My Day Off ? Remington Chin

Wharton senior and Long Island, NY, native, Remington Chin has what you would call a gift for baseball, which has opened a lot of doors for him, including the opportunity to play here at Penn all the while getting a great Ivy League education.

Chin picked up baseball when he was eight years old and has stuck with it ever since. "I just really liked it and was good at it from the beginning," he says. Throughout his pre-collegiate career he became more and more serious about it and gained more experience playing on a competitive summer baseball team, however, he claims to have most improved throughout his time at Penn. Chin is a pitcher for the Quakers and because of this position, he has a unique schedule to follow that requires a lot of discipline in order to balance the workouts with the rest periods. " During the off days I work hard in the weight room and run long distances," he says.

Although Chin doesn't pitch as regularly as the team practices, he attends all the practices at which he has a specific work out routine made up for him to follow. "There is the flex core work, running, non-pitching duties and pitching sessions," says Chin numbering a few. It is his unbridled ambition and great work ethic that really makes him stand out." I try to work really hard during practices and off days," says Chin.
The physical aspect for his preparation delivers only half the job; Chin also uses the mental edge to prepare. "I usually try to use visualization the day before the game. I don't have a concrete routine, I just try to keep it consistent and always be conscious of what I do." Perhaps some of these things he visualizes are things Coach Bill Wagner has helped him develop in his game. "Bill Wagner, is a great pitching coach; he knows a lot about the game. He comes up with great drills and is constantly on top of us. He has this thing called the 'L train', which helps you describe exactly where you want to pitch," says Chin of a drill that has particularly been of aid to him recently.

All preparations aside, the minute game day comes, Chin combines his physical and mental training and brings his "aggressive" game to the field. As a pitcher he relies on his strengths, which he says are his "control and ability to cease the chances to get ahead early in the count." This is important seeing as his performance is a pivotal component of the team.

Thus far the baseball team hasn't exhibited a strong start, losing all of their games on Spring Break in California. However Chin is confident in the team's potential and is very optimistic for their season. "My expectation for the team is to win the Ivies, and personally I expect to contribute all I can to achieve this," says a confident Chin.

"We are going to win. The Ivy League is a strong division with good competition. It may not be as testing as some of the teams we faced in California, but nonetheless it is just as demanding. Baseball is a labor of love and as long as we love playing baseball we will do well," says Chin of the team's chances. Work ethic, confidence, team chemistry and love for the game are obviously things Remington Chin possesses and armed with such, there isn't much that can stand in his way and the team should be expected to kick into a higher gear.

Julia Koulbitskaya C’08