Men's Squash Wins Third Match of Weekend, Defeats Bowdoin 9-0

NEW HAVEN, Conn. -The Penn men's squash team completed its third match in a little less than 24 hours Sunday as it defeated Bowdoin, 9-0. The three victories on the weekend improve the Quakers' record to 5-3. They have not lost since December 1.

William Browne stepped into the No. 9 position and earned a 3-0 victory to start the match. He was not alone, as Mark Froot, Porter Drake, James Clark, Parker Justi and Andrew Zimmerman each also claimed 3-0 straight victories.

Lee Rosen earned a 3-1 win at No. 1, while Joey Raho and Spencer Kurn also won in four games.

The Quakers return to action on Friday when they are home at Ringe Courts to take on Trinity. That match is set to start at 7 p.m.

Lee Rosen def Palmer Higgins 9-5 9-2 9-1
Mark Froot def Jake Sack 9-7 9-1 9-0
Spencer Kurn def David Funk 9-3 7-9 9-7 9-6
Porter Drake def Andy Bernard 9-2 9-1 9-4
James Clark def Peter Cipriano 9-4 9-6 9-4
Joe Raho def Ray Carter 1-9 9-3 9-3 9-1
Parker Justi def Thai Ha Ngrc 9-2 9-1 9-5
Andrew Zimmerman def Rahul Madan 9-7 9-2 9-4
Will Browne def Brooks Crowe 9-2 9-3 9-0