Men's Tennis Finishes First Day of ITA Regionals

HANOVER, N.H. - In the first day of the ITA Regionals, the Penn men's tennis team won their only match of the day.

Mikhail Bekker and Jonathan Boym defeated Arvid Purnanen and Brandon Corac of Virginia Tech, 8-4. On Saturday, they will take on Scott Denenberg and Brandon Chiu of Temple. Joseph Lok and Jason Pinsky earned a bye on Friday, but play Daniel Brous and Charm Bak of Cornell on Saturday.

Pinsky, Bekker and Boym all had byes in the first day of the singles. Pinsky plays Eddie Kang of Army, Bekker plays Nick Brunner of Cornell, and Boym takes on Ari Gayer of Dartmouth on Saturday.

Written by Matt Kirsch, athletic communications assistant