Message From The Coach

The record of the Penn Fencing teams over the years speaks for itself. The consistency of excellence is based on the growth of the fencers already on the team and the annual addition of talented and hard-working newcomers.

We have an "equal opportunity" roster. This means that the chance to represent Penn in competition is awarded to those team members who show the best possibilities for success, whether they are seniors, freshmen or between.Every year the team's results are enhanced by the contributions ofits new members. In 2003-04, three of our five All-Americans were freshmen. Though that is unusual, it reflects the caliber of student-athlete who chooses to come and fence at Penn.

As a coach, I am naturally very proud of the fencers who have developed into top-notch competitors after cominghere. It's the blend that makes the Penn Fencing teams so strong. Year after year, we build on the Tradition of Excellence which we have inherited.

Dave Micahnik, Penn Men's and Women's Fencing Coach