Men's Soccer vs. Seton Hall: In-Game

PRINCETON, N.J.--Join Penn Athletic Communications for an in-game blog duringtoday's match against Seton Hall. Kickoff is set for 5 p.m.

4:25 p.m. - Well the rain started just as we loaded the bus in Philadelphia and it looks like it's here to stay... I was about to say it looks steady, but not windy or too hard, but of course it has just picked up. I have a feeling it will be varied over the next few hours. Just keep your fingers crossed for not too much wind and of course, no lightning.

4:41 p.m. - With about 10 minutes to go on the warm-up clock, the teams have moved from the adjacent turf practice field to the grass game field. The brand new Myslik Field at Roberts Stadium here in Princeton is incredible. The grass looks nearly identical to the turf next to it and there is fan seating on three sides of the field. A great collegiate soccer facility.

4:49 p.m. - The starters are in... Penn: Jake Levin, Alex Fairman, Brian Mascarenhas, Aaron Ross, John Elicker, Christian Barreiro, Ryan Porch, Loukas Tasigianis, Alex Grendi, Tobi Olopade and Drew Healy in goal. For SHU: Kurt Cameron (3), Bradley Kerstetter (4), Jerry Saintil (6), Steven Rose (10), Hayden Morris (11), Andrew Welker (12), Christian Vercollone (13), Samuel Petrone (14), Dritan Sela (16), Bryan Longo (24) and Paul McHenry (1) in goal.

This is a neutral site for the teams, but Penn is wearing blue and will be the visitors on the scoreboard.

(Clock counting down)

45:00 - Penn kicks off.

43:40 - Penn has the ball in SHU territory, SHU tries to clear with a long kick, but a foul gives Penn another shot on attack.

42:50 - SHU has the ball now, but Penn is not letting them get out of the midfield.

41:11 - Fairman out of the right for a cornerkick... SHU heads it out, Elicker throws in.

39:30 - Penn is communicating well and putting good passes together.

38:10 - SHU has a chance from the right. Healy stays focused and safely gathers the ball.

37:37 - Olopade working hard on the left and sends a GREAT cross to Barreiro. Keeper has pressure on it, but Barreiro is there first, but just a hair off on the angle and it is wide left.

33:20 - Another great play by Healy. SHU has a free kick that is delivered nicely into the box. The ball moves from left to right and SHU 24 has a great opportunity to bury one, but Healy makes a diving save to push the ball out of harms way for open defenders to clear.

31:31 - Another ball into a nearly empty box for Healy, but SHU 16 and Elicker battle for the header, SHU wins, but fouls Elicker and Healy kicks it back to for the Penn attack. Barreiro has a good looking run, but is turned around.

30:10 - Slick passes through traffic move the ball from Ross to Grendi to Tasigianis, right to left. Tasigianis has a nice shot, saved, then called back, offsides.

28:38 - Grendi has a free kick from the left, Olopade tries to skim it off his head and it is JUST wide right.

28:09 - SHU tries to move forward, but Grendi and Fairman steal the pass and Olopade gets another chance on attack. Keeper comes up high and falls on the ball before Tobi can get there.

26:44 - SHU 16has a good look and takes Elicker off the ball with a quick heel kick, but Levin is nearby and Elicker recovers to send the ball out of danger. Barreiro has another good look, but is tied up with defenders.

24:42 - Fantastic passing from Porch to Grendi, off Tasigianis and back to Grendi. The rain is really becoming a factor though and Grendi can't get a sure foot on the next one.

23:46 - Free kick for Penn, Fairman from the right, but SHU clears.

22:44 - Porch does well to divert the ball on the left side, off his man for a throw in. Penn also sends on Andrew Ferry and Omid Shokoufandeh for Tasigianis and Olopade.

20:43 - Elicker serves from midfield on the restart Shokoufandeh, flips it back to Ross, but his defender is just a litter quicker and clears.

20:06 - Healy comes up to grab the ball from the feet of an SHU attacker, wins, sends the ball out to Levin and upfield we go.

18:17 - Penn has had some chances, but so has SHU. It has been a lot of back and forth in the midfield.

17:54 - Clock stopped to attend to SHU 12, he's up and walking, but will come off. They haven't replaced him, playing with nine on the field.

11:35 - Sorry to leave you hanging there... I lost my internet for a minute. Hopefully that will be the only time! So to sum up... SHU's man came back on a minute later. Penn's committment to "team" defense is paying off. From top to bottom everyone has made some major contributions to the defense. SHU spent some time on attack with their closest chance finding both Healy and Levin at the goalmouth for the save.

SHU 13 served a corner from the leftthat 14 nearly headed in, but it was high.

7:53 - Alright, back to the present. Both teams are grinding, trying to create opportunities.

6:42 - SHU's Petrone (with eight goals in four games, thank you very much) boots it to Healy, but he comes up with a great save. SHU 13 tries for it, but he is now offisides.

4:28 - Earlier this week Healy said this game would be an unstoppable force (SHU offense) against an unmovable object (Penn's defense). He has been spot on. Both teams are looking strong on both sides. When SHU is on attack they are organized and dangerous. But similarly, the Healy and thePenn backlineare confident and poised. A great match so far.

