Men's Squash Drops Match to Rochester, 9-0

ROCHESTER, N.Y. - In its final regular season match, the No. 7 Penn men's squash team fell to No. 6 Rochester, 9-0, in New York on Saturday. The Quakers will head into the postseason with a 7-6 overall record, 4-2 in the Ivy League.

In the No. 9 slot, Akhilesh Nayak took the first game, 9-2,from Yohay Wakabayashi before Wakabayashi won the next three (9-4,9-2,9-4) to perserve the sweep for the Yellow Jackets. Parker Justi and Joe Chapman battled at the No. 7 slot. Chapman was able to get the first and second game to go in his favor, 10-8, 10-9, before he finished the match in the third, 9-3.

The Quakers, finished with the regular season, will look next to theCollegiate Squash Association's Team Championshipswhich is set for next weekend in Princeton, N.J.

Rochester def. Penn (9-0)

1. Jim Bristow (Rochester) def. Thomas Mattsson (9-2,9-2,9-4)

2. Benjamin Fischer (Rochester) def. James Clark (9-0,9-2,9-2)

3. Hameed Ahmed (Rochester) def. Trevor McGuinness (9-1,9-1,9-3)

4. Matt Domenick (Rochester) def. Andrew Zimmerman (9-1,9-1,9-1)

5. Frederick Reid (Rochester) def. Joey Raho (9-3,9-3,9-0)

6. William Newnham (Rochester) def. Bobby Dickey (9-4,9-5,9-2)

7. Joe Chapman (Rochester) def. Parker Justi (10-8,10-9,9-3)

8. Adam Perkiomaki (Rochester) def. Christopher Thompson (9-1,9-1,9-2)

9. Yohay Wakabayashi (Rochester) def. Akhilesh Nayak (2-9,9-4,9-2,9-4)