Men's Soccer vs. Yale - In-Game

PHILADELPHIA--Join Penn Athletic Communications for an in-game blog during tonight's matchvs. Yale. Kickoff is set for 7:30 p.m.

7:20 p.m. - The women's soccer team keeps rolling with a 2-1 win over Yale in the first match of the night at Rhodes Field. That keeps them in first place in the Ivies with a 4-0 record.

Starters are in for the men's game...Penn: Vereb, Elicker, Livingston, Shokoufandeh, Hobson, Porch, Unger, Tasigianis, Grendi, Ferry and Healy in goal. For Yale: Guzinski, Piasta, Raybould, Farina-Henry, Rhodes, Meyer, Shorten, Pope, Jackson, Leonard and Geiger in goal.

45:00 - Yale kicks off.

44:35 - WHOA! PENN GOAL! Barely time to know the game is started and Tasigianis scores! Ferry has the assist.

41:05 - Foul called on Penn - Yale wastes its kick with a hard shot to no one wide left.

33:52 - The match is looking like a typical Ivy League match - fast-paced with some exciting chances for both teams.

31:14 - Tasigianis receives a great ball and streaks down the right side. He crosses to Ferry, but his man is all over him and the shot is blocked.

29:58 - Farina-Henry ran ahead of his defender, but the shot is wide as Healy dives to protect the post.

25:11 - Tasigianis running around his man, but can't make anything happen with a pass.

21:34 - Yale's got Shorten on deck for Leonard.

19:11 - Yale goal. A scrum in front of the goal proves fruitful for the Bulldogs and the sneak one in.

12:47 - Yellow card to Yale's Jackson. Just before that Yale's momentum from the goal was evident as they nearly scored again. This time Rose had the shot that beat Healy, but Vereb made the saving play kicking the ball out of play. Fair's fair though and Penn had a similar chance taken away back on the other end when no one was there to knock in the ball with the keeper out of position.

00:50 - Farina-Henry is too excited for the ball and is called offsides.

00:00 - Tie Game, 1-1. Stats ... Shots: Penn 4, Yale 5 ... Saves: Penn (Healy) 1, Yale (Geiger) 1 ... Corners: Penn 3, Yale 2 ... Fouls: Penn 8, Yale 3 ... Cards: Yale Johnson (32:13), Penn Olopade (34:26) ... Scoring: 00:25 Penn Tasigianis (Ferry), 25:49 Yale Shorten (unassisted).

45:00 - We're back in for the second half.

40:48 - Penn had a great chance and has been playing a good portion of these first five minutes on the attack. Back to the midfield now with a little more of a battle for possession.

36:30 - Grendi gives a great ball to Hobson who maintains control, but is ultimately swarmed by Bulldogs and no shot.

34:51 - Ferry has a nice look, but the shot is a little off.

33:10 - Yale hits the cross bar and nearly buries the rebound, but Healy and the defense keep him tied up, moving the ball out of the goalmouth and Healy smothers it.

29:50 - Shorten has lots of time picking up the ball at midfield. Mascarenhas takes the angle and slows him, but he sends a crisp shot directly to Healy for the save.

27:31 - Unger takes a corner for the Quakers and Vereb skips it off his head, but Geiger manages to get a hand on it and send it just over the crossbar.

23:19 - Yale has another chance with a corner, but sends the shot high.

20:25 - Corner for Penn, Vereb has a chance at the net, but the goalie is in the way.

14:37 - Unger has a good looking shot, but it goes high.

12:50 - Yale foul - looks like it's in the box, but ref marks it just outside, Vereb takes the kick, but Yale knocks it away. Unger picks up the rebound, but no shots.

10:46 - Porch does a good job in the midfield poking the ball off feet.

9:50 - Tasigianis has a chance, that is really almost a Yale own goal, but Piasta knocks it away from the post.

3:35 - Unger to Tasigianis almost put Penn up, but the shot goes high.

2:06 - Rubenstein makes a good choice and sends the ball out of play.

00:40 - Klein has a good run after he turned and his man fell trying to turn with him. He out-does another defender, but his shot is wide.

00:00 - Overtime!

10:00 - We're off and running in overtime... as always - golden goal situation, first to score wins.

6:53 - Clock is stopped for an injured Bulldog.

6:30 - Tasigianis has what looks to be the game-winner, but it's high.

5:20 - Yale pushes up for the attack, but Healy scoops up the ball.

3:45 - Unger rips a big shot but it is deflected and it's a corner for Penn.

1:16 - Tasigianis heads it, but it's high.

00:00 - We're going to a second OT.

9:15 - GOOOOOAL! LOUKAS TASIGIANIS! Scores from the left side to end the game in the 101st minute. He was set up by Hobson and Shokoufandeh.

A full recap and results will appear shortly in a new article.