1:10 - Approaching the final minute of the half...

00:41 - SHU sends a cross in ... Petrone flies in for the header, but HEaly is up higher and first to the ball. He waits for play to move up and sends the ball into play.

00:00 - Penn has one last go in SHU territory for about 25 seconds and we break for the half. Back in 10 minutes.

45:00 -We're back... Penn is the same as they came off with the exception of Tasigianis in wide for Barreiro. Christian had taken a tough tackle close to the end of the half so might be resting up a bit.

42:27 - SAVE! Healy makes a dicey save that rebounds directly to SHU in point blank range, but it is sent right back to Healy's arms.

42:10 - Ross has a beautifully open shot, one-on-one with the keeper on the left side. But oh just wide left.

40:05 - Penn foul deep in SHU land, the restart is sent out of play.

37:01 - Grendi, Ferry and Shokoufandeh put together some nice passes then out to Tasigianis, but his man is all over it.

36:40 - Ferry sends an outstanding ball into the box, but Shokoufandeh can't get the right direction on the header.

35:00 - SHU offsides, Healy boots it back to the offense. Grendi has it, but into too much traffic and SHU comes out with it.

34:10 - Ross buys time working the ball in the midfield so Ferry and Shokoufandeh can get forward. He sends it to Ferry who strikes just wide right.

32:57 - Shokoufandeh has a shot in front of the goal, but not quite enough on it to beat the keeper.

32:08 - Jason Gorskie is in for Grendi and SHU has 15 for 4. Levin and his man are in hard to goal. Healy also dives in on the action, making the save. Levin looks a little shaken, but he's stays in.

29:41 - Back into the Penn attack. First run is thwarted. Another chance to Ross on the left. It is cleared out.

28:38 - GOOOOOOAL!!!! Third time is the charm. Ross gets it moving on the left. SHU tries to head it, but it is straight up and down to Ferry's feet!!!!! He smoothly nails it, rattling the left side of the net.

25:21 - SHU Petrone with a dangerous run at the goal, pulls Healy to the right with him, but Healy wins again. He can't hang onto and it is a corner for SHU. Straight back to Healy.

24:18 - Play is quickly back to Penn's defense, but again the backline steps up. Levin cuts off a run in the box but the ball is still loose to Fairman and his man. Fairman dispatches him and clears.

22:43 - Grendi back in for Tasigianis.

22:35 - Porch comes high into the midfield to intercept a pass and get it out.

21:32 - SHU moves the ball in. Petrone has it on the right, SHU 10 wants that goal and he can see it right in front , but Healy steps in to make the clutch save.

20:09 - OH MAN - Petrone sends a ball that any other day would have scored. Healy had come out to try and cut it off, but there was plenty of defense in the box and Fairman had a perfect touch to cutit off before it hit the goal. Then, still not out ofplay the ball moves back in front.And I'll tell you, if this wasn't Penn I'd feel bad for SHU 10 who nearly buries one, high out.

16:33 - SHU 13 is racing the ball to try and save it, but it is out the end for Healy. Nick Unger in for Gorskie. His collegiate debut!

14:51 - SO CLOSE! Olopade has it all alone into the box. He beats the keeper, but it is angonizingly wide left.

13:29 - GOOOOOOALLL!!! FERRY!!!! And look at Nick Unger making waves not three minutes into his first game. He crossed from the left to Ferry who is in outstanding position to put his second goal of the game away. He buries it to the high left. Penn leads 2-0.

12:09 - SHU 17 and 14 both have a piece of a header that could score, but Healy is there again. SHU has 4 in the game again.

11:05 - Barreiro is back in... that must have happened at the last stop... looks like he has replaced Ross? Sorry, I missed that one.

9:35 - Ferry, Grendi and Olopade have the beginnings of an exciting run, three-on-two, but it still raining and still slippery Grendi can't get a good foot on Ferry's pass.

8:30 - Tit for tat, SHU has a nice run down the left that ends with a slip that gives Penn the ball.

7:41 - SAVE! Healy again, he is solid. SHU fires a hard shot low to the right that Healy lays out for and gets.

7:02 - Porch working hard against a frustrated Petrone. Porch defends well and clears.

6:26 - Unger strong in the middle keeps the ball and kills more of the clock.

5:33 - Penn foul gives SHU a free kick from the midfield. Everyone stacked in the box, it is headed wide left. Penn's sends Zach Barnett and Alex Takakuwa in for Barreiro and Olopade.

3:34- Petrone has a shot, blocked by Levin.

2:20 - SHU 17 gets a ball through, but it hooks left, but could have been trouble.

1:07 - SHU 10 wanted to pass to 17, but slips and can't get a good touch. Defense gets to it, corner for SHU. Safely headed out of trouble.

00:10 - Tasigianis ALL ALONE! But there is one man bearing down on him and the keeper coming up, he has to take his shot early and keeper makes the stop. Three would have been nice, but a win is a win. And a shut out win is even sweeter. Healy is still perfect in goal with his third consecutive clean sheet and he worked for it with eight saves.

A full recap and results will appear shortly in a new article.