Men's Squash Hosts Navy for Post-Match Dinner

Philadelphia, Pa. -- In the world of squash, it iscommon to sit down and eat a meal with your opponent after a match. A common tradition that is followed almost everywhere else but the United States. On Wednesday, the University of Pennsylvania men's squash team followed that tradition when they hosted a dinner with the U.S. Naval Academy after the match between the two teams in the Ringe Squash Courts.

The dinner, which was held in Weightman Hall,gave members of the two teams an opportunity to interact outside of a competitive setting and came about for a variety of reasons.

"It was a good opportunity for the guys to sit down and talk about what their lives are like outside of squash," saidPenn Head Coach Craig Thorpe-Clark. "The college experience that Navy has is very different than the one that the guys have at Penn. It is good for our guys to get to know what different collegiate lifestyles, experiences and expectations are like."

The two teams have a long history together, first meeting during the 1948-49 season. The dinner added to that history as well as allowing both teams to experience something that they may not have previously.

"A meal after squash is common in the rest of the world, but not in America," said Thorpe-Clark. "This was an opportunity to change that."

Written by Jennifer Hildebrand, athletic communications assistant