Men's Soccer vs. Princeton - In-Game

PHILADELPHIA--Join Penn Athletic Communications for an in-game blog during tonight's matchvs. Princeton. Kickoff is set for5 p.m.

The blog will be a little lean at the start - it's a busy day in Penn Athletics and I'll also be doing the PA until our regular announcer can get here from the volleyball match.

Here's the starters... For Princeton: Harms, McHugh, Kontos, Muntz, Adams, Busch, Metcalf, Schneider, Walburn, Care and Walter in goal. For Penn: Vereb, Fairmain, Mascarenhas, Hobson, Porch, Unger, Tasigianis, Grendi, Rubenstien, Ferry and Sweetland in goal.

45:00 - Princeton kicks off...

39:16 - Princeton goal - Kyle McHugh scored by finishing a cross from Ben Harms on the right side.

34:09 - Corner kick for Princeton - the Tigers headed one wide.

30:51 - Corner for Penn, Unger serves it in and Penn has some chances amid the chaos.

28:55 - Penn has a rush on the goal, They hold possession looking for openings in the defense, but the Tigers keep them from a clear shot.

22:09 - The play is back and forth with neither team able to hold possession out of the midfield for long.

10:03 - Though both teams have had opporunities to score, most recently, Harms had a shot, but was on poor footing and it went wide.

7:00 - Foul count is getting up there, though it's even 6-6.

3:00 - Penn spent the last minute on the attack, but again, the Tiger defense left them few options.

00:01 - Penn has a free kick right outside the box,

00:00 - Halftime - Princeton 1, Penn 0.

45:00 - Penn kicks off

40:40 - Pace is right where we left it with a lot of action in the midfield with a few spurts out on the attack for both teams. Penn's defense and Sweetland have donea good job of keepingit out of the net. Princetonserved a great cornerkick into the mix, but Sweetland punched it out.

33:07 - Tasigianis and Grendi have had a few good runs and Shokoufandeh is putting good pressure on the keeper.

32:09 - Princeton is itching for a breakaway but is caught offsides. They make a couple subs and are again caught offsides. It's the third such call in four minutes for the Tigers.

28:25 - Porch is back in the game for Zach Barnett.

27:50 - Porch has a nice chance right off the bat, nearly heading it home off a cornerkick.

24:52 - A bit of confusion, Princeton appeared to score, but it was ruled out the end and a corner for Princeton. The serve came back in and Burton had a point-blank shot stopped by Sweetland.

21:19 - Olopade looks like he's headed on a good run, but his defender goes down in front of him and a foul is called.

17:25 - Ferry is back in the game - replacing Olopade.

15:40 - Another offsides call for Princeton.

10:03 - Princeton has a breakaway but Sweetland meets him high in the box and smothers the ball before he can take a shot.

7:48 - Tasigianis has a great run, after Penn cleared a Princeton cornerkick. His shot was punched out by the keeper - cornerkick for Penn. Princeton clears.

5:50 -A flurry of of great chances for Penn with shots from Tasigianis and Ferry, but Tiger keeper is there each time.

2:54 - Princeton is full on into stall mode keeping the play in the corners.

00:00 - Game over - Princeton wins 1-0.

A full recap and results will appear shortly in a new article.