Men's Tennis Wrap up First Fall Tournament

PHILADELPHIA – The University of Pennsylvania men’s tennis team concluded its first tournament of the season, the Princeton/Farnsworth Invitational, on Sunday. Of the 13 athletes that competed, three finished better than a split record and one had and appearance in the final of his draw.

Freshman Matt Nardella (3-1) competed in his first collegiate tournament and was the only Quaker taking the court on Sunday for the Nassau singles final round. Nardella competed against Gary Kushnikovich of St. John’s and finished the weekend as a runner-up -- 6-3; 6-5(4). In reaching the final, Nardella beat Santiago Canete from Temple (6-0, 6-3), Venkat Iyer from Cornell (6-1, 6-5(4)), and Pablo Alverez from Buffalo (3-6, 6-5(3)).

Nardella was one of three freshmen competing in the singles this weekend. Stu Little and Marshall Sharp both finished the tournament 1-1, competing against Richard Pham (Columbia) and Dan Davies (Princeton) respectively. The class of 2017 members finished with a combined record of 5-3.

Juniors Jeremy Court and Sylvester Wee both finished the tournament 2-1. Court competed and won in the Pagoda singles against Temple’s Kristian Marquart (7-5, 2-6, 6-5) and Miguel Alda (6-5(6), 6-3). Cornell’s Chris Vrabel was next, and he defeated Court (6-4, 6-2). Wee first faced off with FDU’s Anaud Valentin and won (6-1, 3-6, 6-3), then he beat Princeton’s Ben Quazzo (3-6, 6-5(5), 6-3). Another Ivy foe, Columbia’s Shawn Hadavi, ended Wee’s weekend in the semifinal round. Hadavi defeated Wee 6-1, 5-6(0), 6-0.

All Quakers’ records after this weekend:


Vim De Alwis: 0-1

Jeremy Court: 2-1

Zach Katz: 1-1

Matt Nardella: 3-1 (Final round: Nassau)

John M Sharp: 1-1

Sylvester Wee: 2-1

Austin Kaplan: 1-1

Zach Lessen: 0-3

Stu Little: 1-1


De Alwis/Katz: 0-1

Court/Willenborg: 1-1

Kaplan/Kocovic: 1-1

Little/Nardella: 0-1

Berman/Lessen: 1-1

Spratt/Wee: 0-1

The Quakers will play next in the Ivy Plus Invitational hosted by Yale in New Haven, Conn.