Men's Squash Tops Dartmouth, Finishes Season Ranked Seventh

PRINCETON, N.J. - For the second time this season the Quakers defeated the Big Green, 5-4. This time the win resulted in Penn finishing the season ranked seventh in the nation following the Collegiate Squash Association Team Championships.

Penn def.Dartmouth (5-4)
1. Boumford,Andrew (D) def. Mattsson,Thomas (P), 4-9,9-6,1-9,9-7,9-5
2. Sisodia,Nicholas (D) def. Clark,James (P), 9-3,9-5,10-8
3. McGuinness,Trevor (P) def. Newhouse,Edward (D), 9-2,6-9,2-9,9-2,9-2
4. Froot,Mark (P) def. Toole,Brian (D), 7-9,3-9,9-5,9-0,9-3
5. Lewis,Michael (D) def. Zimmerman,Andrewm (P), 7-9,9-3,5-9,9-6,9-7
6. Raho,Joseph (P) def. Shrubb,Michael (D), 9-7,9-6,9-2
7. Drake,Porter (P) def. Young,Tyler (D), 6-9,4-9,9-8,9-1,9-7
8. Dickey,Bobby (P) def. Wetherill,Stephen (D)< 9-2,9-7,9-2
9. Lee,Luke (D) def. Justi,Parker (P), 7-9,9-6,10-8,9-4