Men's Soccer vs. Lehigh, In-Game

PHILADELPHIA - Join Penn Athletic Communications for an in-game blog during tonight's match versus Lehigh (7:30 p.m.)

6:50 p.m. - Experiencing some connectivity issues at Rhodes Field. Should be up and running by game-time.

7:27 p.m. - Whew! Just made it, I think we solved our problems and shouldn't have anymore in the game. The starters are in ... For Penn: Keith Vereb, Brian Mascarenhas, John Elicker, Jeff Livingston, Derek Hobson, Ryan Porch, Kevin Unger, Richard Frank, Alex Grendi, Mike Klein and in goal, Drew Healy. For Lehigh... Larry Silvi, Michael Hessemer, Adam Welch, Jesse Schram, Matt McNeil, Jimmy Taranto, Kyle Evans, James Graf

45:00 - Lehigh kicks off.

39:41 - Goal Lehigh: Evans from Taranto on a through ball finished low past Healy.

38:20 - Evans nearly does it again, but hits the cross bar. Healy knocked it out for a cornerkick. Cleared out of the box.

35:22 - Spending a lot of time in Penn's defensive third.

34:55 - Long ball cleared downfield and Richard Frank is on. He wheels past his defenders ... one-on-one with the goalie who cuts smothers the ball.

31:25 - Penn is doing better keeping the ball and threatening.

24:45 - Subs on deck for Penn: Omid Shokoufandeh for Mike Klein and Andrew Ferry for Kevin Unger.

22:30 - Adam Welch heads a ball to the left side, but Healy dives for the save.

21:50 - Sub in for Lehigh - Aaron Gildner for Larry Silvi.

19:13 - Foul on Lehigh, just out side the box on the left side. Alex Grendi served the ball in the to scrum. Hobson has a great shot but goalie or defender manages to keep it out. Ball comes out and Vereb takes a shot, gobbled by the goalie and cleared to midfield.

16:04 - Healy comes high in the box and battles with a Lehigh striker, ball bounces towards the goal, but Vereb covers and knocks it out... corner for Lehigh.

11:41 - Play has moved to Penn's offensive third, corner kick for Penn.

9:50 - Subs for Lehigh - Cucci for Taranto, Clemente for Evans, Thaeder for Gildner, Quinlan for Graf.

8:30 - Mascarenhas has a nice cross intercepted and cleared.

5:30- Healy makes a save, but a Lehigh striker kick comes too close to him and the ref gives him a talking to, no card.

4:43 - Corner for Penn, Grendi takes it, Lehigh clears. Shokoufandeh sets up a good pass to Frank, but the his shot doesn't have enough to beat the keeper.

1:00 - One minute left in the first half.

00:00 - Half time... stats to come... Lehigh 1, Penn 0 ... Shots: Penn 3, Lehigh 5 ... Saves: Penn (Healy)3, Lehigh (Lee) 3 ... Fouls: Penn 6, Lehigh 9 ... Corners: Penn 3, Lehigh 2 ... Scoring summary: Lehigh Evans (Taranto) at 5:19.

45:00 - Penn kicks off to start the second half. Penn starts the half with Tasigianis and Fairman in for Shokoufandeh and Mascarenhas.

43:01 - Play is end to end, bypassing the midfieldearly in the half.

41:20 - Welch sends a ball from the right that Healy punches out. Schram takes a crack at it, wide left.

39:50 - Porch is working hard in the midfield powering past two Lehigh players.

36:30 - Ferry wins a good ball and turns for Frank, but in the race to get to it, Frank is called for a foul.

35:10 - Foul on Lehigh. Grendi serves the ball, Lehigh defender heads to clear it, but it goes right, Ferry is there to head it home, but goalie Lee flies in to make the grab just over his head.

32:52 - Yellow card to Lehigh's Silvi for a hard tackle.

31:01 - Tobi Olopade is into the game for Richard Frank.

29:51 - Lehigh has Clemente on deck for Schram.

27:20 - Two cornerkicks for Lehigh, both cleared.

25:45 - Livingston heads to Healy, but Evans is on top of him high in the box. He nails the shot and by some wild luck it drifts just wide right. Penn defenders manage to save it from the goal line and send it back up field.

20:05 - Penn gets two corners, Grendi takes them both. Mascarenhas on deck for Porch.

19:09 - GOAL PENN! Grendi serves the corner kick to Fairman on the right post. He heads it into the net and it seems like the keeper didn't see it, didn't react. Game is tied with just under19 minutes to play.

13:18 - Subs in for Lehigh - Taranto for Cucci, Evans for Thaeder, Welch for Graf.

11:51 - Subs for Penn - Klein and Frank for Ferry and Tasigianis.

10:23 - Sub for Lehigh Silvi for Clemente.

8:20 - Lehigh - Graf for Quinlan. Penn has Ferry for Olopade.

7:00 - Lots of battles in the midfield, both teams playing well.

6:07 - Cornerkick for Penn. Olopade has a line on it, but is cut off by a Hawk defender.

3:19 - Still working a lot in the midfield, a few chances both ways.

2:00 - Foul Lehigh at midfield. Livingston serves it for the keeper and Ferry to go up together - keeper comes down with it.

1:15 - Cornerkick for Lehigh - headed just wide right.

00:00 - Going to overtime! ... Stay tuned!

10:00 -Penn kicks off in overtime.

5:00 - Still playing! In for Lehigh - Clemente for Silvi.

3:30 - Both teams making dangerous runs ... Ferry has a nice run, but escorted by a Lehigh defender and not allowed a shot.

1:50 - Hobson shoots - keeper makes the save.

1:00 - Corner coming for Penn - Grendi out to kick.

00:00 - End of first overtime. Olopade checked in for Penn in the second overtime. Lehigh kicks off.

7:30 - Foul Lehigh, Grendi takes the free kick, keeper punches it away. Cornerkick for Penn. Grendi takes it again,

5:40 - Yellow card to Lehigh Kyle Evans.

5:10 - Olopade with a great cross, but no one is down to finish.

4:59 - Foul Penn, free kick is headed out by Hobson, sent back in and grabbed by Healy.

3:15 - Yellow card to Ryan Porch. Penn clears the free kick across the box.

1:30 - Lehigh - Cucci in for Evans.

1:00 - One minute left... Cucci shoots, Healy saves.

00:00 - Game over. Tie game - 1-1.

A full recap and results will appear shortly in a new article.