Men's Squash into CSA Potter Cup, Ranked Eighth

PHILADELPHIA - The College Squash Association released its final regular season rankings earlier today, and the University of Pennsylvania men's squash team moved up two spots, from No. 10 to No. 8, claiming a position in the top-flight Potter Cup and an opportunity to play for the national championship.

Penn (8-6, 3-4 Ivy) earned its second straight berth to the Potter Cup, gainingthe eighth and final position over No. 9 Princeton (5-7, 3-4 Ivy) and No. 10Cornell (7-8, 2-5 Ivy).The final position was tightly contested, and came down to CSA tie-breaking procedures to determine the outcome.

The clincher for the Quakers was their 8-1 victory over Cornell in the final weekend of the regular season. The Big Red went on to beat Princeton the following day, 5-4. The Tigers had defeated Penn, 5-4, earlier in the season.

From the CSA: The 8 through 11 positions were affected bylast weekend’s matches. Penn and Princeton each faced Cornell. Penn defeated the Big Red, 8-1, while Princeton lost to Cornell 4-5. This also created a ranking triangle between Cornell, Dartmouth, and Princeton. Princeton won the triangle, followed by Cornell. Penn moves into the 8th position, followed by Princeton, Cornell, and Dartmouth.

The men's CSA Team National Championships take place Feb. 20-22 in Hartford, Conn. at Trinity.