MLS Update: Cepero In California

LOS ANGELES, Calif.--Former Penn goalie Daniel Cepero was drafted by the New York Red Bulls in January. Since then he participatedin preseason training in Florida and is currently with the team in Los Angeles, Calif. During his time there he will check in at to update Quaker fans on the experience and his progress with the team.

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March 9, 2007

Los Angeles

I know it's been a while since my last update and I apologize for that. I figured I should wait until more exciting things went down here in LA before posting an update so that my blog didn't just consist of detailed descriptions of practice drills we went through.

But yeah, LA is pretty sweet. I mean it definitely beats Philadelphia weather in March. It's been 75 and sunny for the past week and when I'm not on the training field at the Home Depot Center I'm definitely chilling by the pool here at the Manhattan Beach Marriott. I just got free room service for that not-so-subtle namedrop (kidding). We flew in last Thursday and since then have played three friendlies...the first against the LA Galaxy (0-0 tie), the second against Houston Dynamo (1-1 tie) and the most recent against University of California-Berkeley (3-2 Win). I was given the chance to play the full 90 minutes against Cal-Berkeley which for the most part went well. I mean they did put 2 past me but they were good finishes, though I thought I could've had the first one. Other than that it was good to get on the field during a match and help break the monotony that sometimes accompanies training sessions. It also helps build some team chemistry with the younger guys since most of those who played in the match against Cal-Berkeley were the younger, less experienced players like myself.

Outside of soccer, we took a trip to Red Bull national headquarters in Santa Monica to meet with some of the people behind the organization and have them meet the team that they've helped create.

First of all, they picked us up from the hotel in a fire engine red double-decker bus like the ones in England. Only this had a huge outline of a bull on the side of it. Oh yeah and inside there was a DJ with music blasting, two flat screens playing Red Bulls motocross highlight videos and a full bar as well as two cocktail waitresses.

It was the VIP treatment for sure. Once we got to Red Bull Headquarters we were greated by some of the staff and hung out for a while in a sort of cocktail hour atmosphere. It seemed like a pretty laid back working environment but the full extent of that didn't really hit me until they showed us to the game room. I spent a good 2 hours in this room, I mean they had 4 or 5 Xbox 360s, 2 or 3 PS2's and huge plasma screens with a bunch of different video games available.

My teammates and I got into fierce battles in Fight Night 3 and Guitar Hero, it was a good time without question.

Getting back to soccer, I guess I left out the fact that I was offered a developmental contract with the team and have since signed as a member of the NY Red Bulls. So I'm glad that I finally was able to get that settled. As much as it is hard work and a challenging environment everyday and that I sometimes get down on myself, I also have to stop once in a while and remember that it's soccer, and I'm getting paid to play it, which is kinda awesome so I should enjoy it as much as possible. So that's how I approach things while I'm here.

We're in LA for another week and then head to South Carolina for a final preseason tournament before the start of the regular season.

Hopefully, I'll be able to update the blog one more time before heading back to NY next week and so I'll talk to you guys later. Hope all is well.