Penn 2, Hartwick 2 ... Saves: Penn (Healy) 1, Hartwick (Vuolo) 0 ... Corners: Penn 4, Hartwick 0 ... Fouls: Penn 5, Hartwick 8 ... Scoring: Penn Unger (Grendi) 14:09.

As I suspected it was tricky to keep up in a timely manner, but I think I got all the big things! ---Like Penn's goal, their first in the first half this season, and also the first time the Quakers have the lead at the half.

45:00 - Penn kicks off the second half.

43:53 - Hartwick is dangerous in the box with the ball in the air. Boyle knocks it past Healy to score. Hawks tie it up 1-1.

40:44 - Penn gets a good shot at the net, but cleared. The play stays down on that end, with a long throw in from Livingston, corner from the right for Grendi and another throw in.

35:05 - Some chances for both sides... ball is on heading towards the Hartwick goal, but sent high out the end. Goal kick Hartwick.

32:38 - Foul Penn.

30:58 - Subs up - for Hartwick Amaya for Bonilla and Penn Unger for Grendi.

29:15 - Foul Penn.

28:30 - Yellow card issued to Kevin Unger.

-- If you're looking for a fun way to get more Quakers in this weekend - check out Penn Football at Franklin Field in their season opener against Lafayette at 6 p.m. --

27:33 - GOAL PENN! Derek Hobson scores off a through ball with assists to Mascarenhas and Elicker. Quakers regain the lead 2-1 and is met by "De-rek Hob-son" cheers from the stands.

23:37 - Cornerkick, Penn, Shokoufandeh on the left side.

Eek! A few scattered rain drops are spotted.

22:05 - Yellow card to Hartwick Boyle.

21:07 - I missed some Hartwick subs at the last goal... Buruschkin for Jackson and Spenard for McCann. Now on deck...Hartwick McCann for Spenard, Jackson for Buruschkin and Pearson for Doan. Penn has Tobi Olopade in for Ferry.

20:30 - Elicker free kick straight to the keeper.

18:36 - Clock is stopped for Hartwick injury. Bonilla goes in for injured Cunningham.

17:21 - Foul Penn.

16:29 - Foul Penn, free kick sails long and Hartwick ties up Penn in the box and is assessed a foul.

14:29 - Penn called offsides.

13:09 - Goalkick for Penn, the ball fiinally settles with Unger and Frank, but Penn is offsides.

12:20 - Yellow card to Hartwick goalkeeper. Olopade is taken down while entering the box, no penalty kick, linesman calls him offsides, Vereb takes the free kick from the left. Low around the three-man wall, but snatched by the keeper.

9:00 - Hartwick created some chaos at Penn's end... cornerkick is cleared.

7:04 - We're losing a lot of balls over the fence... waiting for one to throw in. Also - it is steadily misting now.

4:24 - Yellow card to Hartwick Satterwhite.

2:58 - Yellow card to Elicker (intentional delay of game). Things are getting heated on and off the field as the clock winds down.

00:48 - Yellow card to Hartwick Jackson for taking down Grendi. He had a good shotbefore that Grendi block and then got tangled up with on the way out.

00:00 - Game over PENN WINS 2-1.

A full recap and results will appear shortly in a new article.