Men's Squash Team Defeats Cornell and Haverford to Open Season

Philadelphia, Pa. -The University of Pennsylvania men's squash team defeated Cornell,7-2, and Haverford, 9-0, today.It was the first time that the Quaker's had defeated the Big Red during Head Coach Craig Thorpe-Clark's tenure.

Seniors Richard Repetto,Eric Bardawil and Drew Crockett, juniors Jacob Himmelrich and Colby Emerson, sophomores Gilly Lane and Ben Endeall notched victories for the Red and Blue in the team's first victory of the season. Penn had five shutouts in the match.

Against Haverford, the Quakers sweptevery match, 3-0.Senior Billy Peelle, junior Ryan Rayfield, sophomores Will Simonton, Grahm Bassett, Rahil Shah and Sam Peelle all notched their first victories of the season in the win while Crockett finished the day 2-0.

The Quakers return to actionon Dec. 4 when they play at Yale at 2 p.m.

Penn 7, Cornell 2
1 Gilly Lane (P) def. Matthew Serediak 3-1
2 William Cheng def. Lee Rosen (P) 3-2
3 Richard Repetto (P) def. Mike Delany 3-2
4 Ben Ende (P) def. Ben Berenstein 3-2
5 Jacob Himmelrich (P) def. Matt Greenberg 3-0
6 Rohit Gupta def. Spencer Kurn (P) 3-1
7 Eric Bardawil (P) def. Nick Raho 3-0
8 Colby Emerson (P) def. Ben Stokes 3-0
9 Drew Crockett (P) def. James Mosier 3-0
Penn 9, Haverford 0
1 Will Simonton (P) def. A. Salton 3-0
2 Drew Crockett (P) def. N. Saint 3-0
3 Grahm Bassett (P) def. J. Babener 3-0
4 Ryan Rayfield (P) def. P. Korrowski 3-0
5 Pierce Cravens (P) def. S. Morgan 3-0
6 Suleyman Saleem (P) def. S. Park 3-0
7 Rahil Shah (P) def. J. Bazansky 3-0
8 Sam Peelle (P) def. R. Dalal 3-0
9 Billy Peelle (P) def. D. Poolman 3-0