Molloy Celebration

The Al Molloy Celebration, held on November 16, 2002 at the Inn at Penn, was in memory of Al Molloy, former squash and tennis coach at the University of Pennsylvania, and the endowment campaign in his honor.

November 16, 2002
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Palmer Page, W'72, Mary Griffin and Ty Griffin

Steve Kammerman, CE'69, GEN'71 and John Reese, C'65, WG'67

Irv Mondschein, Fred Shabel, Decker Uhlhorn, C'69

Eliot Berry, C'71, Sandy Groff, W'75 and Randall Abrams, C'72, WG'77

John Reese, C'65, WG'57, Mark Fetting, W'76, Sheila Molloy, Clay Hamlin, W'67, WG'72